The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Greetings to Ploughing Championship TULLAMORE 2017

The sea of Cars continue to flow
down the one way system from top of Blueball Hill...
Destination:  Ploughing Championships 2017..
They say "300,000 will visit over next three days...
A Lotta people getting on with their Lives, enjoying their outing..
I wish them well..Indeed have a great day..
Sure there at 12.00 mid-day Michael D will open all
As it goes on already from early morn..
The Garda Network kicked in yesterday...
As traffic flow for the Ploughing C was of vital importance to all..
And I hear of another victim of the Gangland Feud lies dead this morning...
Seemingly one also last week...
Where are Gardai
How come a Force of Garda Síochance cannot
or Criminalise the ongoing murders..
Oh yes, we will hear of the odd arrest
And Holy God we will hear of the great
Bust Gardaí made in discovering a Street drugs find..
Yet they cannot explain over ONE MILLION FALSE
Indeed it goes on and on
As GARDAI continue to cover up Pharma Crimes endemic in Ireland 2017...
Whether it be NOVART|IS AMGEN covert barbaric trials in TULLAMORE Hospital or
HPV VACCINE 450 Irish Injured Children..
Who HSE CEO Tony O'Brien calls "Emotional Terrorists"..
Or little 7 year old Ava Barry and her Father - HSE Refugees living Safely in Holland..
Or her sad and broken hearted Mother Vera Twomey..
Who was forced to come back to Ireland leaving her Ava and husband..behind so to prepare her son and daughter for school...little Michael and Sophie...
Tullamore Hospital are Pharma owned and bribed...shame on them all as they covertly steal organs, glands, and cartilages from women in their covert trials..
The 300,000 visitors to the Ploughing Championship will not hear of the above, or indeed with respect to them would they even care?
Nor will they hear or be respectively reminded of Missing Tullamore Native, Fiona Pender and her unborn child..
The uninvestigated "Death" of Niall Dillon found lying on the ground with a Rope around his neck...dead at 27 years old
Gardaí concluded WITHOUT INVESTIGATION "Suicide"..
Sure we must leave them be our Pharma owned Gardaí...
Sure aren't they doing the finest job..
Directing traffic to the Ploughing Championships just as they did last Month to the Tullamore Show...
Sure we must not blame them..
Sure what would they know about Missing People, unborn children, Murders set up as "Suicides"...
But I can confirm that they do know how to conceal and cover up organ gland cartilage theft in Tullamore editing the Patient's Statement in collusion with the HSE...and sending the edited Statement covertly to the DPP..and
Of Course they leave out the main TWO Consultants NAMES and the Patient's Medical File...
That is the work of Tullamore Gardaí...AND the Recently Resigned GARDA COMMISSIONER...
Sure we must applaud the Sergeant who got PROMOTION to Inspector and the Detective GARDA who got promotion to SERGEANT..
As is the CULTURE in the GARDAI...Do coverup and you earn and instant PROMOTION...
The Mayo Supporters I met and spoke to on the Train on the Journey down via TULLAMORE yesterday...It was nice meeting you and THANK YOU for help with my luggage...
on my return to Ireland...Take Note!
Blessings to you all who travelling long distances over the next three days..Please Take Note and Rise Above the Bribery & Corruption in our Government and Healthcare...I wonder how many pHARMa are "sponsoring" various sections of the Ploughing Championships 2017?

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