The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Medical Council cover up of Novartis illegal clinical trials in Tullamore Hospital

An update on the Medical Council's Preliminary Hearing on Dr Dermot Hehir - Bowel Surgeon - Tullamore Hospital -
I received an email from Medical Council Clerk today - with letter attached but of course my email will not open nor will the letter - Pharma control is everywhere - I rang the clerk in the Medical Council and asked her to please tell me what happened at the Hearing yesterday and she of course states that the Medical Council finds in favour of Dr Dermot Hehir of Tullamore Hospital and that the case is now closed - I told her to tell Dr Woods President of the Medical Council - "How dare he, how dare he cover up a crime of a Bowel Surgeon involving himself in assaulting a woman under anaesthetic for a foot operation -
"How Dare Dr Woods cover up Novartis illegal trials in Tullamore Hospital" and I now state to Dr Dermot Hehir of Tullamore Hospital just because you lied and you had Novartis mafia to do your dirty work of cover up in assaulting and harming a woman under anaesthetic does not mean you are innocent- You are even more guilty because you had a Medical Council of Shame, Gardai of corruption and Hospital/Pharma bribery and corruption to help you cover up your crime - Dr Dermot Hehir of Tullamore Hospital is a dangerous evil man medically assaulting and abusing women under anaesthetic in Tullamore Hospital -
Please everyone share and share so we can give Dr Dermot Hehir Bowel Surgeon of Tullamore Hospital the reputation he so deserves....
Let us not forget Dr Dermot Hehir's accomplices - Dr Eoin Sheehan Orthopaedic Surgeon also covered up by Dr Woods President of Medical Council - Dr Sheehan (Tullamore) inserted bioactive glass into base of spine under guise of foot operation - he together with Dr Dermot Hehir (Tullamore), Dr Peter Coffey ( from Cork), Dr Ali (from Iraq) twisted and turned a healthy spine in medical torture for life to one woman - removed cartilages from throat and knees, slashed and shredded ovaries,womb and other glands under arms, in abdomen and in forehead (known as pituary glands) inserted injections of acid on behalf of Amgen into bones to test how long it takes to kill off bonemarrow - these are Novartis/Amgen/s genocide of Irish women under Taoiseach Kenny's shameful genocide of Irish citizens...

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