The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Brendan Reddy Manager Tullamore Hospital Recent Letter

Dear Mr Reddy, - Mr Brendan Reddy - Manager - Tullamore Hospital
I refer to the information I gave you on my spinal injuries recently mostly July 2019.  I have asked you many times to check with Dr Eoin Sheehan if it is safe for me  to have an MRI.
6 Months ago you told me that Dr Sheehan would not give you any answers for me.  August/September 2018 the MRI staff from Clane Hospital rang Dr Sheehan's section and asked for safety re MRI they too could get no answers - this went on for several weeks.  Clane MRI staff also rang my then HSE GP Dr Frank Fahey in Tullamore Surgery and despite them leaving several messages Dr Fahey did not ring back.  I went to him with the safety form and asked him to check with Tullamore Hospital re safety concerns.  As I had a cut over my heart Clane Hospital MRI staff wanted to know if I had any devices inside of me as they needed to know the name of the device for safety reasons.  
It was now a full year since I came back from Princess Grace Hospital with an XRay and Notes detailing their findings that I had diseased discs at the end of my spine - yet Tullamore Hospital Dr Eoin Sheehan would not either confirm or state if an MRI would be safe for me or note.
I have already told you that Princess Grace Doctor told me it was important that I have an MRI to establish the extent of the injuries to my spine as I had diseased discs as my back will get worse if not treated soon.  Tullamore Hospital has waited until my back seized and I collapsed - I am now forced to use a walking stick.
About 7 weeks ago you rang me and told me that Yes it was OK to have an MRI and I subsequently contacted my present GP and she said she would do the letter for an MRI.  I know that subsequently you rang saying you were putting my file together and you would post it out but I had already my file and there was no mention of spinal injuries nor was I ever told about any such - I was in fact told the opposite that pains in my pelvic and spinal areas were all in my head and that I was paranoid - from then I suffered assault and battery by psychiatrists etc.  I was sectioned twice for mentioning my spinal pain.  
I have asked you to confirm in writing regarding the safety of an MRI and you only confirmed by phone.
I have since then written to Mr Paul Reid HSE CEO who does not seem to have fully looked into my complaint on this matter.
You eventually sent me a file which is an edited copy of my original file received in 2014 of my 2013 experience in Tullamore Hospital.
I did ask for xrays in writing to you but this has been answered by Miriam Horan Customer and Legal Affairs Manager at Tullamore Hospital dated 14 August 2019 saying that she is arranging to extract these - I do not know why you as Manager of Tullamore could put a file together with the verifying xrays, blood tests and all information regarding me in your Hospital.
Please respond to me in writing/email as on the phone you told me to go and have that MRI as Dr Sheehan had said it was OK - that was following me going into Tullamore Hospital and asking a Yes or No answer.
Yours in Patient Safety,
For Attention of Ombudsman

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