The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

A Warning from FaceBook - where is the coverup?

FB to me: 

We have rendered the following content, that you have posted on Facebook, unavailable to users in Ireland because we received a report from a third party that the content infringes or otherwise violates their rights:

"The third time I try again every time I mention Senator Katherine Zappoene the Gay Activist for Marriage in the Yes Vote I have no problem with that - but it is questionable to note that this same Senator is complicit in the cover up of Pharma corruption and bribery in Ireland - I seem to be blocked from her page for exposing her cover up, if only by her silence, - silent complicity is not an option - in the harm to patients medically harmed in words arebeing misplaced here - the following is what this "Human Rights Senator is complicit in Shame on her. It is indeed questionable why this Senator who has detailed evidence of the following is silent on this as is her Senator colleague Dr John Crown...I call on the Gay Community to help -

Dear FB Friends I draft here a letter that I would like as many of you as possible to send to the politicians, Medical Council, and others - I will list as many email addresses below as I can for you all

Dear Taoiseach Kenny, Minister for Justice, Minister for Health and others,

I write the following to you in support of the lone campaign that Teri (Teresa) B Keane from Pallas Road, Blueball, Tullamore, Co offaly and previously of Dublin has been doing her best to put forward to you all for 18 months and two years before that on the initial "forced breakdown" of her healh by a Novartis drug named Rasilez Aliskiern. It is questionable to note that the only one who raised any questions was Clare Daly but Clare was then fobbed off by the HSE. We note from Teri's campaign, evidence of Xray photographs and mutilations to her body during a foot operation in Tullamore Hospital and many bruising breaking out on her body since. We note that she has pleaded with you ever since the initial breakdown of her body from the blood pressure drug in 2011. In almost four years she has not received any safe medical care only further clinical trials done to her body - We wonder why you Taoiseach have done nothing to ensure this patient had safe healthcare.

We are aware of the pharma cover up on this - it is notable that when Teri asked the doctor, Mr Eoin Sheehan, why she had pelvic bruising cuts and severe pain and many surgical scars to her throat he accused her of stating that was she accusing him of sexual assault - she told him of course not - to us Taoiseach that indeed is a bullying outburst to create fear in the patient. Teri asked to be medically examined as to why she had such cuts, bruising and surgical scars - Mr Sheehan refused even to allow another doctor to examine her - The next day she saw sight of the pelvic area and it is indeed of great concern - we happened to google glass trials in Tullamore Hospital and this is what we found…/4013184-new-treatment-bei…

We note that these are trials of where the bone grows around the glass - as this bioactive glass has been placed in the curvature of Teri's spine we can only imagine, yet not fully, what pain she is in as the spine bone twists and bends around the glass - what was once a straight back is now in a curve and getting worse - this is itself is criminal - this was under anaesthetic without consent or knowledge, mutilation of a patient and is indeed criminal under the 2012 Criminal Health Act - Teri has told us how upset she was to know what they had done to her - the hospital would not give her any explanation even on several other scars - Teri did what she thought was the right thing to do - Calmly she wrote a letter to the Garda Commissioner Callinan and to the Medical Council and sent them both a copy of the scan/xray - When the Medical Council informed Mr Sheehan about the letter and xray - he got Tullamore Hospital to ring Gardai to say that Mr Sheehan was worried about his reputation. What about the patient - no one listened to her even with the evidence before them - Teri was indeed upset and traumatised but being upset because of medical mutilation and assault is not a Mental illness - yet the Gardai collaborated with the two doctors in Tullamore where she was asked if she would go to see a Psychiatrist the following Monday - she asked the doctors does she have any choice - she knew they wanted to shut her up - It is indeed worrying what doctors, Gardai and Irish Psychiatry will go to to cover up Doctors who harm - this was a case of premediated harm for use in bioactive glass trials which we believe that Tullamore Hospital is one of Four Hospitals picked worldwife for such trials.

Whilst Teri agreed to go and visit the psychiatrist which was clearly coercion into psychiatry to shut her up and have her lab elled paranoid - she was not even allowed that appointment - a min-Buswith four psychiatric Nurses, two female and two male came to her home the next day which was a Friday - she was dragged from her home in a wheelchair - forcibly pushed down onto a bed in Portlaoise Hospital held down by three nurses whilst the fourth injected her without consent. What we wonder is what Mr Eoin Sheehan's reputation is worth?

Teri was kept there for five weeks, drugged everyday and told if she did not take the drugs some which started of 8 per day - she would be forced down again.

When she was released she was a controlled zombie for Pharma and Psychiatry - even in Portlaoise Hospital where she continued to complain about the pelvic pain over five weeks she got no medical examination for the bruising, scars and cuts into her body - By June of 2014 she was a broken woman knowing full well what they what had been done to her and she was threatened more than once by her doctor and Mental Health Nurse that if she did not take the psychotropic drug that she would be sent back as she had a chemical imbalance - We think Taoiseach it is about time that Irish Government and Society stop enforcing the chemical imbalance which has been proven to be a myth created by the Pharmaceutical Group of Companies. We would ask you all to educate yourselves on the Oganisation of Evidence Based Medicine or read up on Dr David Healy psychiatrist - his writings on Pharmageddon and his blog post Pharmaceutical Rape - We can only note that there are far more innocent abducted prisoners in Ireland for Pharma than there are criminals in our Prisons.

Teri tried again to speak up for herself. She asked the psychiatrist if the drugs cause Parkinsons Disease - he said they do cause symptoms like Parkinsons - she got some sleeping tablets and others wine - incidentally the psychiatrists told her to stop drinking wine - yet they were prescibing and enforcing drugs that give cravings for alcohol. beaten down she could not recall exactly what happened but woke up in Tullamore Hospital where again medics mad for their further experiments on this broken, mutilated pharma harmed and owned - ignored by every safety organisation in Ireland was used again - Teri woke up seeing a nurse trying to push on her trousers whilst a doctor was bent down with some medical instruments at her Knee she heard one say "we did a laparascopy as well" - We have to ask you Taoiseach what on earth is going on in Tullamore Hospital -

Here she was again sitting before the Psychriatist an outpatient appointment - she had a blister over her eye and brown staining all over face - she knew it had been another experiment and that the blister over her eye was from Blue light held too long over her eye - this had been done to her before so she knew - she told the Psychiatrist that she felt ashamed but does not remember what happened and they wanted her to have a monthly injection as they felt she was not taking the drugs - she knew also that they had injected her with that drug for a month's supply inside her which she stated to the psychiatrist - that is illegal in itself.

To date the abuse is ongoing with Gardaí sending a file to DPP only by chance Teri discovered that two consultants names were removed from that file...why did the HSE contact Teri to let her know they were acting Truthfully and Honestly with Gardaí - why would they even feel to do that - it was 4 doctors Gardaí assured Teri they were investigating not the HSE.  Why was it that it was the HSE who wrote to Teri to state the file has now got to the DPP...Gardaí only informed her of that one week later.  That detective was not available to answer questions - he had been promoted to Sergeant in a new district away from Tullamore Station.

She managed to pull herself up - get off all the medication and sent off for medical files to Tullamore Hospital and Portlaoise Hospital - When she was off the drugs for three months - she told them that she was not going to them anymore - now she had the evidence that indeed they had done other procedures to her under anaesthetic in Tullamore Hospital and why on earth she wondered why they were doing xrays on her Throat in portaloise hospital without her knowledge - they told her they were only doing foot xrays - more lies and cover up - when she wrote with all the evidence of further harm - a laryngotomy is a procedure which removes a cartilage from the throat/thyroid - evidence at last of the scars and cuts and bone removal from her throat.

Taoiseach it is questionable to know that you have all this evidence and that there has been no investigation, support, vindication or safety for Teri and Taoiseach we know that there have been attempts to force her off the road, further accidents in her home and we note that John Leahy Councillor is making representation to the Garda Superintendent in Tullamore Garda Station - we ask you now in support of Teri that you please follow this through or tell us all publicly why the Government is covering up pharma sponsored clinical trials of cruelty in violation of human life and so much suffering to patients. We note that Ireland is in full force with bioengineering and we wonder at what cost to human life. We ask that Teri now be given safe medical care without any further violation or injury and we ask that those responsible for harm to Teri for abduction from her home and for physical assault by force. We ask that you publicly vindicate this patient, Teri (Teresa) B Keane and do something to help restore some of her dignity that was so barbarically snatched from her - we class the foregoing Medical Torture and breach of Human Rights as Medical Torture - we ask that the Government in Ireland stop their involvement in the Pharmaceutical Industry of wrongs and corruption and start to hold them like Novartis, Amgen and others as they are doing in the US and other countries responsible for their crimes. We make this urgent appeal to you today for we her supporters are aware that when Teri's blogs etc. stop we will then know that the Irish Government and Pharma have done their worst.

I call on Facebook to allow Freedom of Speech - to trust their users and do not let Government and Pharma corruption block Freedom of Speech...

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