The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

EU/UN - Irish Coverup of Patient Harm - Ireland 2015

It is indeed impossible to understand how the EU and the UN are involved in the cover up of the following - especially after World Leaders/UN talks in the last week - The abductions/silencing of human life for bio-engineering madness is a genocide that needs to be addressed and stopped immediately...

The following comment I am posting here as a post - it is in response to an Awaken Ireland post which states that Taoiseach Kenny is calling for all disability citizens to be put out to work to earn their disability benefit...

This is about Government/Church/Medical/Pharma's crimes of "forced disability"

How strange, indeed Taoiseach - what about the bodies for pharma barbaric clinical trials where you Taoiseach have sold countless women/you have sold so many to Pharma so that doctors can experiment on their wombs/ovaries/cartilage bones in the epidemic of bio-engineering trials in HSE hospitals-

Tell the Nation of your Pact with the CatholicChurch to carry on the Pharma supply industry with human flesh-

How many women have you forced to suicide when they realised what had happened to their female parts - Marion Rooney was only 59 years old when she was coerced into going into Portlaoise Hospital for "a rest" - within weeks from constant ECTs and mixtures of drugs up to 3/4 times a day Marion was then told to fast for the next morning - no explanation to this lovely innocent soul who went along with everything Pharma controlled doctors did to her - when she came back from the anaesthetic - she complained of pain going right up through her -

Marion was then increasingly medicated until she did not know where she was - HSE/Pharma and you Taoiseach could not risk another woman becoming aware that her female organs had been filletted out of her in the practice for UCD medical students in Portlaoise Hospital and the bioengineering trials going on in Tullamore/Portlaoise Hospitals without consent -

Taoiseach you are guilty of genocide - you are guilty of Nazi crimes on innocent women - You are guilty of targeting with DEW/Taizers/Poisons,women who have questioned such violation/mutilation of their bodies -

Taoiseach you have been successful in blocking one Garda inquiry on this genocide by Commissioner Callinan in 2013 - Commissioner O'Sullivan has this week with further evidence started a further Garda inquiry - Are you/Pharma/ and the Medical Cartel going to block that Commissioner's inquiry also? Tell the Irish Nation what you have sanctioned to patient whistleblowers - Why indeed is Commissioner Callinan's sim card missing - It was in 2013 you had a patient who was mutilated by 4 doctors the Garda investigation stopped and the woman dragged from her home -

Time for the truth Taoiseach - the women of Ireland need to know that you are involved in organ harvesting of Irish men and women - It is about time that all family members inspect the bodies of any "suicides" for keyhole surgery marks - Also any woman who has been in Tullamore/Portlaoise and other hospitals - who very quickly got Dementia family members please check their bodies in a dignified way for keyhole surgery marks - most to their abdomen/hips/under their arms and breasts - because on the operating theatre table such women are flipped around y several doctors using keyhole surgery tools right down to their most private of areas - Morcellators are also used - it is a device that is inserted like a screwdriver then switched on and the blades shred organs/glands and wombs - the pieces then are sucked out with a vacuum - Morcellators are under investigation in the US and now carry a black box warning which the Irish HPRA have not stated - the FBI have also made inquiries about them as they have been the reason for thousands of dead women in the US - Womb transplants are now on the go -

Taoiseach how many women have been robbed of their wombs under anaesthetic - Without Consent or Knowledge - Irish Psychiatry is completely involved in covering up such crimes by coercing and labelling the women as Paranoid - What an outrage and yet not one Irish Journalist will speak out about such genocide that they are fully aware is happening today 2015 - What a Society of shame we are indeed in this country - What a Legacy Taoiseach Kenny and Fine Gael/Labour/Sinn Féin/Fianna Fail/Socialist Parties/Catherine Murphy/Roisin Shortall/Mick Wallace/Luke Ming Flanagan/Marion Harkin and all Independents who are all complicit if only by their silence. The truth Taoiseach and nothing but the Truth Please - Remember Taoiseach it is proven now that you are also complicit in the cover up of the mass graves of thousands of women and children throughout Ireland - all remnants of life by ChurchState sales to Pharma/Medical Cartel.  I leave you to God of Love and Comfort because you and the cartel of coverup so need Love...I call on behalf of all of those murdered by IrishChurchState for organ harvesting/Women silenced by Irish Psychiatry/Women mutilated for Pharma's appetite of greed and power. I call for cameras in operating theatres, cameras in A & E's but mostly Taoiseach Enda Kenny and the Fine Gael/Labour Government I call for your immediate resignations - You are all guilty of bribery/corruption with Pharma - Novartis/Amgen and you are all guilty of genocide in the abudctions/murders for organ harvesting.   /3rd October 2015 @MarionWomen

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