The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Enda Kenny's cover up on Medical Torture

Enda's daily fleet of jets spreading poison on their daily mission over Tullamore...started before 6.00 a.m. this morning....whilst sheep were sleeping...

Take care any woman going for minor operations in Tullamore Hospital...keyhole criminals removing women's organs and mutilating them for Pharma funds....Enda's sanctioned medical torture...doctors who a pharma sponsored Ireland...take care everyone...even with the evidence of violation of female patient's body...Enda still parties with the pharma criminals...the abduction of women for abuse and control continues in Ireland today...

Tullamore hospital keyhole criminals protected by the pharma sponsored HSE and Church and State...Magdalene women abuse, symphysiotomy women abuse...and now look at the bio-medical and bio-engineering abuse...Dr Bill Tormey, Fine Gael, spoke out on the Dr Neary abuse cases a few years ago - asking why were there not more whistleblowers in Drogheda hospital..

Dr Tormey probably the same reason why you are silence on the medical torture and abuse to women that you and your government are covering up in Tullamore Hospital...collusion, bribery and pharma power and sponsorships...Shame on all of you - Women's parts again being mutilated by a shameful group of medical elite...Shame on the Irish mafia who are stalking, torturing and protecting the criminals of patient harm....

Shame on Leo Varadkar and James Reilly who have the Criminal Bill Act of 2012 stating that it is a criminal act for any woman to be touched in an area of her body in a hospital without reason, knowledge or informed consent...Perhaps both Ministers for Health who are both doctors can explain what part of a foot operation the following picture relates to...

even with the evidence before them, Gardai and Medical Council cover up such crimes...This is abduction of women's lives in Ireland 2014...

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