The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

"Commit Suicide, or I kill you Myself, we are all involved, we all want you Dead" 19th October 2015

ChurchState together with Medical/Novartis/Amgen cartel's perp has promised death - suicide or murder was the order - God Bless you all in Dublin/Tullamore - Blueball area - as you bless yourselves going past the UnHoly Churches across our lands - God Bless each and everyone who has done bad deeds on human life - When the Murdering hand strikes - is a matter of time - My heart is full of Love and all that is Good in our Universe of Hope -

Erskine Childers faced the gunmen with the words "Come a Little Closer Lads, you will get a better shot!"

Today's perps of pharma/gangstalkers/taizers torture kill at a coward's distance - from behind open doors/windows/cars/vans/LeinsterHouse/Hospitals/Pharma...This is the Cowards War against women - Taoiseach what a cowardly nature of hatred against women still in Ireland -

The truth is out all over town - All bountyhunters sworn to the Omerta Code of secrecy - one has admitted the truth - in Ireland women are still tortured, medically raped, abused and used in clinical trials - "Suicide or I kill you myself" - Thank you - I have been told it is all in my mind - despite bruising and other torture including poisoning of my food countless times - When no one believed me I did - Yes the Irish Government/Church/Medical Cartel/Novartis/Amgen have tortured my body/stolen my glands/organs and now they all have ordered MURDER - What is that our Taoiseach says quite often "We have a great little country here" - In 100 years of Medical/Pharma/Church/State rapes, medical torture/clerical abuse/State abuse - Tell me now what has changed....I walk ten feet tall in the Name of Jesus - Fear does not dwell in my heart anymore - God Bless you all! 23rd October 2015 - Many Marion Women lying in beds in Tullamore/Portlaoise Hospitals for further Pharma abuse and torture - This is the reality of No Judge No Jury but Marion Women placed on deathrow by Church/State 2015...Marion Rooney was 59 years old...they drugged her - they ECT'd her brain to dementia then like wild animals they tortured her body by taking away her healthy organs and replacing them with biioengineering/bioactiveglass/patches/ experiments - It is of course Nazism -

Every politician in Leinster House is involved in this genocide...The Higher Court of Justice awaits you all - where the Highest Judge of Heaven and the Universe sits - God Bless you and Karma Karma Karma to you all.....

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