The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Dear Helen,

 In your role as a woman's counsellor in a HSE Refuge in Dublin you
offered me a "safe" space to talk through the violations of my life.
I believed you to be genuine - I trusted you - I knew you for ten
years and believed there was a genuine trust and support system in
place but when you rang me in 2010 and invited me out to talk to you I
realised some months later that your Refuge for Women is an entrapment
agency.  An entrapment agency for you to research their stories and
then proceed with the co-operation of gardai and the medical field to
do what is necessary to "silence" the victim.  Your refuge even tells
me to this day that they would never ever ring a client - they would
never ever ask for their background details like PPS No. mother's
name, place of birth, family etc.  Your refuge has even confirmed to
me that they would never ever even ask for a woman's real name - if
she wished to use a fake name she could -  Helen, sadly and to my
peril I have learnt that you are part of the system of Church and
State cover up - women who go and trust you are the new Magdalene
women for torture and control –

 Therefore, Helen, why after been viciously assaulted by a paid garda
informer did Women's Aid Ireland recommend me to you not just to your
Refuge but to you specifically....You knew I wrote out all my hurts
and violation abuses in prose and poetry and I always gave you a copy
of what I wrote about gardai and their harassment and abuse as well as
the criminals who assaulted me.  I thought it to be a healing process.
It was in 2010 that I gave you a copy of a short story I wrote which I
had fictionalised and I only stated to "you that it was based on a
true story....and as many bad things have happened to me since I know
now that in 2010 you were the Judas in my life and the Pontius Pilate
to sign away my life to being a target for clinical trials and garda
abuse and control...A Human subject abducted from my life for medical
and government torture...No wonder you took your 30 pieces of silver
and took retirement after your role of betrayal....

 That story detailed my emigration trip on the boat train to London in
the 1970's with a female friend of you remember the
details Helen..."there I am on the boat train to London and this hefty
priest returning to the Missions in Africa sat down opposite - I
shared the cream cracker and cheese sandwiches with him - my mother
had lovingly made them for me and my the train rattled
away from Holyhead he told my pal and I to put our feet up on the
bench beside him - we were in a booth type seating with a table
between us...My pal and I sat opposite him - remember Helen - the
priest had asked us if he could join us...sure what could we say?  As
passengers drifted off to sleep the priest went on telling us to place
our feet on both sides of him - my pal to put them up one side of him
and me to put my feet up the other side...he had also insisted that we
take our shoes off and he would take his shoes off too. 
The Fr Missioner insisted then that we go to sleep...I was drifting off to
sleep with my feet up on the bench terrified that I might even touch
the cloth of his suit of God...I jumped awake praying frantically in
my head "Oh God, Oh God forgive me, Forgive me Father in Heaven for
thinking such a thing of a priest...Oh God please forgive me" -
Terrified to go back to sleep I took my feet down of the bench and
decided to stay awake - Father Missioner said go back to sleep and put
your feet back up, tapping the bench beside him - "No Father sure I'm
fine and I am not sleepy anyway", Father Missioner insisted and said
put your feet back up - his voice now was an order...Sheepishly I put
my feet up and tried to sleep but because I was frightened of thinking
anything bad about this Holy priest I pretended to be asleep - Then it
happened again - his stocking feet were rubbing up and down the sides
of my legs - I jumped and pulled my feet down without opening my
eyes...he tapped his hand on the table and said "put your feet back
up" and everytime I pulled my feet down the tapping sound was the
order to put them back up - his tone of his voice had changed in that
order...Then I knew it was not a dream - I knew I was not having bad
thoughts of a priest - Here I was just over an hour out of
Ireland...and as the boat train rattled through the night towards
London I was being touched up by a giant of a priest who dared to wear
the suit of God....

 Helen, I went on to tell you that my pal on the train I found out 20
years later was also being touched up by this priest at the same
time...she said the same everytime she pulled her feet down he ordered
her to put them back London we ran off the train dragging our
large cases with us but he shouted after us "Girls, girls wait - I
have to get your address and we have to meet up in a few days before I
go back to Africa" - he insisted we go in a taxi with him - we were on
our way to a hostel in London run by Nuns...As we got out of the taxi
outside the hostel he asked us to remember him to the Mother Superior
and gave us his address and phone number written on a piece of
paper..He insisted that we phone him before he left for Africa and
insisted that we meet him later that week.

 Needless to say as my story went we never mentioned that priest who
looked into his 60's to the Mother Superior and the note with his
address on it my pal got rid there you go Helen - was that the
part of the story that gave you the Judas roll on my life?  Or perhaps
it was the part in the story about Fr Ivan Payne - again his name was
fictionalised but I can mention it here for I have nothing to hide -
remember Helen I AM THE INNOCENT ONE IN ALL OF THIS...Fr Ivan Payne
convicted paedophile   was a rude and arrogant priest that I was
advised to have a meeting with in Archbishop's House where he
delighted in asking me questions about sex and almost frothed at the
mouth when I got distressed - remember Helen as the story went - I ran
out and kept running back into the city of Dublin with tears streaming
down my eyes - I was still so young...I trusted you Helen but when you
did a background detailed haul of my life  it was only when I bumped
into Archbishop Diarmaid Martin some months later at a local parish
hall that I copped on as to what was actually happening –

 Why was a a worker in Archbishop’s House asking me for copies of a
story I was writing in 2011 - I said hello to Archbishop Martin and I
was shocked to see his reaction - he turned around and when he saw me
he let a grunt out and ran, yes Helen, he literally ran away from me -
he clearly recognised who I was but I had never ever met him before or
had seen him in public but he certainly knew who I was...Church and
State collusion - Helen and you are my judas...I recall one time you
and I talking about Schindler's List and you told me that when you
went to see that film - when it was over you sat outside in your car
with a friend for an hour crying - you were so distressed by
it...really Helen you should have been an actress you would have won
an for Schindler's List Helen, you would have served
Auschwitz well – What kind of people are you in Women’s Aid and
Refuges – what kind of people pick other human beings for torture –
What made you, this Taoiseach and Archbishop Diarmaid Martin believe
you have rights over my writings and my life and my body – Entrapment
Helen Entrapment.

 The Old Testament is being acted out so viciously and so violently on
Irish women – my local church had a page of it opened up on what is
being done to women who “disobey God” – yet Archbishop’s House states
that the Catholic Church is acting under the New Testament – why then
does a priest in SouthWest Dublin state that they read the Old
Testament now every week.  Any excuse for torture against women.

 I know now too why the Congress of Bishops in Maynooth would not even
answer my calls or my emails – it is because the Church is still
gathering women for torture – this time they are hounding widowed or
separated women – from that last day with you Helen everything in my
life changed – even when I went back to my old car – my beloved
Volkswagen – it would not start – I had breakdown cover and after some
time the mechanic got it sorted – but it kept breaking down – for the
first time it didn’t pass the NCT – I was told that by several garages
and mechanics it could not be fixed and I traded it in – days later as
is typical of the system you are part of Helen – my car was driving
well albeit for someone else but it was parked near my house so that I
would see it.  How many women have you passed on to the Church and
State abuse?  There are thousands of stories of paedophiles being
protected still by the Church and State and sadly Women’s Refuges and
Women’s Aid are protecting them also – Archbishop Martin despite his
apologies is still covering up abuse to women in this country.

 Cardinal O'Connell – when I wrote to him to tell him of the medical abuse
and garda involvement – I was contacted by his priest secretary who
advised me that it is not Cardinal O'Connell's area and to contact
Archbishop Martin – when I asked this priest secretary to please
forward my email on to Archbishop Martin – I was told that the
Cardinal’s office is not a postal service….Yes Helen – I was an adult
but how I feel sickened to know that these great men of the cloth also
were so silent and so blatantly rude to the suffering little children
that were raped and brutalised in Church and State care…Cardinal Brady
states that life is precious and everyone has a right to safe life
from conception to natural death....and just like before he is silent
on women being abducted from their lives for torture in clinical
trials...and Garda brutality...

Helen, you witnessed my tears when I told you about the Garda
Inspector in Harcourt Terrace Sexual Abuse Unit shouting at me and
calling me a liar -

 Well Helen there is that short story published now in part - you and
your brigade of evil tried to stop me and I have no doubt that as evil
continues to rise in our country you will eventually
succeed...Archbishop Martin speaks out about the poor little mites in
Tuam but God Forgive him - as another writing I gave you Helen "Irish
Hypocrisy reigns supreme"...Archbishop Martin knows of the abuse, he
knows of the medical torture, he knows of the violation to my body,
yes Helen MY BODY and Archbishop Martin just like the Taoiseach and
Justice Minister are complicit if only by their silence - I think we
can agree Helen at this stage that this is a very good example of the
2014 collusion and cover up of Church and State Sanctioned Torture-
Ireland 2014

Who was the Fr Missioner? - Was he a paedophile on the move?  Why is
Archbishop Martin colluding with HSE and State to cover up the
perverts Fr Missioner and Paedophile priest Ivan Payne...Why?  In 1970s
who was the giant of a priest on his way back to Africa?  So many
raped and abused in Africa also by Irish paedophile many
paedophile priests "hidden" in Africa after raping and abusing so many
young Irish children...Why was Archbishop's House, a medical
scientist, HSE councillor and gardai concerned about my writings on
those two perverts who dared to hide behind the suit of God??  The Church & State

Are still capturing women, breaking down their health by an evil Health system

And stealing their female organs – One UK doctor likens it to the clergy abuse as

Doctors of evil snatch, grab and tear at women’s private parts – the Irish Dr Mengeles

Are the pharma mafia protected by the garda mafia – Please God Helen, I pray

That in 2015 you will get a conscience and tell the truth to the Irish Public…

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