The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Letter of Appeal to Sr Stanilaus Kennedy - Stop the Pharma crime against Women 2015..

Sr Stanislaus Kennedy

Dear Sr Stanislaus Kennedy,

I have spoken to your secretary just now and am making an Appeal to you to
speak up for women in Ireland. I note that you have written many books of
inspiration for healing. I would ask you to please use that spiritual
vocation you write so much on to help stop the ongoing genocide and harm to
Irish women in Ireland. I use above the email address that your secretary
gave to me but also the one I noted on your it is
different...I trust this gets to you.

July has been nominated as awareness of patient malpractice month
throughout the world. It is, of course, not just women who suffer this and
I would ask you to please look up a href="">>; - this is
now a worldwide movement of patients and their families speaking out for
safety in healthcare.

In Ireland we have had decades of abuse of women and children in clinical
trials - where no doctor has been held accountable. You Sr Stanislaus have
had the personal experience how children suffered in such institutions in

You are, of course, aware that the Catholic Church and the Irish State has
not stopped abducting women for Pharma trials of abuse and medical torture
and again a whole Irish Society comes together in silence.

I did ring your office two years ago and asked for your support for safety
against the medical/pharma cartel of malpractice but I was told by your
secretary that you can do nothing. I do not understand this as you have a
website encouraging change in Irish Society - In, my own opinion, I would
feel that change can only come by exposing and bringing accountability to
those who knowingly and willingly cause harm to Irish citizens for profit.
It is sad to note that the Catholic Church and Irish State are still bounty
hunters for the Pharmaceutical Companies in Ireland. It is unacceptable
that Leaders of the Church and Government shed crocodile tears and
apologies to the Magdalene women who were enslaved in Launderies run by
Nuns whilst at the same time still trafficking women to hospitals for
clinical trials without knowledge or consent. Just like the Launderies
enslaved women for decades Archbishop Diarmaid Martin and Taoiseach Enda
Kenny are having women in communities stalked, harmed and ferried to
hospitals where when the women question the doctors about procedures done
to them under anaesthetic the women are labelled paranoid and coerced into

There are no ethics in bio-engineering or biomedical/bioactive glass trials
in Ireland - there are no patients put forward for such trials - there are
only women like me, marion and others who have been medically violated,
medically tortured with cartilages removed from our bodies under anaesthetic
of minor operations - in my case it was under a foot operation - two
consultants and two other doctors on one foot operation but from the
surgical scars and cartilages removed from my throat it is clear to note
what went on - such torture - think about the violation, the violence and
the lies involved in all of this. I, therefore, also copy this to a member
of the bio-medical team on ethics. Whatever about the Theory writers -
There are no Ethics in Irish Hospitals today - for a small country there
were 150,000 incidents in Irish Hospitals in 2010 - in one year alone -
many left with injuries, many died, not one investigation - The HSE paid
out €80 million in 2011 in compensation cases - When will Irish Medics
realise it is not about the money - it is about patient safety, patient
dignity and patients human rights being violated, being taken from them -
there is no dignity or safet for Irish women abused in clinical trials
without consent -

This is happening today - There is no doubt that you are aware of this and
there is no doubt that many of the Religious community throughout Ireland
is responsible for the abductions and medical and community torture to
women again.

"All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing"...Edmund

I call for your support in speaking out about the medical malpractice by
pharma sponsored doctors - You write about change and goodness in the
Spirit - I ask you to speak up for safety, change and Break the Silence on
the Church/State sponsored torture to Irish women today.

I call such women The Marion Women - in memory of Marion Rooney who was so
abducted, medically broken down and her body used and abused for Pharma
sponsored trials. This is the genocide of women today in Ireland...I
urgently call for your support in this - as surely the Irish Catholic
Church does not wish to leave further decades of abuse and torture as their
21st century Legacy of Shame!

I also attach bruising that I suffer by going out in local communities and
towns - whereas the Magdalene women and children were beaten and raped
behind locked gates and doors - the Pharma/Medical/Church/State cartel use
military weapons to do their attacks - The Symphysiotomy women also were
used and tortured for pharma profits - Dr Michael Corry spoke out about the
evil in Irish Psychiatry and Pharma Profiteers - That evil is still in the
Catholic Church/State as well as in the Pharma sponsored Medical Cartel.
Sr Stan Kennedy I appeal to you that if you want change in Ireland - Let us
all join together for Justice, Safety in the Healing process of
Accountability and Transparency - The truth seems to be a very difficult
process for those involved in such torture and abuse - There is no apology
from the Religious Organisations because they are still doing what they
have always done - traffiking human life to pharma trials - We have the
blood of such torture now dripping from our own Irish soldiers as it has
always dripped from politicians and most clergy in Ireland...Would the
Church state today that "this torture is being done in the Name of God" as
they confess their sins to the "Holy Catholic Church" - A church that metes
out such torture and genocide today is very much an unHoly Catholic Church
but Thankfully - God remains Holy and is a God of Love and not one that
sneaks along corridors of darkness in pursuit of Greed, Power and Profit.

I ask you to Lead, Direct and Gather together a Movement for Change,
Accountability in Freedom and Safety for all citizens in Ireland...I also
call on the GAA community to raise concerns and to speak up for women in
communities - stop the medical malpractice to Irish grandmothers, mothers,
wives and daughters - research clinical trials, morcellators - which is a
medical device of a power shredder used on women in Ireland - despite
worldwide recall by Johnson and Johnson read

We have Irish people suffering terrible tragedies all over the world such
as the Berkeley Irish Students' deaths, the ISIS attacks, many tragedies
and here in Ireland for greed, power and profit we have pharma sponsored
doctors deliberetly breaking down once healthy patients and abusing them in
bio-engineering EU funded clinical trials of abuse and torture - I ask you
all please help to STOP this torture and abductions of women in Ireland and
for patient safety for everyone....

In the interest of transparency I will share this email publicly...

Thank you for your time,

Silence is not an Option - the time to help stop this genocide is NOW...

Yours sincerely,

Teri  Keane (Byrne)
Co Offaly

Hello Marian,
Do they force feed you now
As you are too weak to eat
Do they have you attached to
A drip of fluids to keep you alive
As the pharma mafia monitor
Their industrial patches they
Have placed into your body -
They have ripped your female
Organs out and silenced your
Brain so that you cannot "tell"
We are the white slaves in
Ireland today - 2015 -
Sure who cares - we are the
Commodities for pharma industry
Our lives snuffed out of us by
The most evil of criminals...
As Church and State ..
Stalk our lovely Ireland for
Women for Clinical Trials -
Who will write our stories...
Who will ease our suffering
As a shameful and hostile
Society is silent once again...
There are many laws for Animal Safety
Sadly Marion there are no laws,
No ethics for human safety or
Human Rights in Ireland...
Shame on them all Marion,
My friend, my fellow victim of
Irish Church and State 2015..

Dear Marion,

I wonder how you are and where you are. I would like to think that you
are back at home, enjoying your lovely garden that you spoke to me
I write here Marion about the abduction of our lives...On this page I
mostly write what has happened to me as Pharma's mafia continue to
torture my body - in their attempts to force me back to Lab 101 for
Novartis monitoring of their barbaric trials which they sponsor in
Tullamore Hospital and that hospital we were both enslaved in.

I may come across as a bit of a rebel but what can I do other than speak
out as long as I can against such medical and community torture sanctioned
by a corrupt Government deptartment which is sponsored and run by
Novartis and their sponsored keyhole vilians.
Either way we are both abducted women in Ireland
as the world is silent on what are pharma and medical torture in
Ireland 2015. When I met you Marion in that hospital I did not tell
you that I had been dragged out of my home for asking that doctor in
Tullamore Hospital why did I have pelvic bruising and cuts to my
pelvic area - but that does not matter now. We met in that hospital
and there amongst other women we settled into compliance and
acceptance that we must have done something wrong. After all Marion we
were enslaved in a prison that has no rights. We were locked in and we
ate when we were told and queued in line to take our several times a
day drugs of silence and control.

We had no choices in our older years Marion - all our rights taken
from us - I could have gone along with the corruption that is Mental
Health - I could have taken their drugs where they confirmed to me can
cause Parkinsons Disease - they tried to convince me because I knew
what the surgeon in Tullamore Hospital had done to me that I had a
chemical imbalance - you would laugh really today Marion if you knew
that on Fair City a mother actor is telling her son actor that he has
to see a psychiatrist because he has a chemical imbalance...yes Marion
Fair City is pharmatised. You in your far away eyes and myself we know
that there is no such thing as the chemical imbalance. Marion you and
I did no wrong - our crime was to trust doctors in our own country and
they have lied to us and betrayed our lives and our bodies. You
admired my red Rosary Beads - you probably still have them around your
fingers - I pray with all my heart that you are safe but knowing what
I know now about the medical and pharma cartel of corruption and
torture to human life I write this letter to you and for you.

You were there just a few weeks before me. You told me that you drove
yourself there and hoped to get home soon. Both our birthdays had just
come and gone...We were the same age and the same month. I think now
that the list for abductions must go by our dates of birth yet we both
lived in opposite ends of the country. Imagine that Marion - we were
getting on with our post-menopausal lives and believed ourselves to be
free and blessed in life. Little did we know that we were products of
human life and sold into medical torture by Church and State...Yes
Marion we are the new Magdalenes, the new symphysiotomy women the new
female slaves of Church and State. This is a country's domestic abuse
against women and is in violation of The Nuremberg Code - I call on Women's
Aid in Ireland also to join in Breaking the Silence of the Pharma Greed and
Power for Profit in Ireland and beyond.

I have no doubt Marion that in someway you were coerced into
psychiatry - did the medical mafia ask you to "go in for a rest". You
and I did not speak about that in that place. You spoke about your
lovely husband - how he died - some years later Marion you met another
man who sadly got cancer and also spoke that you were a
lucky woman to have met two wonderful men who had loved you and
treated you so well. You told me how your husband died in the UK in
the 1980's, how he was knocked down and died. You told me about how he
had said to you, if anything were to happen to him do not leave him in
the UK but to bring him home to Ireland for burial. You kept his
wishes did all of that and moved back too so that you
could visit his grave. If only your dear husband could see what
Ireland has done to his lovely wife. You told me that you both had had
a lovely life in the UK and were very happy there. We both said almost
every day that we just want to go home.

Marion, I saw them take you down two or three times a week for ECT
that they gave you - you never questioned anything - you went along
with what they did...I wonder did the doctor ever sit down and explain
everything to you. You were such a nice gentle soul. When the nurses
called you again for the timed drugs - sometimes you told them that
you had already been down to the nurses station and had been given
that timed drug...but they would give it to you anyway and God love
you - you took that drug too. After several weeks of several ECTs you
were becoming confused...another lovely woman there would look out for
you and the three of us were friends for that time.

One night you were told to fast as you were going down early the next
morning. When you came back later that day - you got out of the bed to
go to the bathroom. As you walked past me you said you were in
terrible pain and that the pain was going right up through you. I knew
then Marion what probably happened to you...but what could I say there
were ears everywhere. It was not safe to talk. A while after that you
were even more confused and you would chat away about us all being in
a hotel and that we were your neighbours...Wouldn't it be wonderful
Marion if that was true and that we could all meet up again soon -
this time in a hotel by the sea.

God love you Marion, you became more confused and was unsure which was
your wardrobe...I opened your wardrobe door and showed you all of your
lovely clothes - your birthday presents from September were still
there and you asked me "Are they all mine". I told you yes and I
suggested some change of clothes for you to put on after your shower.
You were so childlike by then but I will never forget your eyes...the
hurt was there and I knew that you knew there was something bad
happening but you did not know how to voice it. Your body too is more
than likely full of keyhole surgery marks. How would you understand
what has happened to you. Have they forced down your brain and your
memories so bad now that they can do what they like to you. Have they
stated to your family that you suffer now from Dementia...Have they
the medical cartel of corruption placed you in a nursing home....Have
they started the process to sell your lovely home you spoke so
lovingly pay for your care. By the tme I was "released" you
had been moved to the 24 hour watch ward - at mealtimes you had almost
stopped eating completely - I could see the weight falling off
you...As I stood at the ward door that last day you turned around your
head in your bed - we waved to each other - Oh God Marion what is this
corrupt Church and State doing to women like us. 2015 Marion and a
whole Irish Society once again silent on the abduction of human life
for Pharma barbaric trials.

The pain going up through you Marion my dear enslaved friend - Have
they, the medical mafia, mutilated you too and taken your female
organs as they have done to me. Sure what can we say Marion - even now
with evidence of other procedures done to me other than that foot
operation family and friends do not understand as they believe in the
"good" doctor but just like the Magdalene women and the Symphysiotomy
women Marion we know what the medical cartel of criminals are capable
of...even with the evidence no Patient Group, no Department of Health,
no solicitor...we have been abducted from our lives Marion by the same
Church and State that grabbed women and children from their homes and
from the streets.

Reading back through this Marion I pray with all my heart that you are
sitting in your lovely home in front of a warm fire. If I had gone
along with the medical mafia Marion I could be probably be there with
you in that facility of cover up that I fear you are in. I am still
here outside but not free. Imagine Marion the Irish Army and Gardai
fire some weapons at me that bring up round circled bruising on my
body - I must be Ireland's most wanted - I am certainly Novartis's
most hunted - The sadness of it all Marion. I know Marion that up to
June 2013 you have placed a memorial in the papers for your husband -
I could not find one for 2014 - and yet I found many up to
2013...within two months of that you were enslaved in that place.

Marion in memory of you where ever you are I now call us abducted
women for pharma mafia and Church and State abuse and torture "The
Marion Women" and in some future day, future time we will be
vindicated but my dear friend so many of us will have suffered torture
and death by then. God Bless you and we will walk through moonbeams in
time with Angels of Love and care all around us.

Your enslaved pal,

Teri - written on behalf of
"The Marion Women" who have been abducted and enslaved in Ireland for
Pharma abuse and torture in clinical trials by Irish Church and State
2013 -


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Comment by Catherine on August 2, 2015 at 18:45

Let us remember the number of female victims of DV who are also carted off to mental hospitals to be drugged and silenced.

I happen to know a solicitor who deals with this daily.

We have a sister in Donegal too- drugged for disclosing domestic violence and not accepting the punishment for being a female.

Also readers need to know that in Ireland "In law all Irish women are deemed feeble minded." and cannot make decisions for themselves.

The ECT also used to silence abused children- in the name of protecting abusers.

Comment by Teri on August 2, 2015 at 20:29

Catherine sorry to hear about your sister in Donegal - a Consultant in Donegal - Letterkenny Hospital resigned last January due to vested interests in his hospital - he could not give his cancer patients safe medical treatment - that I am sure is the use of morcellators that has been given a black box warning by the FDA this year - but Ireland won't admit that - I hope to get out of Ireland but pharma now is European and worldwide - I had my passport and legal papers stolen from my belongings - of course they were much torture this is a living genocide that no one in Ireland will speak up for...Thank you for your kind comment...

Comment by Catherine on August 2, 2015 at 21:42


Thank you for writing truth. I was wondering why so few could speak until I met some who escaped out of Ireland.

Of course they took your pass port.

I wish you safe escape to freedom.

Comment by Teri on August 2, 2015 at 23:39

Thank you Catherine - on the 15th June I stood outside Leinster House - a noose had already been tied around a tree here where I live - just beside an old barn shed where a young man had been found dead with a rope around his neck - he and his partner had lived in this house - then so much attacks - then when I tried to leave my passport and UK papers gone (I had worked there in the 70's) - when I went to get a new passport my birth cert was also gone...I did not know how bad they were - one could never believe it - but Ciba Geigy now known as Novartis fled from the concentration camps in Nazi Germany in 1947...along the Bord Na Mona Roads here in Co Offaly every sign says "Achtung" in yellow and there are yellow buses and communities are told to report anyone to the Community Alert Text - where did we all hear of this before....

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