The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

ChurchState - torture to women 2015

The Irish Church/State are still complicit in selling citizens mostly women to Pharma trials of abuse and torture - over 100 years of murders that should be taken on by International Investigators - yet the Pharma Industry gets away with the torture that doctors on their behalf have done to women and children.

Dr Noel Browne in his autobiography "Against the Tide" wrote about many women fleeing Ireland during McQuaid's reign - I can confirm that in 2015 ongoing Archbishop Martin is still trafficking women/torturing them and having them killed - their female parts are used and experimented with - this is the true crime of Church and State today in Ireland and God love us who know exactly what they have done - the Irish Army/Gardaí are brought in against one woman at a time to target them - all sponsored and paid for by Big Pharma such as Novartis and Amgen.

Irish Church/State are harvesting organs and selling them - this is Enda Kenny's Legacy to Irish abducted and no one from Ireland to Strasbourg/Brussels cares.

The EU is now funding experimental bioengineering trials WithoutConsent and women again are the easy targets. This is ongoing genocide - Luke Ming Flanagan fights for turf - Marion Harkin talks about environment - both of those Irish MEPs in Europe are complicit in the bribery/corruption and so many deaths by suicide of women as are the whole political arena in Ireland -

Irish Psychiatry is indeed shameful and evil as stated by the late Dr Michael Corry Psychiatrist who left his job because he cared about his patients - Irish Psychiatry of course brought that good doctor before the Medical council several times. Irish Psychiatry drug women then under anaesthetic have them experimented on by Teaching Hospitals and their female parts torn from them - This is the harsh reality of Ireland today - as it always has been Taoiseach Kenny Shame on you - you are a cold hearted killer of so many women - You had a Golden Opportunity to allow an Irish Government to stop such torture/killings of human life - your greed for power and wealth was when you kept trafficking women for such torture - your hands drip with blood as you sell each one of us to Pharma experiments of torture and pharmaceutical rape.  I put you before the Higher Power and the Higher Court of Justice for your crimes..You, Taoiseach attempt to continue to cover up the already murdered women and children lying in mass graves throughout our small country - Allow me to remind you - 800 babies' bodies Tuam, 500 babies bodies Castlepollard, undisclosed number of girls bodies - Clonoghill Cemetary Birr, Co Offaly - Mass graves of women in many counties - mostly on Catholic Convent land - Sean Ross Abbey and many more - one grave in Rathfarnham when opened bodies of women with bandages/casts still on their limbs - all of those graves are filled with remnants of human life after been used, abused and tortured in clinical trials by Pharma mad doctors throughout Ireland - Not one Pharma company has been held responsible - Not one Pharma company's drug reactions have been reported - and the massacre goes on today in The Marion Women abductions - .Ireland 1st October 2015

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