The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Murphy Report Exposed as Cover up For Church and State Authorities

Colm Daly, Ard Ri, Counsellor to the Assembly of Eire, Sept Uí Dalaigh,

Living in Exile, PO BOX 16 Buri Ram Post Office, Buri Ram 31000

Kingdom of Thailand Phone: +66800500312

Dated: 07/12/2010

For the Attention of DFA Staff Listed in E-mail Address Line and the Minister of Foreign Affairs as Complaint with suggestion of resolution and alternative actions to gain resolution and penalty those in the complaint, Minister of Defence, Malaysian Ambassador for Complaint, Minister for Justice, Taoiseach. This complaint is made with my rights of Freedom of Expression of Thought and Creative expression of Thought, Freedom of Peaceful Protest and Right to rise violently against Tyranny to remove tyrants, See Irish Government, Authorities and Catholic Religious Cult under Tyrants.

I am also looking as mentioned later for a retraction by the Irish Government of Mr Carpenters provocative and unnecessary Slight on my Children, Wife and Thai People a gross Insult to the Rama and his family that a Catholic Pedophile Cleric should not only be valued above the Irish Law but a perpetual Parents and inspiration to the parents of Thailand as their people a Less worth than your Pedophile Clergy as being Worth less and condemned to poverty due to be incapable of forwarding a request that not only includes a request for Legal Aid Authorization but a exposure to them of Extremely Serious Crime committed by Irish Citizens in Irish Jurisdiction and Internationally and as initiated trough the Malaysian Embassy of this E-mails Later content for the Minister of Justice and the Taoiseach the Pedophile Clergy that Live in the Lap of Luxury. The first sent was dated 19/11/2010 now weeks later in what should take at most 2 days to reach the Ministers. I hope you can rectify this situation.

Message for Mr Carpenter and DFA Staff and Irish Government do not insult or devalue me or my Family for Paediophiles. Got it. Treat me with respect. You would not stand one year of what I have being put trough. Mr Carpenter is a Public Servent paid for by Tax Payers that is everyone else outside of Government pays for your earning. Now Serpent do not question their masters requests to get orders. Know your position Mr Carpenter.

Dear DFA Staff and Ministers,

If you read this series of E-mails you will see that by confirmation of Mr Carpenters position that If I threaten Him and DFA Staff obviously internationally Mr Biesty, that he will pass my Document to the Authorities. But I do not think the ones he was supposed to pass the Documents On to. So here it is. More Treats. By the way Mr Biesty fancy a beer before Christmas and you can meet the Son and pregnant wife Mr Carpenter think is less valuable than his Worshipped Pedophile Clergy.

Can I ask before you reading this which do the DFA Staff support. The Irish State and its Laws or the Holy Roman Catholic Church. So far its the Catholic Church not the State. So if this does not get to the Minister requested then get a job in the Papal Nuncio's .

remember regards Mr Carpenters Authorities treat to my treat. That my thai Wife and children have being valued more than pedophiles as he thinks breaking what I believe to be a self made prejudice rule to obstruct transit of documents in post to Ministers. While My brother and his wife insulted my Thai Lady friend at the time in same regard valueless. Well I like the Irish governments and Consulates representatives Insult to the Thai King and his People as being more valuable than a Clerical Pedophile.

One point in Murphy Report. Also brought back memory to be confirmed. While out on bail for 5.5 years he went overseas I believe or maybe earlier to a foreign destination he got involved with youths of his target range. Tried to organize trip to bring them in and organize youth hall. During abuse he went overseas possibly to Clerical Pedophile favorite Canaries. Could be confirmed buy travel records the Trip. But mentioned he was going to try to find target there.

the Crux of a Decision for any DFA Personnel reading this is on Whether to do there job or present clear religious prejudice and obstruction to simple monkey able task? Which comes first the Irish State and it's Laws or the Catholic Church and its Pedophiles. Please each one reply to quest who do the DFA Support? This gets to ministers requested then no charges of treason does not Catholic church taken over state as laws no longer exist.

The only reason this is being blocked is to protect the Pedophiles. So if Catholics hired by state do not put the State and its Laws first then Treason. I do not care if they have removed the Laws. I did not. Nor did I remove the Penalty for it. If you support the Church and their pedophiles suppressing the Irish Laws for their pedophile then treason because this document does not get immediately trough to the Ministers requested.

Do not treason even in Government employ you know the just penalty for betrayal of Nation to foreign Powers. This gets trough to the Ministers then ok. Not Guilty of Treason and face the Penalties of it.

Brave Irish rose to their deaths to free our Nation to equality of our peoples to be free of the Subjection of Foreign Powers. Well then the Constitution is being broken as is their Declarations of why they died to free our Nation. I born in Eire have the same right to the Protection of the Law and Courts of Eire. Especially from those who pledged their allegiance to a foreign Empiric Power to undermine he Constitutional Laws of Eire for the Protection of Pedophiles'. Each person who reads this and fails to pass it on is Charged and found guilty of Treason await penalties'. No need for Trial.

I have also noticed on sending on E-mail to addressed party that the DFA members involved where well able to have it opened by none addressed members of the DFA which are now listed in E-mail for receipt. I have a right to Privacy and the E-mail is Private and Confidential bound by an Irish International Witness Protection Order. Which means it is a criminal offence for my E-mails to be forwarded with out my regard or authorization to any party not listed except if progress to destination of Documents. Have my E-mails being Forwarded so the DFA can have a Laugh at my Expense to your Nazi's. Well I have last laugh DFA.

Declaration of War on the Holy Roman Catholic Church and Irish Vatican State to Return Sovereignty to the Irish People and Protection of Her Laws for Her Children from those that Treason with in and with out her Boarders.

Let me introduce this document. My Life is being destroyed to protect the Paediophiles and those that protected them in the church. My Wife and Children are being destroyed to poverty because of the Irish Vatican States Protection of Paedophiles. My Human Rights have being removed for the Protection of paedophiles. What are you Protecting by not taking action to get the Document and E-mail series to the ministers I have being Requesting to deal with this? Paediophiles! Why am I being Persecuted? Paediophiles and the Governments support of them and obstruction of my Legal Human right to access the resources to access the Court in Eire.

Could I also be supplied by the DFA personnel the Written rule that says you do not pass documents to addressed parties passed between departments. The Malaysian Embassy undertook to forward the Earlier E-mails in this Series. Due to Time Zone and inability to deal with directly. E-mail and attached documents sent to Dublin Time Zone to be Delivered to them that Day. I later request a contact of the Person dealing with the transfer to get a progress report a Mr Carpenter. A David Ormand I dealt with and gave same block after 3 months after Sydney Consulate Siobhan Kelly had undertook to open two way communication with Lower Authorities. In damaged state I tried all avenues and more again until Murphy Report. Then I had even more supporting evidence beyond doubt of Cover up which now Includes not only Church, Gardai but the Legal Profession Involved and my family. Now nearing the 3rd anniversary of the intensification of the Mental Cruelty after they removed my Rights and destroyed the settlement I am still trying to get contact with the Authorities in an actionable way. In order to get my Legal Rights back and the Legal Resources to fund that quest. Now let them Stand in Court! To a Fair and Just Hearing! Let them face Justice! I seek Vengeance in Court! Non Court I seek It Outside like they sought their revenge for failing to get the Statues down and save the Church. I will not be the only one to suffer Damage because of those Paediophiles by their protectors I will retaliate like any normal and sane person.

Before reading this and the other E-mails in this Series Can you ask yourselves? What does it take to forward this Document and the Attached Documents to be Printed for the Minister of Justice and the Taoiseach ensuring it is placed into their hands and Priority reference request from me of them for their consideration my Legal Rights, Authorization and access to Legal Aid. I request this to exclude any delay in paper document application to the legal Aid Board and also any suspicion of Rejection in months due to any prejudice that could be Considered. I have a number of unwanted cases for certain Powerful Parties in Ireland, Self Representation, Living Internationally etc... Please read to access answers.

Also could you consider that someone at the DFA should provide my Documents to the Minister of Justice and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Taoiseach so they could tell you off if they do not think it is important enough to break your rules like Mr Carpenter do not think my Son's are enough to

Murder is Illegal but Legal under Self Defence and Defence of another in immanent treat of same potential. So There may be a defence in that if the Ministers want to sack you for doing what I request better than the War already planned. Please blame yourselves and your lack of full co-operation and understanding for treats. Blame yourselves after 10th of December deadline for ceasefire end.

Let me warn you Like Mr Carpenter I do not care about your thinking. You have rules to say no. You have unwritten Policy. I am not disputing with you. The Misters are the ones with the Authority. I would leave it in their hands not jobs worth's. Simple Request. Got undertaking in April 2009 now November 2010. No access even though higher intensity of contact including faxing to Government Offices and Ringing. Now I want this over as Ireland is behind most in time so this can get there and be delivered same day. The DFA Consulates and Embassies are my only Direct contact with the Irish State and Government and are a Government organisation with the ability to communicate and transfer things between other departments if required. What happens if Cowan on Holiday, off course overseas, private, and wanted his Post Cards sent to his bum Chums? If he came to Thailand he could look out for Human Rights infringements while on holiday because amnesty seem to think no ones rights get broken in the West. Every one Cowardly scared of the same happening to them. That it there would be consequences on the Cowardly Civil Servants of the Government standing by and supporting Treason. Be insulted please! If that is what hurts you Catholics. Words. Pansies. Try going trough what I have being put trough you Cowards. Read the Documents attached. They will be Best sellers.

I reported my abuse in 1999 to the Church because I believed the Church to be Christian. Did not know the background. Well I would have just killed him. By the way the only Right I have being left with trough out this is my Right of Life so Murder me like the Romans Murdered Jesus or Face Court and Defeat.

My documents are an accurate though oft time fantasicational representation of my Diacritical Memorials and mapping of the Psychiatric and criminal abuse of my Person by removal of my Rights for a persecutory 12 years in feb 1999. The methods used and casefiles issue etc distraught trough out the detailed representation. Second version is Murphy Report First Resultant from DFA Negligence by Shiobhan Kelly and David Ormand. They also contain some Revelationary Material. Do not blame me I did not write the revelations or did I. Any way its the religious that believe that stuff (shit).

Having the Evil malevolent Power of the Holy Roman Catholic Church Manifest itself in an International Persecution by Mental Cruelty and Persecutory Criminal and Civil Injustice. The fact that the Irish Catholic State of the Holy Roman Catholic Church continue in all avenues to perpetrate a continuation of my Persecution by refusing abusively my requests to forward the Below E-mail with expediency to the Listed Ministers for their intervention. I now Declare war on the Holy Roman Catholic Church. I will hold a ceasefire till my Birthday the 10 of December 2010. Failure to alleviate the need to War to access my rights which will be initiated after recruitment internationally with the death and execution of a representative of those the Irish state are persecutorily protecting them from justice putting them Beyond the Law as the Irish state is also putting those who protect and criminally do so as my persecutors over the Twelve Years.

The Motif was to remove the Laws protection by Lowering Statute to 10 years. Thereby excluding the Majority of the Paedophiles from Prosecution under the Laws of Ireland an attempt to Sub-press the Laws of Ireland and treasonable as is the Protection of those Involved in the Treasonous Conspiracy against Ireland. One priest representing every Paedophile and cleric in Dublin will be executed in their stead. I will set precedent in Thai Law that if in a country where the religious are beyond the Law because they have the majority then in a country they have low numbers and power their clergy have no protection of the Law as they have already ensured that for my Persecution I have no protection of Law Internationally. I would suggest to the thai Kingdom to Exclude all Catholic Clergy due to the lack of knowledge of Rama 2 who disliked put little choice in their presentation of their religion to his people but now with world revelations of the Truth of the Evil of the Catholic Church and its Cult psychiatric methods and willingness to exert its following to undermine the Laws of a Sovereign Nation to be Expelled so their Evil does not blight a Buddha Kingdom.

Be aware I will no longer communicate trough the DFA after the 10th december 2010.n I will though try alternative route of Resolution to avoid the consequences of your Actions and Inactions being placed on potentially Innocent Others for your obstruction of Justice to place the penalty of Irish Law on those who are not beyond Gods Law to where they shall be sent for their Judgement to Hell. No Law protects me no Law protects your clergy.

I do not intend to kill your clergy or government representatives but I do intend to physically manifest the Mental Torture on them. Ask Mr Biesty has he witnessed some of the implement sold on the streets of Bangkok. Electric Sprays, All very useful though not quite as painful as my Persecution. Maybe the Papal Nuncio would be a good start and I still can bring the Cases. So all you are doing is provoking an escalation of the problem. Now Minister of Justice or I start dealing out of court as Catholics do. Sue me after. All I have requested is that I see Justice. Your Clergy go to Jail for Crimes like everyone else. Do people have to die over it?

When mr post boy not intermediary I said I am at the end of my tether I mean enough is enough. If you think my Sons and Wife are worthless and not worth threatening for well are they worth dieing for that insult. Your clergy are the worthless ones. So I will prove how worthless they are to you mr Carpenter and all others in the DFA that support them and my persecution by failing to ensure this gets to the Minister of Justice and the Taoiseach and I get confirmation of the Legal Aid by my Birth Day as dated above. I start campaign in January. Recruitment after 10th of December 2010. Obviously place in hand of Ambassador. Ring Department of Justice, Print out Fax it to them many ways of getting the document expediently to the Ministers. Ask the Minister of Foreign affairs is it illegal for you to forward a document sent with an undertaking by the Malaysian embassy that it be delivered to the Ministers as requested. Due to fact of Time Zone. The Government would have to pay out of its 85bn bail out overtime for the Malaysian DFA Staff like Mr Stephan grateful co-operation in forwarding the document for that purpose. He could have stayed back for hours and organised it himself and got paid more plus expenses. But thought of the state of the Irish Economy and also how it would be affected by adding more court cases against Government Employees under the Human Rights Act specifically but not least Religious Discrimination. As shame to those that fell to free our Nation to subjugation of evil Satan.

Is someone at the DFA please going to Break the Catholic Law and uphold the Irish ones. Or at least give me a fighting chance to do so myself by forwarding this to the monitor Mr Ahern and Mr Cowan.

By the way it is culturally Legal for what I am doing here in Thailand Read the News. Well since the Church is still in Power I have to start a coup, overseas invasion, Niall of the Nine Hostages tactics modernised. Electric prod Mr Biesty. Testicles, I can here that thought on your reading this as can every other man. By the way your place of residence is quite nice. Have to drop in next time I am around the Area. What's the Local Irish Pub like and does it do good breakfast. Forgot to check out the area. Just preparing War Strategy to counter and retaliate for the Psychological Warfare wagged by the Irish State and other Catholic cohorts and contributors internationally. Sue me after. Thai police I heard do not have a problem with such methods of getting Government overseas to provide Legal Aid so I can pursue justice in their Jurisdiction against a paedophile protection racket in Irish Society that seems to escalate its way trough a Authorities.

Of course of any crime allegation of an Irish Government Official unrecognised by the Thai Authorities but instead upon prosecution by the Irish State both the Prosecution and Defence which I self represent and are the cases I want to bring would have to be funded as this is an Irish Catholic Church Problem and nothing to do with Thailand except for coincidence of my residency. After all I am fighting a Holy War against the Evil Catholic Church Cult and its following. The sacrifice of the Priests to protect Children and the Laws of Ireland and bring attention to my Document so the Minister of Justice and Taoiseach read it and respond as requested. Some Survivors commit and do not survive suicide. They are murders by result of their crimes. That is the Evil you are protecting and that is the Evil I war against. Mitigated and Justified to protect others Lives from that Evil to take the Live of one or more who are a part of that evil.

Since Mr Carpenter does not care about Family but only Fathers then I will take what you worship and Love your Fathers your paedophile Devils Beast Clergy. That is what you are protecting right at the base of it. You are protecting paedophiles Ireland and putting them beyond the Law and administering punishment no criminal charged and convicted has faced on the victim to protect them and those involved who are both Law and Clerical from the Laws and the penalties in Law and providing me a gross Injustice that you will think is being provided to your unprotected clergy Internationally. Read the Part about Scorpions and Snakes, My second son birth timing as in revelations to Mayan New Eras Date 22/12/2012, opening the Earth to Swallow floods, Son talking in Cradle one month as in Quron. Ask for my Detailed Documents and read them regards my Torture for the protection of paedophiles who claim to be men of Jesus and God.

Like your Clergy can recruit you to be non-human and unchristian in their defence I to can instill prejudices. That is who you protect from Jail so others die in their stead Eire. I prove the Value of my Children and I have not issued treats Mr Carpenter I have issued alternative's but you leave me none unless others who revive this Intervene and Bring this entire E-mail Series to his Attention.

The Last 3 years has proven to me the Catholic Clergy should not be allowed to exist even if it means their Death. It is obvious they have grown too powerful as a Religious Cult pertaining falsely to Humanity and Christianity. Thereby the execution of their Clergy to escape their children from the Adult Catholics willingness to support and protect the Clerical Abusers at all Costs even at the expense of the Nation. Obviously Catholic Children would have to be removed for the endangerment that Catholic Parents place them in in their provision of their children to their priests. Execution would ensure the safest Priest and guarantee no child would be conscripted by their Cult psychiatry methods and usage of the Evil Eye upon the victims of their Evil Crimes. Obviously their God in death would like to judge them ASAP. That way the Children would be immediately protected. Obviously Sending them to Gods Judgement is in their Best interest do not want to be tormented in life by their Consciences. Like the Priest who was so Guilty and remorseful well lets see how remorseful when he does not escape jail as the law already dictates. How many Crimes are the Clergy and Those who Support the Paediophiles going to get away with. Having read this Document or in part of you are bound by the Below Contract if a member of the Catholic Church or Irish Government Representative.

Since the priest gave a defence he admitted charges but claimed not guilty of Crime. Then the DFA Staff and all other parties this document mentioned or directed to mention are aware they accept the consequence of their actions and inaction if this document fails to produce the desired result by the 10/12/2010 as described. That is the actions I can use an alternative method to bring around justice. Breach of this contract should ensue legal civil damage and costs from the perpetrators in receipt of this document. Any one who supports by inaction the continuation of my persecution accepts the penalties I apply with out reservation or remit in law. I can not Break this Contract. Put this trough to the Ministers Listed with no more delay next response affirmation that has being done the same day as receipt which I get record. If overseas get overtime. Do not force me to remove the Life of Something that looks Human so Criminals do not get the Penalties of Law you would want applies if you where in my situation. Now Catholics in the Irish Government and State Employ do your job not dispute it with me where you are the final judge. I will send you there as your religion deserves if I do not get justice that I am Legally entitled to.

In his speech to the Oreactas after the Murphy Report Mr ahern in Condemning the Church said he was angry as a dad with sons even though totally unaffected. Well I reported this in 1999. If no corruption it was over before my First Sons birth. My relationship destroyed due to Religious Persecution as outlined in documents can supply. Abused with access rights continually since his birth. Now I have to abandon my Children in a country where Catholic Clergy and their Following can get them. To Poverty. While that priest stands un punished Criminally or Civilly. Then War. If a simple task of communication can not be completed by prejudice then fuck off Ireland and see the World Scorn on your Generations that I have to kill to protect my rights and the rights of others from Catholic Cult Persecution.

What I am being told by the Irish State and Government Employees is that my Children's lives as well as mine should be totally destroyed so those paedophiles Priest and the Hierarchy involved in their propagation with in the church should get off. It is about time someone proved to the Catholics that their Clergy are not beyond Gods or any other Law and are they even if the laws have to be enforced with death so others uphold them

The people central to that Priest Defence strategy and greatest contributors to my Persecution are the Solicitors and Barristers. Now where do they make their money? Court. Well that is where I want to take them,. They want to dish it out in and out of court then let me teach them a lesson. I need the Legal Aid resources and till I get them it is war. Ceasefire only Temporary from declaration to allow response regards your surrender. Then I can take them to the Slaughter where they claim to be God! Do people have to die for those paedophiles and supporters when they would be just going to Jail and Loose some Money. I would not die for that but I would for my Mother Land! Home Land! My Children! My Rights! Justice!!! Now I will kill for the same all those that stand in my Path.

Just think of all the real Psychopaths following my Example of what to do With Evil Catholics! World Image Gone that's what you protect. Nazi's now coming out of the Woodwork!!!

If the Law Society want Sectioning by their Mental Cruelty then they will have Death instead like they have born me injustice.

Should read Dermot Ahern's Speech after Murphy Report. Church brought Scandals upon itself do the Government Authorities have to Shame Ireland's Ignorance once more to the World! He also mentioned when Thanking Survivors who testified and made statements unlike I who was excluded from my side so far. Why did he Thank Them? For opening old wounds and dealing with the period return of damage related issues in their life at time that is more damaging than the abuse itself but a direct result of it. Well I had 3 months of closure and healing to be destroyed and continued trough-out since Jan 2008 till now. No More! If I have to leave my children it must be Justified and War for Justice even if Considered a crime after my defence in the Documents Attached then at least I will be in Thailand with the two Children I can see with out abuse even on a bowl of rice a day. But I will get to Fight again! But Equality of Law you do not allow me in Eire may be allowed the equality you provide me them here as Buddha's Rama are the Law not Catholic Vatican Snake religion Law. Gauruda's do not like Snakes as Rama 2 envisaged from history do we not do I we Have something in Common though my Faith Older see Documents you may learn something about our ancient Heritage to Ard Ri and Family name that traces back to the God's Patheon of the Celt King of the God's Nuada, to the Dallach founders of the Tuahatta de Nanneen to High Kings position of Councillors to the Assembly of Eire as depicted in today's, Dail and you will not allow a high King to Reek with one of his ministers. Subordinates.

You see I want Mr Carpenter to know that Pearse advised me not to threaten him. Well look what happened when I took his advice and signed the settlement agreement. Well then I will not follow his advise and threaten all I like. He gives bad advice. You started to go to the Authorities. Now do you carry out your treats like I will administer my alternative avenues to gaining access to the Ministers and Justice. I thought I heard Mr Biesty groan again. I know what its like got kicked in the balls once or twice. But Will try and see if I can get Amp Metre. Stuff on Stalls may mean the worse. They may give him an erection. You know scientific experiment like Paddy Doyle Psychiatric one for being upset at his abusers. Well some people say the penis is a muscle. Well muscle contract under electricity. So I want to see if the Penis is a Muscle and get bigger and harder under electric shock. Need Subject! Wonder why Mr Biesty came to Mind. Low Security easy shot, Can also try cult debriefing, Snatch to van easy. Where is your security? Fagan made it to the Queen. I am a dubliner to and you think I am Crazy which is your worst defence. Sadly for you I am not. Only a Celt. Unknown. I remind of Adrew Madden and this is far more serious as he was not being purposely destroyed and obstructed from right including the right to report a crime for investigation and address trough foreign government services the contact of Public Responsible representatives.

Before the committal of War I want to give the Minister of Justice and the Toaiseach the opportunity to (surrender) allow me my legal Aid and whether or not War is justified. If they think I should have my Rights then at least it could be called of. But if they think I should not have my Rights then it would be Justified. After all you voted them in then Die for them. Your religious then Die for Them, Your Law Society then Die for Them. Your Politicians well Die for Them. Safest place Irish Defence Forces going to tell them what Happening try a Coup. Can you put me in Touch with the Top General's if there is one. Even the President was lying about her concern for the inhuman treatment of Clerical Abuse Survivors by Roman Catholic Cult Society in 2007. Better off getting every one who is not Catholic to wear a symbol so they are not massacred as well. Poll Pot Style. You see when Roman's invade they destroy and kill the oldies and learned and then put in their dumpfuck religion which is what it makes you. (Read Roddy if problem with fucking Dublinease right Bollox) Politicians do not like Unparliamentary languages Buffoons. At least Roman ones. Rule lifted! Sadly you have to earn My Respect. Please cross out expletives yourself if upset ruins it for others. It is now proven that Dickens was Right about Solicitors but not how Wrong his Right is. Morals of Divorce I think in twist.

My life is being destroyed for Paedophile Clergy. The result of the Defence if successful would have being to lower to a maximal 10 years statute. That would mean that all the Dated Predators with decades of records would be excluded from prosecution though still capable of offending. That Priest was defended by claiming it was only me and he had never abused anyone else. He was the integral Priest fighting his urges a Virgin. Read my Documents but intro to Murphy report Cover up is at end of E-mail Series though not up to date. Oh Dermot Ahern said all survivors have a Right to justice that would mean no statute in any Situation Justice relating to their abuse or arising out of it is Law already under Breach of Contract of Minister and Government to the People and mostly the Clerical Child Abuse Survivors in all walks of Abuse. So I think that Dermot Ahern would want to see this Document and the Ones Attached.

The Pride of Ireland's Future History people get killed while Ireland condemns the Church for Cover up's in the Murphy Report Media Aftermath while continuing a Cover up and abusing the Vulnerable and Isolated Victim Internationally in obstructing the exposure of the Cover up by Legal Routes and refusal to provide communication with Ministers undertaking. If Dealt with on day of Receipt in Dublin Ministers would have had Document same day it was received. Would have being acted on by now. That is why only till My Birthday Human Rights Day 10/12/2010. Then It will be affirmed the Irish State have no intention of reapplying the Laws Broken against my Person International and The State itself and prove the Religion is Still Beyond the Constitution of Eire, with penalty and providing me back my human Rights thereby Their Tyranny proven and Exposed for the Right to Remove their Right of Life to preserve mine and the Quality of mine which they have remove Criminally by Gross Injustice and the Obstruction of Justice.

Let me show Mister Carpenter something or nothing to him.

The Paedophile Cleric is an Evil Demon, Called the Childhood Murder. Their Power is in the Truth of Jesus as they hide behind the Scriptures. They caste Judgement to provoke Homophobic and Moral Society. Once told they are truthful and children or adults lie. They use the Evil Eye where they Twist the Blame sublimely upon the Victim. Immediately they get protected and strongest benefit of doubt, They absolve our Sins they do not Sin sinning a Lie, The church non paedophiles protect, then others, as that grows his pull gets stronger as greater scandal exists, Who wants another expose of the Church/State Corruption. Never be trusted again. They should face the Consequences of their Actions not I. Why did in the Story of Jesus did he Put back on the Ear and forbid further digression against his takers to murder? Obviously my Evidence for the World Court to Ban the Catholic Church Internationally as a Dangerous Religious Cult is Valid. Keep providing me more Ireland. The UN investigate these Refugee Persecution Status type of Thingamajigs do they not. Also they can Authorise my War. Better start without them they might tell me illegal and not one death. Thai's will not! Cultural. Cannot Speak Language but learnt political methods as for my Legal stuff the Law Society Does well obviously they do not have the Capacity to Win so Why not let me the funds to take them to court. If they decry my claims then let do it before a panel of Judges and Jury. After my Celtic challenge Witness Statement and evidence Presentation both Witness and Documented.

If there is any Honour in the Justice System and Law Society in Eire then let them Show it where they fear to tread against me in Court. While I have the Resources.

Oh just for Mr Biesty of Bangkok, Hanging naked with arms up and capsicum special brew natural really stings and pains more when you can not get to your eyes. But is also a natural magical potion. Pealing the Skin off to Nerve Level means that by Spraying it become a perpetual burn of 2-3rd degree nature but none Killing as the real burns. Possible I could alchemy for him a hell in this Life that would match his religious version in after. Also could be good on peeled penis and electric erection testing to see if it works like erection cremes. The Thai's Authorities will like me, they have not had demons and devils to deal with for years let alone snakes but only Apes but now they have Farrang Versions to practise exorcism on. Obviously Mr Biesty must be heartless and inhuman so Catholic Modernised Traditional Inquisition and Exorcisms. If he screams it is only the demon possession trying to stay in push the hot poker higher. Less incense under finger and Toe nails. You know how easy it is. Do unto others as you would have done unto yourselves.

As per below E-mail my Legal Costs to be Recover will include Legal Aid as well as A piece for each case regards Mark Actons Eur$175,000 in Advance. My Documents Attached also outline some of the Legal Issue of my Cases for the Ministers you where Solicitors. They would get an Idea of the Complexity and because I do better verbally as write. So damage means mind jump about to different areas or prosecutor damage in background. Now let me put the Irish Hydra created from the Murphy Report and Settlement Breaches to Rest. 10th of December for the Irish Government to Confirm or Deny me my Right to legal Aid so I can pursue the Initial Cases Immediately. 2.5 years is not a reasonable time since approaching Legal Profession for Legal Services. Remember that the Human Right you attribute in Criminal Defence to one Side is reversed to the Prosecution in a Civil Action. If got the Funds for Summary hearings listed in E-mail Series then could fly January for Registration and then for Hearing of Summary a while convenient after unless I can arrange Summaries for that Trip. Would Like my Son and Wife to Visit at least once if never again like me.

Ask does Mr Carpenter love his Paedophile Fathers so much he is willing to allow himself and his collogues die to save them and their Criminal Supporters from Jail? He will find how Much I Love my Children.

Yours Sincerely

Colm Daly

Celestial Shield Charity Trust Fund

Church of Conceptology

Sent: Saturday, December 04, 2010 4:39 PM
Subject: urgent Attn: Dermot Ahern Minister for Justice and Brian Cowan Taoiseach. Urgent International Matters of National Interest.

Colm Daly, Ard Ri, Counsellor to the Assembly of Eire, Sept Uí Dalaigh,

Living in Exile, PO BOX 16 Buri Ram Post Office, Buri Ram 31000

Kingdom of Thailand Phone: +66800500312

Datred 04/12/2010Ref: FinalChance001

Dear Mr Ahern and Brian Cowan

I am asking for your intervention once more and immediate acknowledge meant that this document has being received. I continually get i will get response well that has not being so. I have being and will still try trough DFA until I have no other option to takle alternative courses of Action. I am requesting the Minister Intervention to prevent the result of a 12 year Persecution the reasons outlined in this Document. I can provide further document detailing more the 12 year persecution when requested. This Document exposes a current since 1999 Cover up the Murphy report failed to expose involving a current serving Bishop who may have being acting under the orders of Archbishop O' Connell the precise thing the Murphy Tribunal was commissioned to investigate and Expose. I also expose a corrupt manipulation of due process to suppress the Laws of Eire and eliminate protection to children and adults survivors alike. These are serious issue I have being trying with great damage to report and get reports taken and also to bring my Civil Actions Outlined in this Document requesting the Ministers Authorization due to Circumstances of the Legal Aid. I will have to abandon my Children and it would not be just that my children face poverty due to others acting criminally against my Rights and State Law and the Legal Profession refusal to provide Legal Services and Resources so I can have my cases heard. An instance of this rejection is in this document.

I am requesting immediate acknowledge meant that this has being received and forwarded to the Minister and that he himself has a Printed copy in their hands to read at their leisure. I would request that since nov 2009 I have got no response the Legal aid Issue be dealt with First and detailed response to every thing else in their time. But one week would suffice from The reciept of this for a answer to the Legal Aid Authorization.

Thanking you in Advance

Colm Daly

I stand to loose my Family and my never see my Unborn Child. Is that to be the result of the Irish Roman Catholics in Authority inaction and clear now amnesty to those who have committed International Human Rights Crimes against me. It is obvious in the E-mails from Dublin by Mr Ormond and Mr Carpenter they refuse to continue the Malaysian Embassies undertaking to do so. Second time the DFA and their Consulates have broken a Legal Undertaking. I am asking you not to contribute and allow this mentally cruel situation to continue and serve your Countries best Interest. I am a Celt First and we stood to free our country from British Subjugation and I will not be subjected nor be abused in breach of their sacrifice to the freedom of our nation to the equality of Law and Justice as we are born and Die Equal. To be Treasoned against for a foreign Super Power of evil and malevolent intent. My Ard Ri Motto In God we Trust for Justice we Stand.

The Evidence the Irish State and Government Employees are putting ans still putting the Clergy and Supporters outside them now beyond the Law of the Sate and International Law.

Dear Shane,

sorry to involve you again. But having passed me to Mr Carpenter and instead of him forwarding to the Taoiseach and Minister of Justice he passed to Mr Ormand whom I had dealt with before in around July 2009. Gave Boomerang cul de sac then to. I am requesting you by pass this obstacle to my Legal Rights and Contact the Minister of Justice and forward directly to him this Document in order to avail me of my Rights. Below the indication by Mr carpenter is intermediary when the opposite is true. I am requesting Direct Contact and then that should be it. Then let see what the future holds in store for everybody so far involved.

I do not think that is too much to Ask since obviously the background proves.

I will be exposing this come hook or crook s. My way is the least painless for them in the end and least damaging. Consider the implications of the true content of the below E-mail series so far. Plus Mr Carpenter has proven me Correct if I even threaten crime the DFA can contact the Authorities and what If I carry it Out. I am willing now to face charges in Ireland if the Gardai fly out and place the Charges and also fund my Loses and Income and Self Representation, Flight, Visa, Accommodation, Expenses for Wife and Children Till Trial. I will willingly fly back once Legal Allotted and Paid for my Mitigating defence like the Priests that I committed the Acts but the Law is Wrong. But my case mitgatingly Broken to protect Irish Laws and Children from Roman Catholic Treason. This placement of argument goes to all Level of claimed Crime by my Actions in Defence to the continuation of my mental Persecution by Criminal and Civil Injustice and the Authorities obstruction to that Justice.

All I have requested is that the Minister of Justice and or the Toaiseach Authorises my Legal Aid so I can fund my Cases Self Represented. I have a number of Cases the first set are Summary Breaches that could be arranged once Landed in Ireland to register the cases relativity immediately. Of Course the Legal Aid funding would be returnable by the Loosing Parties. There are a number of Plenary Hearings of Far more Complex Nature and integration that have all had work done that also require Funding. I will have to fund others to help me in the Final preparation of the Documented Evidence. May have to hire PI etc... There are a number of Overseas witnesses to Fund both Eye and Professionals. I would require due to family commitments to hire some one to travel and register the Cases and fly myself if applicable to the hearings. Court Entry Fees... Expenses and costs for my representation and witnesses including Visa Costs. The outline of my Legal Cost Claims for legal Aid are below. The Minister of Justice will know some of the Summary Legal Points and Rule Breaches after all he is a Solicitor originally I believe so he knows how to break them like Pearse Ignore them.

In any Case I have outlined some of the Case summary types I am bringing so he can see they are authentic including one against another firm outside Pearses. Obviously a Legal; Dispute with Mark Doyle with adverse consequences as summary easy win then like it still is now.

My Case price for each Summary Breach to Court registration excluding Outsourced work is Eur$20,000 the Case work for Hearings and Representation will be Same per Case. That excludes Sundries like Paper, printing, copying etc... Also may do a Computerised presentation but could costs more but would allow full visibility of Documented evidence to Courts and Watchers and Media involved in Hearings. So first set of Cases are Against my family, solicitor and Mark Doyle of Actons whom Breached my Rights abusively and purposely in Feb 2009. The Church Awarded me Eur$25,000 for my Arbitration Costs for 2 days in 2007. this was in recognition of my Self Represented and Prepared Arbitration presentation based on my self prepared further than Solicitors Pearse Megihan & Co Civil Action. So Even though this is Court I will Discount the Legal Costs. They would be Recoverable from those Parties as would be my unclaimed surplus costs due to provision of Legal Board. I will though be requesting OF the Court an Order for the Parties to Pay for their Plenary Cases as once Summary won they are just proof of Compensation and Damages. I also have List of Cases for My Wife and Sons affected by their Contractual Breaches and Human Rights Infringements. Also Costs to be recovered and prepaid for Court Orders to access with held evidence like my Case File at Pearse Megihan and Co Solicitors, Murphy Tribunal Investigation File. Two witnesses that confirmed the mental cruelty to the Archbishop of Dublin of my Family and Solicitors Exploitation. I may need to fly to Australia etc to recover evidence for the Plenary Hearings. These are all High Court Hearings but though Complex could be Combined with great expertise by me into a single Offence to class action Defence for one hearing or set there of. I may have to apply for hearing transferred to Thailand due to the cost of flying witnesses for direct cross examination as well as translators etc as the witnesses to resultant damage and continuance live in this Country and Australia where the damage of the offences where resultant. I can near immediately produce the Summary Breaches against all Parties involved and if available immediate hearing if Legal; Aid affordable this month. Could fly for January or February. Would need no witnesses all in Eire, Pearse Megihan, Mark Acton, Jackie Byrne, Niamh Bishop Walsh and Archbishop of Dublin. Will have to get transcripts of Meeting in Sydney where he confirmed the Family and Solicitors broke the Settlement Agreement. Sadly I am going to force myself from continuing writing this or I will end up with documents like the ones attached for the Minister of Justices etc Attention. One point made continuously as well as Contention Rule and Sending settlement funds immediately to Legal Profession Public Serpents etc... Straight forward cases. Only bring my self and family.

May I state as I have Witnessed that Consulates will deliver Documents that are Paper to relative other Government Departments. Like I am doing a Trade deal and have confidential information to transfer to the Trades Minister. Big Multi Billion Deal. Go somewhere else or Diplomatic Pouch. Also When a situation of Grief and Crisis that may require the contacting of relative by other departmental and government authorities would be contacted. For Example. Have not talked to family for years. Do not have address or contact. Son seriously ill and possibly dieing. Parents never say grand Child. Refuse go somewhere else. That priest implied that his fathers death before his birth never knowing his father was what traumatised him to paedophilia and alcoholism. My two children and third unborn know their father especially this one who spoke one month after his birth and did not cry proving a miracle deception by the church. Read my complex Documents for the true teaching of the Frankincense Gold and Myrrh. Body Mind and immunity.

Is there no Humanity, Christianity or even a Good Samaritan in the Irish?

What Beast of Rome does cause dot childer's to cry?

Are there no Hero's to defeat the Devils Lies?

Where Tir Na Nog be lost to the Devils Holy See,

Not when Oisin Arises in me there defeat for Eire's History,

Below is series of Emails sent so far

Sent: Saturday, December 04, 2010 1:20 AM
Subject: RE: I will take no more blockages Last Chances. This gets to Minister of Justice and the Taoiseach or else! RSVP Confirming they will get it.

Dear Colm,

Firstly let me be absolutely clear with you, if you threaten me and/or any of my colleagues again then we will not be prepared to have any further communication with you and will report your threats to the appropriate authorities. I note that you have advised that you are at “the end of your tether” but do not accept that this can in anyway could justify your threatening messages.

If you wish to contact the Taoiseach’s Office you can do so by emailing and you can forward emails addressed to Dermot Ahern TD Minister for Justice at and they will reply to you. As advised it is not the role of this Department to act as an intermediary.

Yours sincerely

Peadar Carpenter.

From: Colm Daly main []
Sent: 03 December 2010 11:32
To: Carpenter Peadar HQ-CONSULAR
Subject: I will take no more blockages Last Chances. This gets to Minister of Justice and the Taoiseach or else! RSVP Confirming they will get it.

Dear Peadar,

I am not asking you to put me into contact with those I haver alreadyb treid to contact trough normal avenues to no avail. I approached the DFA and Shiobhan Kelly orally agrred to communicate a two way talk between me and the authorities prior requested.

Now I am asking that this E-mail be sent to the Minister of Justioce and Toaseach. If you are no9t capable of doing so then forward the decision to not do to the Minister of Foreign Affairs as he is you boss and the reasonable party for your decision. I have being trough 12 years of persecution to cover up for pedophiles' and the hierarchy that supported them. I am at the end of my tether. So please do as I ask and forward to your boss to make the decision that the Minister for Justice and the Taoiseach should not get this document. I will be asking them in court.

I stand to loose my new Family because of this. So beware! Beware! The Irish have a history of rising against Tyranny and all I see is Treason. Beware! You Colleagues live over sea and if my persecution is not ended by my rights be returned and my allowed the legal resources and I have to abandon my family. Then War! Do People have to die to protect pedophiles and their supporters in Irish Roman Catholic Cult Society. The DFA is my only direct contact to Irish Jurisdiction. So forward to Minister of Foreign affairs and ask if he considers this E-mail should not be Forwarded and direct contact made with me to forward other documents as evidence for Investigation. but most importantly if you are playing a Mental Health game then Beware! I can justify under the Human Rights Acts the Removal of Irish tyrants related to the Government and Authorities and International Catholic Church that continue my Persecution by obstructing unreasonably my access to the one party the Minister of justice for his Intervention and immediate Intervention. Put the Decision of War or Intervention in an elected representative not your Colleagues.

yours Sincerely

colm Daly

Sent: Friday, December 03, 2010 9:14 PM

Subject: FW: Attn: Peadar Carpenter: Told you are dealing with case in dublin by Shane Stephens Malaysia embassy RSVP

Dear Mr Daly,

In regard to your email below I wish to advise that this Department has absolutely no function or responsibility in regard to the criminal justice system or the Legal Aid Board and we will not be contacting them on your behalf. You must contact them (Gardaí or Legal Aid Board) directly to make complaints or to seek legal aid and neither this Department, our Embassy in Canberra or our Consulates in Sydney or Bangkok can take on this role for you. We will not engage in further correspondence with you on this matter.

If there is any consular matter that we can assist with please advise and we will assist in any way possible.

Yours sincerely

Peadar Carpenter

From: Colm Daly main []
Sent: 01 December 2010 23:02
To: Ormond David HQ-CONSULAR
Subject: Re: Attn: Peadar Carpenter: Told you are dealing with case in dublin by Shane Stephens Malaysia embassy RSVP

Dear Mr Ormand,

I dealt with you after 3 months of dealing with Siobhan Kelly who undertook was was contracted to open a two way communication with all the Authorities. The Gardai, Law Society, The Department and Minister of Justice. I spent 3 months coming to the birth of my second son destroyed trying to get her to keep that Oral Contract. As I could have dealt otherwise if she had refused to organize the contacts and Two way communications required. I had already spent over a year trying to get the Authorities mentioned involved as well as the Murphy Tribunal.

I was put trough to you in the end to be fobbed off then as well. I have Rights and I am being abused by the Authorities failing to allow me my Rights in both protection of Criminal and Civil Laws and the allowance of seeing a just penalty against those who have infringed my rights in a reasonable time and that the Damage to my Life be Limited. That is what justice calls for. Not criminal Cover ups for Pedophile and the Clerical Hierarchy that Supports them. I already intend to bring a case against Siobhan Kelly in Sydney for her Religious Discrimination, Civil Wrong and Breach of Contract which has left me in this end situation.

the role was contracted by the DFA representative in Sydney in April 2009 and I am still holding the DFA reasonable for upholding that Agreement. My initial requirement is the Authorization for Legal Aid to be accessed by myself to fund the Cases I have in Irish Jurisdiction to which I am entitled but could be refused and don not have the months to wait as will soon have to abandon my Pregnant wife and second Son.

Yours Sincerely

colm Daly

Church of Conceptology

Sent: Thursday, December 02, 2010 1:02 AM

Subject: RE: Attn: Peadar Carpenter: Told you are dealing with case in dublin by Shane Stephens Malaysia embassy RSVP

Dear Mr. Daly,

Further to the e-mail below from Mr. Peadar Carpenter, and having followed up with the Department of Justice, I wish to advise as follows.

If you wish to report a crime you should do so to An Garda Siochána. An Garda Siochána is the body authorised to carry out investigations into reports of crimes in the Irish jurisdiction. There is no role for the Department of Foreign Affairs (or its embassies) in such matters. I attach a link to their website - - this link gives full contact details for all Garda stations in Ireland.

In previous correspondence you indicated that you wished to make a complaint against a solicitor. The Department of Justice provides some guidance on complaints against solicitors at It is emphasised on this link that "The Office of the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform has no function in the investigation of complaints against solicitors". The Law Society of Ireland deals directly with such complaints and the following link explains what they can do; If you are unhappy with a decision of the Law Society you can contact in writing the Independent Adjudicator of the Law Society, 26/27 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2.

The Legal Aid Board’s website is available at and it can be contacted by e-mail at

Yours Sincerely,

David Ormond,

Consular Assistance,

Department of Foreign Affairs,

Dublin 2.

Ph. + 353 1 4082302.

From: Carpenter Peadar HQ-CONSULAR
Sent: 01 December 2010 11:54
To: Colm Daly main
Cc: Stephens Shane KUALA LUMPUR EM; #HQ-CPD CONSULAR ASSISTANCE; 'Goodfield, Trudy'
Subject: RE: Attn: Peadar Carpenter: Told you are dealing with case in dublin by Shane Stephens Malaysia embassy RSVP

Dear Mr Daly,

Thank you for your email below.

The Dept of Justice and the Legal Aid Board do not come under the remit of the Dept of Foreign Affairs. We will contact the Office of the Minister for Justice today and ask for advice as to whom you should address your request for legal aid and advise you of response as soon as it has been received.

Yours sincerely

Peadar Carpenter.

From: Colm Daly main []
Sent: 01 December 2010 07:09
To: Carpenter Peadar HQ-CONSULAR
Subject: Fw: Attn: Peadar Carpenter: Told you are dealing with case in dublin by Shane Stephens Malaysia embassy RSVP

Colm Daly, Ard Ri, Counsellor to the Assembly of Eire, Sept Uí Dalaigh,

Living in Exile, PO BOX 16 Buri Ram Post Office, Buri Ram 31000

Kingdom of Thailand Phone: +66800500312


In God we Trust! For justice we Stand!

Dated: 30/11/2010 Ref: BANGCONSUL0001

Dear Mr Carpenter,

Just trying to make a direct contact. I am requesting with Urgency due to mitigating circumstances (I will have to abandon my Wife, New Son and Unborn Child soon and Leave thailand). I have being trying to report the Crimes committed against me now for over 3 years now. The below Series of Emails- Outlines the Situation and the Cover up involving all state Authorities that has led to my Persecution.

I am requesting that the Minister of Justice expediently Authorize my access to Legal Aid so I can progress the Many cases I have in Ireland. The process is long drawn out and may not have an initial acceptance. The 3 months is too late for my Family. I also want to ensure that the decision is not prejudiced as I have experienced so far and just another delay to waste more time.

I possible Letter from the Minister of Justice or Taoiseach would Suffice as well as informing the Legal Aid Board of the Allowance. I am self Representing and that makes it far more difficult to get Legal Aid let alone I live in Thailand. I need to Fly to Ireland and Register the Cases as well as pay for the Legal Work Involved to That Stage. It would also be Convenient for me to make a Proper Complaint and Statement to the Authorities regards the Murphy Report Cover Up for Harry Moore and Monsignor John dolan. 12 years of my life destroyed for standing to protect the Children of Ireland.

Please if the Legal Aid Issue could be handled Expediently it would be much appreciated as would the Long awaited reply from the respective Ministers and their Departments regards the Attached Document outlining my Mental Persecution over the Last 12 years since reporting that Priest. Please be aware that some of the documents' contain revolutionary material.

Yours Sincerely

Colm Daly

Sent: Friday, November 19, 2010 7:32 PM

Subject: Re: Urgent Attn: HE DEclan Kelly. Trying to report crimes and current since 1999 clerical Paediophile cover-up. RSVP

Hi Stephen,

would it be possible to supply me with a direct contact E-mail Address of Mr Carpenter. It would be so much easier to deal direct would you not say. It would be easier for me to clarify things as the documents supply an overview of near 12 years Criminal and Civil Persecution internationally. Culminating in this situation that the priest has had no penalty while my life and that of my direct Family my children is being destroyed because they thought they could use the case to lower the Statute to approx 10 years to get all the dated cases off. A subversion of the Laws of Eire. My earlier communications where traumatised and very what I cal Psycologically Inner Child Syndrome.

thanking you in advance

colm Daly

Sent: Friday, November 19, 2010 4:07 PM

Subject: Urgent Attn: HE DEclan Kelly. Trying to report crimes and current since 1999 clerical Paediophile cover-up. RSVP

Mr Daly,

At present, Mr Peadar Carpenter is dealing with this case in Dublin.


Shane Stephens

From: Colm Daly main []
Sent: 19 November 2010 12:52
To: Stephens Shane KUALA LUMPUR EM
Subject: Re: Urgent Attn: HE DEclan Kelly. Trying to report crimes and current since 1999 clerical Paediophile cover-up. RSVP

Dear Stephen,

Thank you for your recognition of the Serious nature of the issues. I got the same from Shiobhan Kelly of the Sydney consulate who then in April 2009 undertook to involve the Gardai, Law Society and Minister of Justice to open a two way communication so I could try and get things moving but she took a few weeks holidays the day after and then nothing serious was her first E-mail response and months of re writing the damage and the issues while dealing with other things as well.

I hope you can furnish me the name or names of the party in dublin dealing with this.

thanking you in Advance

Colm Daly

Sent: Friday, November 19, 2010 12:37 PM

Subject: Urgent Attn: HE DEclan Kelly. Trying to report crimes and current since 1999 clerical Paediophile cover-up. RSVP

Dear Mr Daly,

Thank you for providing us with this information. Taking account of the serious nature of what you have reported, we have passed it on the consular division of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin.

Yours sincerely,

Shane Stephens

Embassy of Ireland

Kuala Lumpur

From: Colm Daly main []
Sent: Thu 11/11/2010 22:49
To: #KUALA LUMPUR EM External Mail
Subject: Urgent Attn: HE DEclan Kelly. Trying to report crimes and current since 1999 clerical Paediophile cover-up. RSVP

Dear Mr Kelly,

I am a clerical child abuse survivor from Ireland. I have since 2008 being trying to report a cover up for the pedophile that abused me as well as what has become a Religious Persecution now Lasting near 12 years. The Motifs for my persecution is outlined in the pages below. Please read. Oh upon reading this the Government should be going into Damage Limitations not further delay and ignoring and lack of response. I have a right to Expedited Court and Legal Aid funding to self represent and register the cases. I( do not have time after 3 more years of damage in my life to wait the Legal Aid Board approval for my Costs so Far and for the required hearing which is outlined below. I would recommend printing and reading this E-mail first and entirely.. I will state now I and my Children and Wife will not be the only ones with damage in our lives.

Do not mind the Ard Ri and God stuff. Celts Fight Fire with Fire. They are using Religious Prejudice and Criminal Civil Persecutory injustice against me. I no longer can use Legal Profession. My first request is that it be arranged I can use and how to access the Legal Aid I require to at least bring my Civil Actions. That could be authorized by the Minister for Justice. If I do not get to court I will have to abandon my Wife and child with her pregnant to poverty. I will not be the only one damaged in this. Their will be repercussions like International Protests while calling for what has being done to me to be done to the Irish Catholics. My Life is being destroyed and that of my children for Pedophiles' and the Clergy that Supported them.

Any way. I hope this can be Forwarded to the Minister for Justice with Priority as well as the Taoseach. I have being contacting their offices to only get that I will get a reply since the Reports release and then became evidence as shown of the extent of the Cover up and true Motif was to Lower Statute to around 10 years to get all dated cases off. The 172 in Murphy report. The rest throughout Ireland and Europe. My life is being destroyed for Pedophiles' and my children here in thailand will be vulnerable. If I do not get to court legitimately then I will have to commit a crime with mitigation and allowance under Human Rights Act against the tyrant Nation that Persecutes me with the Destruction of my Life and Children's to defy the laws of Eire while providing for the pedophile who abused and predated upon many of our children as a man of God and Jesus.

If Ireland does not intercede to put an end to this destruction and damage in my and my families life and allow me Justice and the Return of my Rights then it can only end in War! Part of the Persecution is to continually put me into court with Long haul and great detriment to my life with no legal services.

The two only this time attached document are the most detailed ones outlining the persecution and cover up. I have attached others to the Bangkok one sent earlier. Now they can say I am abusive because I shout angrily but that is not with out extreme provocation. My family destroyed everything I had planned and knowingly. I have what I coined as Inner Child syndrome as result of Abuse. That is an Angry 15 year old trapped/ I only react to their abuse of my Rights.

Yours Siuncerely

colm Daly

Church of Concepology

Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2010 5:18 PM

Subject: RE: Urgent Attn: Trudy:Could i be put in contact with the Malaysian Embassy official dealing with tihs please!

Dear Mr Daly

The Ambassador is HE Declan Kelly and the e-mail address is:


Trudy Goodfield

Administration Officer

Consulate of Ireland, Bangkok
Phone: + 66 2 677 7500
Facsimile: + 66 2 677 7501

Consulate of Ireland, Bangkok
28th Floor (High Zone), Q.House Lumpini Building
1, South Sathorn Road
Tungmahamek, Sathorn Bangkok 10120

Administration Officer

-----Original Message-----
From: Colm Daly main []
Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2010 12:40 PM
To: Consulate of Ireland
Subject: Urgent Attn: Trudy:Could i be put in contact with the Malaysian Embassy official dealing with tihs please!

Dear Trudy,

thank you for your prompt response. As usual like with the Archbishop of Dublin and then the Consulate Sydney an immediate break for those in direct contact. In Any case could I possibly have a named contact and E-mail address of the party dealing with this in Malaysia. If required he could expedited due to my circumstances. Especially the Legal Aid for Self representation. Then at least I could fly to Eire and Launch the Case and recover some of the costs so far for my Charity Trust fund.

Yours Faithfully,

Colm Daly,

Ard Ri,

Church of Conceptology,

Celestial Shield Family Charity Trust Fund.

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Comment by pauline jackson on January 14, 2011 at 20:47
yOUR NEED TO BE HEARD IS SOMETHING WE ALL HAVE FELT . but dont allow this to destroy what you have.IT takes patence. that to is something we all had to learn,
Comment by Colm Daly on January 14, 2011 at 21:34
Sadly they have already stripped me of everything. I loose my Thai children to poverty if I do not get my Rights soon. Only a few weeks to my having to abandon them. Everything I had has being destroyed over the last 3 years. I have no time Left!

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