The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

A Post from Facebook today - for Luke Ming Flanagan and Council of Europe

Luke, I wonder now that you know of Taoiseach & Co's involvement in Novartis/Amgen sponsored doctors in Tullamore Hospital who have mutilated, shredded organs and removed cartilage bones from a woman (me) under the guise of a foot operation - so there we have the patient, me, knocked out whilst two pharma sponsored Consultants, namelyDr Eoin Sheehan and Dr Dermot Hehir plus two other doctors, namely Peter Coffey and Dr Ali all take part in inserting objects into woman's body, removing and cutting into her and then accusing her of stating that she had been sexually assaulted under anaesthetic - Gardai colluded with hospital to protect doctor's reputation as he Eoin Sheehan rang them and said he was worried about his reputation - so let us all really share and share on behalf of Dr Eoin Sheehan's reputation and Gardai and Taoiseach cover up -

Luke I wonder why you were sharing your tweets to me to @labour - Have you joined Labour - because no doubt you have joined Government cover up in the genocide of women that is happening in Tullamore Hospital -

Shame on you Luke Ming Flanagan and shame on the Council of Europe who are violating and abusing women in Ireland for the Pharma purse of greed - The bog man has been bought not to cover up turf deals but to cover up the medication, violation, medical torture and pharma cannibalism of women in Ireland - Yes I do think that Pharma Cannibalism is the right term to use when pharma sponsored doctors cut into a woman's body - four of the pharma criminals at one woman - mutilating her private area, embedding bioactive glass into her spine to twist and turn her once healthy spine and twist and turn her pelvic bones, shred her ovaries, remove cartilages from her knees and throat (the medical file evidence and xrays were sent to all) remove glands including the pituary gland where the dent is still in her forehead and then just for another pharma Amgen's trial acid was injected into her bonemarrow to cause infections - the preparation for a further trial which the patient, me, is being hounded, stalked and targeted all over Europe to cover up -

For over a year I pleaded for your help Luke and from what happened this week it is very easy to note that you Luke Ming Flanagan are fully involved in bribery and corruption with Pharma and the Council of Europe..Shame on you all...@MarionWomen

Taoiseach Kenny now has Europe involved in "hunting down the patient" who has been traffiked to Novartis/Amgen trials for medical and pharmaceutial RAPE - invading a woman's body without permision is RAPE - Taoiseach and Council of Europe take note - Guilty by your silence and collusion with Pharma criminals...Rape is Rape -

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