The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Easter Blessings pharmatised under Irish Church and the suffering continues...

Novartis, Amgen, Lundbeck, GSK, so many more - have patients trafficked by the Chief Medical Officer to Pharma for barbaric clinical trials - Ethics there are no medical or pharma Ethics in Ireland despite what the theory pages state - This is terrorism against patients - This is bribery and corruption and I wonder what all of those people, citizens also of Ireland will do when they are asked "Do they reject satan? and do they reject evil?

I wonder Archbishop Martin what will you and the Congress of Bishops who sadly are covering up such medical torture and barbaric experiments on Irish women answer as, with respect, Archbishop you all are party to such crimes - nothing has changed in 100 years...Irish citizens abused and tortured in clinical trials...800 babies found in a mass grave in Tuam, Co Galway - 500 babies in mass grave in Castlepollard, Co Westmeath, the Magdalene women, the women from the Mother and Baby Homes, the industrial schools, the Bethany homes, all human life for pharma/medical experiments - This Holy Easter weekend I send love and prayers for goodness to all Gardai, to all doctors and healthcare staff and my Easter prayer for everyone including pharma and Government is to look into your souls and feel the love in your hearts for safety for life and please help to stop the torture labs of pharma...please think of the torture that is going on today and of "The Marion Women" who are lying in many hospitals throughout Ireland - the human subjects whose brains and health are forced down...for mutilation and pain...and the greed of Church and State for pharma gain...

Archbishop perhaps you will address the true sermon of God for the Easter Vigil and not a sermon to cover up the Church's involvement in pharma crime...under the pagan pharmagod. The Primate of Ireland asked this week for the whereabouts of the missing people who were killed during the Troubles in Northern Ireland - I ask you both to bring about safety for many women who are suffering medical torture and who are not safe under a pharma sponsored government and church...

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Comment by Doctor Rosaleen Rogers on April 5, 2015 at 21:27

The Catholic Church and the Irish Government have never either apologised or offered Redress to us child Prisoners of War during Ireland`s Emergency...Dev and Bishop Mc Quaid were happy to invite hundreds of German children and put them up in Hotels in Ireland while we were subjected to the Starvation Order and fathers were jailed for breaking the law and feeding their daughters. I was that child and never recognised my father on his release from Limerick Jail. There were a couple of hundred German Prisoners held too but they were fed and given all that they needed.  An American Pilot who found himself on the wrong side was arrested  but he was allowed out to hotels and to play golf...I have attended meetings with other victims for the last ten years but never came across any one who ever survived the Starvation Order that had a flogging Order attached.  I developed rickets and at 16 was locked away and made to endure drug experiments even medicine for animals...(Better not upset others too much at Easter time...Thank you Rob for giving someone like me who was never wanted by Church or State space... 

Comment by Teri on April 6, 2015 at 14:34

Sorry to hear about your childhood that never was Rosaleen - The Catholic Church from what I have experienced are henchmen gathering bodies for pharma experiments.  the 800 babies were abducted for experiments and left to see how they died - all of you children - I read Dr Noel Browne's autobriography "Against the Tide" and he saw the greed of Church and State - many women fled to the UK or the US during McQuade's time - I can assure you despite the crocodile tears of Archbishop Martin he is as bad - he sneaks around, listening and watching and he has communities now targeting older women for pharma experiments...Take care of yourself...

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