The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

I sought refuge in my country...Ireland abuse ongoing 2015

1916 - 2016 - Crimes against the Irish People by Irish Government after Government - The Catholic Church and State torture to women and childen - and to men standing up for the rights of themselves and their families - a hundred years of suffering - Dr Noel Brown was stopped from looking after mothers and babies no matter what their backgrounds were - Dr Noel Brown was stopped by the Catholic Church and their political supporters from treating all women and children in Ireland and giving them all the same healthcare rights...The Marion Women in Ireland are now being traffiked to hospitals for bio engineering clinical trials of abuse and torture by Irish Church and State - Water protestors are being arrested and thrown into prisons, graves of beaten, raped and tortured children are appearing all over the country and no politician or Church Leader cares - The Republic of Ireland may have got 26 counties back from the UK but the Irish Church and State sold us all out to the Pharma Industry for profit and gain...Remember Peter Tyrell - the first whistleblower of Industrial Abuse - Peter suffered in Letterfrack - no one would listen to him - no one cared or took the time to listen - Peter went on to England and joined the British Army - At one stage he was in a Nazi concentration camp - Peter Tyrell stated that his time in the Industrial School of Letterfrack run by the Religious in Ireland was worse than in the concentration camp - Peter Tyrell died by setting himself on fire on Hampstead Heath in London in 1967 - how symbolic Peter Tyrell was born in 1916 - What would Peter think to know that 100 years following his birth and the murder of the men of 1916 - the Irish Church and State are still abducting and abusing women and men in Ireland for the judas purse of Pharma - May you rest in peace Peter Tyrell and may you always be remembered - The Love of Angels of Peace will always be around you - but Thank you - your story lives on as a reminder to us all to th shame of Church and State...16th July 2015

by Teri


published here with permission of the author


I sought refuge in my homeland… I got betrayal

I sought safety in my homeland…. I got bruised

I sought peace in my homeland…. I got ridicule

I sought freedom in my homeland…I was chained

I sought pardon for no crime… I got persecution


…But my life is my life whether snatched and torn from me


Whether persecuted,

Whether chained,

Whether ridiculed

Whether bruised

I am still free because…

I have done no wrong

I have done no harm


And to the shame of those who stand on high ground

I have this to say,

The higher you stand,

The heavier you will fall

And let it be upon your own sword

Because evil has no solace

Evil has no platform

Evil thrives in the darkest corners

Of corruption, shame and abuse


And sadly so sadly my dearest friends and foes 

In this our homeland, our dearest beloved Ireland

Our Ireland who has suffered so much

In past decades and how

We blamed and ranted and swore Old England to the grave


But sadly so sadly my dearest fellow Irishmen and Women – today’s crimes

Perpetrated against innocent and not so innocent

Men, women and children of our dear Irish Isle

Are not the crimes of England

Nor are they the crimes of any foreign land

They are the crimes and the shame of an

Irish Democracy which has literally gone mad…


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