The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Christmas Thoughts and Words to Tullamore Hospital

Doctor Sheehan - Tullamore Hospital -

Remember me, the patient, who you and your team, Dr Peter Coffey, Dr Ali, Dr Dermot - operated on under the guise of a foot operation - You stated that you did not operate on the right foot which was in fact the broken foot - you made the broken foot worse - You lie when you stated to me that you did not touch my right foot - there is a clear surgical scar at back of where my heel was - there are also clear surgical marks at my throat..and under my arms - why would you do surgery at my lymph glands - why have you done surgery at my abdomen, sides and pelvic area, why are there surgery marks and indentation all over my right knee - why have you butchered my insides.  I heard that doctors are now removing ovaries, and women's wombs without consent and under guises of minor operations - Have you and your team also done this to me - What are the Novartis and other Pharma sponsored trials you and your team are doing on women?  What bio-engineering trials are ongoing in Tullamore Hospital -

We hear every week about cancelled scheduled operations in Tullamore and Portlaoise Hospitals - yet there are clinical trials ongoing on for Pharma that are not being cancelled - Dr Sheehan - you have stated publicly and through letters that I accused you and your team of sexually assaulting me...You are lying Doctor - Your team are lying and covering up the many surgical scars left on my body - Papers from Tullamore Hospital state that I had a larynsgostopy IPPV - there are several scars around my neck and throat - was it a cartilage in my neck that you removed to test the breakdown of Thyroid following Novartis's drug Aliskiren...You nor your team ever spoke to me about having done a Larynsgostopy IPPV on my throat - yet you have written the procedure on my files - How great you must believe you are Dr Sheehan for you and your team to touch any part of my body and not expect me to ask why - Dr Sheehan I did not accuse you of sexually assaulting me but I have stated that you medically assaulted my body without consent, knowledge or discussion -

Dr Sheehan of Tullamore Hospital - the truth does not change but again I must repeat how great you must believe yourself to be - to have Gardai assist you in attempting to cover up the truth of what you and your team have done to me - even with the evidence before your hospital, the HSE, the Gardai, the Medical Council, Minister for Health Leo Varadkar and Novartis and other Pharma and Irish Psychiatry gather together to protect the doctor and violate the patient further - An Irish doctor (working out of Ireland) has likened what is going on in clinical trials is the same as the cover up that went on in the clergy abuse - yes I am experiencing and suffering such cover up of female mutilation and so many other injuries - not only by you and your team but by Dr Michael Barry who prescribed Aliskiren to me in 2011 for the very purpose of doctors like you to test the parts of my body that have been affected by the adverse side effects of Aliskiren - Novartis have been doing clinical trials on menopausal women but first the women have to have their organs, immune system etc., "attacked and harmed" by Aliskiren -

All of you stand shameful before the world and before God - Dr Sheehan and Dr Barry - the truth does not change - Novartis runs our hospitals and doctors delight in their funding for crimes of assaults on patients - May God and His Angels of Love and Care touch all of your hardened and so wounded hearts this Christmas - you are all the same people, doctors who do not care, funding your Christmases and families on the suffering of so many innocent patients - May God forgive you all as you shamefully stand before God's Altar with Leaders of a Catholic Church who is "hiding" your crimes, just as this shameful shameful Government is...

.Church and State abuse has not stopped...trafficking women for pharma trials - just like the little babies - 800 babies buried in a mass grave - how many of them were abuse in clinical trials for profit...industrial school children - thousands of them were used and abused in clinical trials for profit...Magdalene Laundry women - thousands were used and abused in clinical trials for profit...Mother and Baby homes - where mothers and babies were used and abused in clinical trials for we have post menopausal women being robbed of their female parts of their bodies - abuducted and used and abused in clinical trials for profit...Shame on a Government and Church that has not stopped abusing women and children for profit....This IS Ireland 2014...sadly, so sadly...

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Comment by jack colleton on December 21, 2014 at 23:07

Irish Political Partys Have Much To Answer For. 

Comment by Teri on December 22, 2014 at 13:42

Yes, Jack...but just like before - they do not care - terrorism and torture has moved from the Streets of the Republic and Northern Ireland into the doctor's surgery, the hospitals and the gardai...are the present day terrorists - Ireland will never be free as long as women and children are tortured for profit...Shameful lot lead by Enda Kenny - Pharma's Taoiseach...

Comment by jack colleton on December 22, 2014 at 16:01

Torture I Understand. 

Comment by jack colleton on December 22, 2014 at 16:02

Shared On Facebook.  Too  Long For Twitter. 

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