The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

A Letter to the President of the Medical Council - Ireland

Dear Dr Woods,

I note that you are President of the Irish Medical Council.  I have also read a previous President's report on the Dr Neary injuries and how Dr Hillery stated that such crimes should never be allowed to happen again.
My Case No.C353/13 - was turned down and in view of the Neary case I am left surprised and sorry that the Medical Council is today covering up such crimes in Hospitals.  
With respect to you - when I submitted my concerns for the Medical Council I set out the facts without any accusations.  However, since then I managed to get some of my medical files from Tullamore and Portlaoise Hospital and some of those Medical files have vindicated everything I said about procedures done to me under anaesthetic during "a foot operation".  It is clear evidence that Dr Eoin Sheehan of Tullamore Hospital did a laryngotomy on me under anaesthetic - Why? - surely this is a violation of my life, my body - the Medical Council already have the xray which shows clearly interference in my pelvic area.  I attach it here again for you.  
Dr Woods you will also note that there have been a constant cover up in the Medical Council ever since I suffered adverse reaction to the blood pressure drug Rasilez Aliskiren which was prescribed to me in 2011 by Dr Michael Barry of St James's Hospital - who had the evidence that I had weeks before that time suffered angiodema from Diovan (Valsartan) - all of this was listed to the Medical Council in 2011 - whereby the IMB advised me to write to the Medical Council as there were warnings already in place on aliskiren since 2009 - re angiodema.  Something which Dr Barry still prescribed Aliskiren to an at risk patient.
From the files I have received - it is also evident that the psychiatrists involved knew of the violation and harm to my body and the doctors in Portlaoise hospital continued to take xrays of my throat without my knowledge - I have the evidence of that also.  I reflect back on Dr Michael Corry who spoke up for patient safety and yet a senior Psychiatrist submitted a complaint on Dr Corry to the Council - It is evident from my case that Irish Psychiatry is very much involved in the coercion into psychiatry of patients who suffer medical harm by doctors in hospitals.
It does seem to be the case the the Medical profession are coercing women into psychiatry, into barbaric clinical trials and God help us if we question why.
I call on you as President of the Medical Council to please look into the foregoing and please allow me safe healthcare if and when I need it as since July 2011, I have suffered a litany of medical abuse which at this stage amounts to not only torture but criminality.
Thank you for your time and I trust you will act on this a.s.a.p. in my safety and in vindicating me.  Dr Eoin Sheehan has written in letters that I accused him of sexually assaulting me - that is not true - but the evidence shows clearly from my files and from my body that he, Dr Eoin Sheehan and his team did medically violate and abuse my body under anaesthetic.
Yours sincerely,

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