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The Shame of Ireland


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Comment by robert on April 12, 2017 at 18:45

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Comment by john obrien on April 14, 2017 at 16:52

I would like to introduce myself, my name is John O'Brien and I'm currently living in Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, I was in the following institutions from the age of two until I was 13 years old, the birds nest. St Philomena's Stillorgan, St Teresa's Blackrock. St Vincent's Christian Bros school glassnein. In 1998 my solicitors instigate proceedings against the Irish state for the abuses which I had suffered at the hands of the religious orders while I was in their care, prior to this I was living a reasonable and normal life but we fought the Irish government for approximately seven years, incidentally the request board had been set up in the meantime so instead of going to the High Court my solicitors advised that I should attend the redress board

In my experience having to go through and relive the abuses which I suffered as a child during the period between 1998 and 2005 were in some respects worse than the abuse I suffered as a child, having to attend psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors had taken its toll on me over this period, and why the Irish state paid me an amount of money through the redress board, which incidentally spent wisely had lasted me about six years, my understanding of the time was that support would be available such as counselling and other such services, but unfortunately because I live in a part of England that did not have outreach services or at least that I had no knowledge of it was difficult to get any help, it was only years later when I was informed that Caranua was set up supposedly to help victims of industrial abuse,

In 2014 I made an initial contact with Caranua to find out what help and services were available to me as a survivor, I should point out that it took me a long time to get a response from this organisation, to cut a long story short I found this organisation to be totally unhelpful, insensitive, abusive and a total lack of respect to the point where I really did not want to deal with them, in 2016 I approach them again they sent me out some forms which I had to fill in and send back to them which I did, they told me that they would allocate a liaison officer (person) who would be in touch with me in due course to establish what my needs were what I could apply for. A year has passed and I am still waiting I decided on Wednesday, 12 April 2017 to make a call to Dublin Caranua offices, I got an answering machine which advised me to leave a message and that someone would get back to me, I am still waiting after reading some reports in the press, and listening to the Joe Duffy show in recent weeks it is clear to me that Karen new are selective in the calls they are taking, perhaps they do not want to deal with anyone from England I feel like they're screening calls, I have read the public accounts committee report on this organisation the statements which were made against survivors by executives of this organisation were disgusting and totally unacceptable, what sickens me more is that this organisation has used money which was set aside for the survivors to paper salaries to the tune of €48 million from a total fund of 110 million to be honest I have no problem with this organisation capping limit on the amount of money that you can apply for, I think this is fair however it should have been a set amount for each applicant from the day the organisation was set up.

The other issue which needs to be pointed out is that not every survivor owns the house therefore they are limited to what they can apply for, I've heard reports of hundred thousand and €80,000 been given to people who owned their own homes for improvements, in addition to this live also been given money from medical expenses, I am waiting over two years for cataract operation and Karen new have told me in the past that it will take up to 5 months to process an application, I do not need to help in five months I need the help now, I am told that the organisation has improved and that they have taken on extra staff to cope with the demand, but I personally have not seen any improvement, on a positive note my brother Edward also survivor has had very good support from this organisation I believe to the tune of €4000
John O'Brien
West Yorkshire

Comment by Barbie on April 14, 2017 at 18:39

Hi John, welcome, just to let you know I am in Ireland and many survivors here have had the very same issues with Caranua as yourself. They are indeed very hard people to deal with and can be quiet abusive to survivors its seem they are only willing to spend survivors money on their salaries and trips and what ever else they can use the money for, I do have a problem with the fund being capped for survivors as lots of people have received between €60,000 and €100,000 while the rest of us are thrown a pitons just like the scraps thrown to us when we were children. If you cannot get anyone to help you write a letter to the appeals officer of Caranua and you may get the help then. Here is a link to many of the survivors on here over the past couple of years and some of the issues we have had.   

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