The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Letter to CEO of South Dublin County Council Danny McLaughlin April 2023

Dear Mr McLaughlin,
Women trafficked to Pharma Trials of Torture
Cyberknife radiation cutting into bones
Gamma Radiation every shop/restaurant of poison
Nazism in Ireland 2023
I note that you are the CEO South Dublin County Council and I note that you intend to retire later this year, 2023.
I have been writing to your Housing Director since November 2021 I am sure he will bring you up to date on my 'Complaints'
On his continued ignoring why I under direction of the EPA have requested what is the purpose of the cable which has been confirmed to me was installed here attached to the roof of this flat on the day of my nomination by Fiona Cambell of SDCC.
KN Networks have confirmed it is the Council, as Landlords who requested them to install such a cable. The Council have failed to answer any questions regarding this cable yet they continue to pay KN Networks and refuse to answer any questions.  I was not asked for consent or given knowledge.  I saw KN Networks here that day and did not realise the cable was attached to my roof until later in the month of November 2021.  KN Network confirmed to me the cable is emitting low voltage.  I am not a robot - I do not need voltage but your Council have installed this cable to what purpose?  I note around that time, November 2021 Sarsfield Close had some men here looking at that cable with one shouting 'that cable is staying'  Was that person Neil Hanly who together with Fiona Campbell I had made an official complaint on to the Council in November 2021.  I note also Neil Hanly has been the one to reply to questions raised by the Ombudsman's Office in 2022.   Mostly lies which I had to vindicate myself on to the Ombudsman's office, for example Neil Hanly writing that 'she is the only one who sees rats' That same day I heard from a neighbour that a man from HSE Pest Control had knocked to say that they had done a check here in the back (communal) gardens where they had left 'bait'.  They had found a lot of dead rats and were now taking them away but to contact them again should they reappear.  Has Mr Hanly been advised of that?  Neil Hanly wrote a paper in 2022 on inclusion and disabilities - Yet he has caused me a lot of unnecessary upsets through his ignoring my disabilities.  My ongoing fear of trying to climb 24 concrete steps with a walking stick.  The fire brigade have been called to my assistance when I collapsed here in September 2022.  Fire brigade called again when I woke in recent months with a stench like burning here.  I did tell them that I saw no fire but they said they were calling out to investigate the strong smell that was coming from downstairs - a flat that had been left empty for over a year and is still empty.  The fire men saw that workers in that empty flat were cutting wood on steel inside the flat and that was causing the smell.  Whilst it did go - the smell still comes through the shower outlet of my flat from time to time.  A plumber called in early afternoon to say he had come to check the water.  There was nothing wrong with water but I let him into the bathroom to show him black streaks that were now around the shower base.  I told the Plumber I had used a full bottle of domestos bleach to try cleaning the base but it did not move one bit.  He said he would get something stronger to clear the base.  I have not seen him since!.  There you have it greasy streaks in the shower base of an elderly tenant's flat!  The black streaks are still there but I manage that shower now by using a shower chair as recommended by the Occupation Therapist who called to me.  I had been on her waiting list for sometime.
In November 2021 I noted work going on on shed roofs on the left side of me in Sarsfield Park - an estate where one can walk to from Sarsfield Close and can be seen from our windows here.  All of the houses in Sarsfield Park got grid type roofs on to their sheds. DiD SDCC pay for such grid roofs also?
I recall my own home that I owned before I sold it in 2013 - I had grids appearing overnight and the grinding sounds first thing in early morning.  I had damage to my electric box.  I had several cars with French number plates speeding pass my home where there was no through road. It was a cul de sac.  One car someone threw cardboard at my front window and it had Le Mans on it.  Novartis have a Lab in Le Mans France doing experiments on women! I was in Tullamore for 6 years.  I had a 40 ft field at the back of my home down there.  One morning a grid was erected in the water house behind me (it was on our field).  I have had bouts of vomiting everywhere I go.  Here, even in France where I drove through.  Tom Newton, who is known to SDCC councillors, told me he was a Proud Nazi.  I fear he has many comrades!
In 2015 I drove to Cherbourg via Stena Line and once in Cherbourg I kept driving.  I had no plan I just took to the open roads but in hindsight I was in all the key buildings of European Law - which Ireland is supposed to be under.  Human rights and UN Geneva.  In Strasbourg I went to the Courts of Human Rights buildings and put in my application.  In Geneva I was told that I have to go to the Hague.  I drove from Geneva, going over Mont Blanc and I was soon in Lyons.  I got to the International Criminal Courts and got to talk to a representative there.  It was nice to be on the flat after Mont Blanc and to drive through the green fields of France.  Tom Newton rang me every day pleading with me to come back.  I would think come back to what, to more abuse but I was tired, what was happening. I spent 31 days driving through 4 countries in Europe and I did come back and that is when I knew.  A lady in Geneva told me 'now they have picked you - they will never let you go'.
Mr McLaughlin can you explain to me what is going on?  The cable to my roof, the grids alongside me?  24 steps to climb up and down with a walking stick.  Oily Streaks in my shower.  My Medical File hidden from the Council's own Medical Unit.  I have been told I am nominated for a ground floor accommodation and now we have the snail's pace of decisions as to when?
Whether it be my private home, a council flat or the open roads of Europe the pattern is the same.  When I drove into Basel in Switzerland I went by the entrance to Novartis Plant there.  The quiet pulsating sound of radiation was there and I knew to keep driving - I did not stop to get out and look around me until I was well clear of Novartis Plant - but where does one run to - there is no escape when you know that you are hunted down for what?  For whom?
Sadly I have come to know there is no safety for women in Ireland, there is no care for people with disabilities.  The Housing Minister signed the Lisbon Agreement on care to be given to people given Council accommodation, on cleanliness and Safety.  Why doesn't SDCC showcase the reality of what SDCC actually do and how they house people who are lied to and dehumanised, again I ask for what?  For whom?
I am surrounded by objects that perpetuate radiation directly to me in my home..  I have done my own study as radiation depletes iron out of one's body, it raises blood pressure to dangerous levels - it causes laser burns to one's skin and body.  I take on the words of Tom Newton - it is Nazism and I challenge anyone to try to tell me different.  It is breach of Nuremburg Code of Ethics and Ireland is guilty of all such cases.  There are NO Ethics on Human Life safety in Ireland 2023. It is evident in my study on my own blood pressure levels.  At the hours during the night when I should be asleep my blood pressure has peaked to dangerous levels despite me being on regular blood pressure medications.
I ask you Mr McLaughlin to remove the cable from the roof to my home.  To remove the shed grids around me.  To ensure my transfer goes safely in the timeframe it should be following the HSE Medical Referee's sanctioning which was on 22nd August 2022 - note this was when it was proven that my Medical File had been hidden from the Council's own Medical Unit.  Again I ask Why? For whom?
68 year old Council Tenant of SDCC
Injured Patient victim of Novartis Drug Rasilez Aliskiren HDZ
Injured Patient by 4 doctors under anaesthetic at Tullamore Hospital
Detective Garda who took my Statement edited the Statement before he sent it to DPP 
Edited the names of the two consultants

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