The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Dublin City Council 'stole' our first home - 1984

Dear Twitter friends Perps & Trolls...

I have put some tweets over last few days on Dublin City Council as to 'lost homes'.

I realise now that this not fair to Dublin City Council so as their Housing person Deirdre said to me yesterday 'she is not sure what to say' I will take the initiative and put it to the Public today and I ask for their support in demanding answers and solutions from 'stunned Dublin City Council'.  The reality of 1984 - George Orwell was not by 1984 the programme was already set up and running in unholy Catholic Ireland...

Here is the email I sent today to Dublin City Council - I will edit the actual address to save innocent persons this wrongdoing and cover up of Dublin City Council history

Dear Ms Cahill,
Further to our 'meeting' yesterday morning 17th February 2020 I wonder what Dublin City Council are doing about this now known situation.
Following Legal Advice I ask that you confirm to me without any further delays what is Dublin City Council's position in this matter on the property that is still registered to me and my husband xxxxxxxxx.  I ask you to please furnish me with a Settlement Figure on the charge of £18,000 Dublin City Council have registered on our house at xxxxxxxxx, Dublin 7.
I also ask you to confirm to me how Dublin City Council could 'give' our house to a tenancy agreement with the tenants who have been living in our registered property for 30 years.  Noting that I have many many times requested information on what has happened to our house at Dublin 7 for over 30 years.  I have been ridiculed and told there is no house - I have been made to feel that I and my husband did not count.  I have told you in details how we wanted to sell our home and to cut our losses and move on but Dublin City Council never gave us that option.  I told you in detail how my family were threatened by Cider Drinkers in the lane at the back of the house and Dublin City Council did not want to know.  They simply would not engage with me on any solution I put forward.
Please confirm to me without further delay what are Dublin City Council prepared to do on this situation today and from hereon so that closure can at last be granted on our house at Dublin 7...
Please take this email as Urgent.
I await your reply and note that I have already allowed you to take a photo copy of what I got from the Land Registry which you can also confirm through the Land Registry for your own records.  Note that I was still consulting solicitors on this matter into the late 1980's - yet Dublin City Council registered the property in both my husband's and my names in 1984 - at the time we sought to sell our home.
Strange indeed that Dublin City Council also registered the charge against xxxxx and I at the same time.
Yours in Hope for Transparency,

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