The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Barbaric Clinical Trials ongoing in Ireland - WITHOUT INFORMED CONSENT

Abducted Lives for Torture…2014

    - A Patient’s Lament -

 Oh Lord, I come before you today to ask

What is it Lord about the female frame

That teases out the evil in professional

Folk who seem to hiss at our very being

What is it Lord that they can and do

Abduct us from our lives once so loved

And subject us to a cell of torture

That was once our loving home

Where every member of Church and State

Including healthcare and police professionals

Become at an instant sight of us…a Dr Mengele

Of Terror who turns insane to kill our very Soul

Friend and friend declare

Sure isn’t that bruise from when you fell

Another visit to Lab 101 and how

Do I explain that even the swelling

In the most private parts has been done

By mad mad men who hide behind

Their Oath of “First do No Harm”…

When I sensed this a few years ago

Lord, I wrote a poem about what I saw…

It was then I was told that I was a

Thorn in their side as I knew exactly

What they were doing to me…

From the Medical and Community Torture Lord,

Policed by the once honest and good kind policemen,

I wrote about the secret evolution

-The abduction of Human beings

For Pharma Clinical Trials

Without Knowledge or Consent

I wrote about the betrayal of those who have sworn

The Oath of First Do No Harm –

Broken Trust, humiliation, degradation and

Their weapons of body destruction is their

Game in Human Life Pursuit by the Cult of Death..

Perhaps it was always like this but how it

Maddened them that I saw through their lies

And still they harmed and lied and lied

You have seen them Lord inject their acid into

Bones, you have seen them mutilate the female areas

In this Land that has seen so much bloodshed –

2011 Lord, when I first took their medicine,

They smiled at me,

When I suffered their medicine,

They shouted at me,

As my health suffered and broke down

From the Pharma poison that ripped

Through my body, They ignored me,

As I arrived at hospital after hospital

With swollen burning face and throat,

Acid and fluid building up in my body

They shunned me and called me a Liar –

When I refused to take their tablet forms

Of acid of solpadene and difene into an

Already swollen body of acidosis

They used their gamma rays…and

Then of course they lied and lied…

I look out the window and I see life getting on

With itself…cars, trucks and buses go flying by…

How I want to step back into the life I had but

A prisoner/ in the cowards’ army that shows

No mercy is where I am enslaved…

Politicians go on about human rights and

Dignity…they utter apologies to the Magdalene

Women but still deny the pain and violation of

The Symphysiotomy women of Ireland…

Ireland, Glorious Mother in Green

What is being done to us women who may

Write of what they know, of what they see

From the inner eye within their Soul..

I walk down the town and the secret evolution

Hide no more – they openly pass me by

And do their lewd acts…

Oh Lord Lord Lord

Hold the bruised and suffering bodies who

Suffers a Nation’s abuse as Human Subjects,

Designated Slaves for Clinical Trials,

Slaves for Torture and sent to Lab 101 in their

Dirty Tricks and Lies campaign of minor operations

For the sake of your good health, they state -

We are labelled paranoid as that is what the

Lethal Weapon of control named Psychiatry does…

It was the same back then Lord…genocide of the

Most gentle of Souls – God help us all someway…

Dr Michael Corry swore to drive a Stake in the

Heart of Psychiatry but does it have a Heart, Lord?

Rest in Peace good kind Doctor Corry

Mary Rafferty wrote about the abuse and deaths of children

Under the care of Church and State…

Mary stated “They think we are eejits”..

Mary got cancer and died at 54

Rest in Peace Mary – you did so much to

Break the Silence…

There are many others Lord, who tried and died

Or were silenced by the evil of Power that

Terrorises our Land…

Wash our tears away Lord as the Thought

Police question our every move…

Ease our burning bones Lord as the evil of

Power does their best to kill off bonemarrow

Beneath dried out skin that has

Suffered the burns of radiation too many times

My Lord, My Dear Jesus – As the

Thorns pierced your head…Was it

Then Lord that a spot of your Blood

Fell down on to the breast of a little Bird…

From then we knew of the robin red breast

Lord, my God, how I feel your presence

Every time I see the Robin as she bobs along

We went down to Clonmacnoise one day…and

There I saw the most beautiful of Robins…I had

Never seen the like before or since…the Robin

Looked like a cartoon character from a

Disney Movie – Her breast was as red as blood

My companion saw it too – And said he saw

A second one by the old ruins of the church

Nearby – the Robin beside me kept running up

To me and we only had an apple in the car

We broke it in pieces to feed the robin

And some other birds who chirped by…

It started to rain, I got back in the car…

And the Robin flew right up onto the wing mirror

Beside me and chirped right up to my face…

As we drove slowly away our Robin ran along

The wall beside us until we turned a corner

And were out of sight…

Was that your Angel Lord, sending out some

Comfort to the broken down frame of your child

Lord..Thank you for your comfort at times when I

Forget how to pray..

Amen to you My God….

In You, My God, I place my Love, Trust and Hope



Rest in Peace Mary - your words echo in my

Head often now "They think we are ejits" you declared...

In the sadness of it all Mary, we are indeed ejits for

Trusting they who swore the Oath of "First do no Harm"

Because they so do...

In the valley of tears we will find peace

In the rivers throughout our land our Spirits shall flow freely.

Ireland.July 2014/Teri


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Comment by Doctor Rosaleen Rogers on October 23, 2014 at 12:17

Abandoned Children

There are many problems facing Children today

Abandonment of children still goes on

The Government and Church are in danger of losing their way

If we turn our back and carry on

However, all is not lost we need a guiding hand

Jesus gave His life for us

This we must understand

The word abandon has another meaning

Which is what Jesus also meant

`Abandon all your sinful ways`

This is the message Jesus sent

`Only abandon that which is of no further use`

Church and Government has abandoned children

Today press reports are full of stories on child abuse

Things have not moved on that much

Easier to turn a blind eye

Church and and Government is still out of touch

Adoptions in the past have brought their own problems

The young Mum to be never knew where to begin

The Church ensured that she would never bring up the baby within

Rosaleen ex-detainee Survivor of Ireland`s Starvation Order during the Emergency where girls were

starved, flogged, locked away  in Mental Institutions, used in drug experiments molested by male nurses Such treatment because relatives had joined the British Army

Do we know what harm has been passed on to our children, grandchildren, and great-grand-children?

These drugs were  toxic and caused a lot of harm...

Comment by Teri on October 23, 2014 at 12:42

Coincidence Rosaleen - my father was in British Army also...the dynamics of abuse continue...

Comment by jack colleton on August 12, 2015 at 9:40

This World Is Up Side Down ... Satanically Crossed.  So Much "Care"  Is Exactly The Opposite To Care. So Much "Charity"  Is Something Else Altogether!  The Main Stream Irish Political Party's Have Very Long Serial Child Abuse Records. 

Comment by jack colleton on August 12, 2015 at 9:45

Ring A Ring Of Rosy A Pocket Full Of Posey A Tissue A Tissue And We All Fell Down  ... This After The UCD Scientists Lined Us Up And Assaulted us. 

Comment by Teri on August 12, 2015 at 22:55

Jack what you must have suffered - have you written about this publically - I well believe it - can you give me more details - here or privately - can I use this - only with your permission - Mother Ireland and her dearest citizens are still being so abused - 

Comment by jack colleton on August 12, 2015 at 23:31

Hello Teri. Yes I Have Written About This Here On The Shame Of Ireland And Also On Facebook. I Shared Too Much With A Few Members Here (They Know Who They Are) Which I Deeply Regret And Realise Better Now Not Everybody Is Who They Say Or How They Appear!!  Shame Really Because Trust Can Be Shattered.  I Suspect Other Members Here Have Also fallen Target To The Same Names (Without Pictures) Here!  

Comment by jack colleton on August 12, 2015 at 23:33

Absolutely Child Abuse Victims Continue To Be Used And Abused.  

Comment by jack colleton on August 12, 2015 at 23:36

Indeed I Suspect One Reason Some Members Do Not Engage With Other Members Is Fear Of Disclosure And Betrayal ... Perhaps Stung Already! 

Comment by Teri on August 13, 2015 at 21:22

Take care Jack - remember in all walks of Life there are trolls and sadly there are always Judas's for that pocketful of silver...God Bless you and remember the truth never changes - the story filled with truth never changes...take care...

Comment by jack colleton on August 13, 2015 at 22:24

Absolutely Teri. 

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