The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Let us not forget...There is no Love in Sean Ross Abbey

I sit here tonight just 20 odd miles from Roscrea from Sean Ross
Abbey...Despite growing up about 12 miles from there I never knew the
human pain that existed behind those walls...Nuns were Holy women and
being from a large family...I cycled out to some convent many Sundays
- I cannot remember where - but I believed Nuns did good things - I
used to say to my mother that I wanted to be a Nun - my mother would
answer "Sister Mary who may never enter"....and I didn't despite my
name not being Mary...Tonight I visualise the young mother Philomena
Lee....whose baby the Nuns in Sean Ross Abbey sold to
America...Philomena had named her baby boy Anthony...

Years went by and Philomena and grown up Anthony now named Michael
travelled long distances to Sean Ross Abbey and they were told by
Sister Hildegarde and others no information....for years they
travelled...and were given no information of either of them seeking
the other...I recall many stories like this in the Nazi films over the
years following the Nazi control of Auschwitz and many countries...

The cruelest thing I feel tonight is when Anthony Lee (Michael Hess)
visited Sean Ross Abbey as a dying young man but still so loyal to his
mother Philomena - he asked to be buried in Sean Ross Abbey because in
his heart somehow he knew his mother would come looking for him....but
the Nuns at Sean Ross Abbey saw potential once again...they saw a
means to get some more money - did they not make enough on Anthony's they wanted to profit by his heart is torn at
the thought of it - how must it have been for his mother to know this.
The truth of this is that even as Anthony/Michael was dying and the
Nuns knew this they still would not give him information that his
mother was and had been looking for him for years.

Sean Ross Abbey Nuns told this dying young man that yes he could be
buried in their grounds but he would have to pay...I believe it was
thousands of Dollars...Jesus Jesus Jesus how you must hang your head
in shame as the Judases are still collecting their 30 pieces of silver
for silence of torture and abuse..God Bless you Anthony as your birth
came into Sean Ross Abbey for profit so did your body leave this earth
for profit of the most evil kind...Judases are everywhere for gain,
abuse and control...

May you Rest in Gentle you suffered and died
your thoughts and love were only for the mother you never knew but you
knew she gave you life...I pray that soon your mother Philomena,
Anthony will take your body out of that Albatross that made you pay
for your own grave.....and lay you somewhere in peace and in love
because there is no love in Sean Ross Abbey...

2016 - Update...It would be good if we could state that Church & State are today sorry for such crimes against women and children...I can report through my own personal experience and what I and others have suffered at the hands of Church & State that Nothing has Changed...It is more technical now and the torture is done under guise of minor operations...But I confirm that Women are still enslaved...tortured...and killed as well as so many other people...Missing people....Organ harvesting  - At times it is difficult to understand  but there are thousands in our country masquerading as ordinary good folk...but I have seen countless numbers who are part of the State cult of evil.  All of Leinster House are involved...

It is sad to note that all communities come together to cover up such crimes...There is still a cult of evil going on for human body parts - .This is the Famine of Human Life Ireland 2016...Human Beings sold to Pharma - the people involved in this are satanic in nature and they bow before the altar of God on Sunday mornings...

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Comment by Teri on September 4, 2014 at 14:56

I pray that love will come to Sean Ross Abbey in Holyier Days of Truth and Justice...A Film cannot change the hardened hearts of Church and State - only Love and Justice finding their way into hardened hearts of those in Power will do that...sadly Church and State are still abducting lives for torture behind fabricated truth and the evil of power....

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