The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

What is #Not1Vote #NotOnePreference About?

With another Election on the Cards; there's a lot of talk on twitter about who to vote for!

This should be Taught Properly in every Irish School!

Fianna Fail and Fine Gael have been getting re-elected on Preference Votes for years!

There is a Myth that you have to "Vote the full Card" in order of Preference!

This Simply is NOT True!

With Fianna Fail's, Fine Gael's and Labours successive Failure to act for Survivors I am Advocating on Twitter that they get #Not1Vote.

Labour actually made a promise to Survivors at the Last Election and Broke it!

Both Parties also have terrible Track Record on Corruption Cronyism and in the Case Of Fianna Fail imposed the Bank Bail Out on Future Generation and Fine Gael have implemented Austerity Measures on the Instruction of Europe.

Both Parties actively campaigned in favour of the Fiscal Treaty Referendum which effectively gave Irish Sovereignty to Europe!

When the Irish Citizens Rejected the  Treaty a the First Referendum the Government of the Day made the People Vote again!

That is NOT Democracy!

How does the Irish Voting System work?

You can STOP after Your 1st Preference!

Many TDs get elected on Preference Votes! Don't let it happen!

#Not1Vote or #PreferenceVote.

If you want to share stuff on twitter about #Not1Vote or #PreferenceVote

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It's Your Choice! YOUR Vote

I Personally am Advocating that when you Vote that you do NOT Vote or mark a Preference for  the Following Parties:

Fianna Fail

Fine Gael


or Renua

ALL That being Said it's Your Vote so HAPPY VOTING!

Labours Broken Election Promise to Survivors is <HERE>

Thank You for Reading!

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