The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

My Journey into the Lion's Den to Sean Ross Abbey Roscrea -

Michelle Mulherrin - Fine Gael TD from Taoiseach Enda Kenny's constituent wrote to me two years ago "You were once Belle of the you are cinders burning away in chaos" - What a horrible thing for a Minister in government to write to someone who was and is suffering Novartis and Doctor harm and violation in Ireland - She had already tried to entrap me to her home - why on earth would a Minister in Government want me to go to her home in Dublin - She "pretended" to help me, when I suggested a friend come with me - she declined - Her boyfriend suggested I meet them both in a café in Baggot Street - again I said I will have a friend with me - They then declined - But I know now that the electromagnetic burning continues - Dr Peter Coffey Tullamore Hospital even placed computer tips inside my body when I was under anaesthetic - On one visit back to the hospital I noticed a young doctor holding a gadget like a remote control - and point it at me - yes we have remote control abusers in Ireland - they were once called doctors....

This week I have suffered many bruising by just going around shops and outside house - I have asked the house share perp why I have so many bruises just going outside his house - At last he has admitted that he cannot do anything about it that he cannot stop it..which gives the theme for the following "I cannot do anything about it"....

I drove off yesterday evenng just after 5.00 p.m. Down a country road I slowed down to allow the beautiful pheasant cross...on my return some minutes later there the pheasant was again strutting along the side of the road - I flashed my lights at the oncoming car..who also slowed down and moved out to avoid hitting...then I knew that I was not the only prey being hunted...Further out into the depths of the Midlands I passed hunters with their rifles ready as little children ran beside them - no wonder the pheasant was avoiding going into the fields....

I did not think too much where I might go to, however, I was aware of an event this weekend in Roscrea - I drove on - with Hope Healing and Honor in my heart and on my mind for patient safety awareness month - as I passed people with the usual lewd signs, the mobbing and the stalkers...I drove on into the lovely July evening and I prayed for Ireland to be free, to be safe for women...I kept my positive thoughts for all that is good and right...I drove through Birr and then onwards to Roscrea. I asked a man in the town of directions for Sean Ross Abbey - I followed his instructions down the winding country Road - with a very dangerous turn and went through the was, of course, the wrong directions and I ended up at the Cistercian College which has St Joseph's Abbey at the end of it. Just before driving in through the gates, a strange feeling was all around - the Beautiful buildings I sense hold many dark secrets - I pulled in beside the College - betwen the College and the Abbey is a enclosed graveyard with many black iron crosses - on the other side of the College where one drives in were many small birds, running and chirping about...they were Willie Wag Tails and tiny Robins and some was a lovely sight - in Whatever grave yard was there with those dark black crosses almost meeting - there were two trees - one a weeping willow and the other tall - at this stage I thought I was in Sean Ross Abbey - then out of the College which I was just going to go into - this woman came running down the steps - I asked if this is Sean Ross Abbey and she then told me that she did not know - she told me there was no point in going into the College as it is full of foreign students and French teachers for the summer programme - She said she was there to collect one of the students - I asked about the graveyard - she said it was the graves of monks who had died from the Abbey and told me to go up there as they would help me. I thanked her - she took one of my Marion Leaflets and I told her about and she said she would look it up....

As I slowly drove past that graveyard - I sensed such darkness of loss - Despite the many little birds fluttering about at the entrance to the college - I could not see one bird fluttering on the two full trees in that graveyard or on the ground - "another hidden story of sadness" is on those grounds....

I drove to the St Joseph's Abbey - the monastery I had heard of so much - which my mother had travelled to from our Midlands country home - she would go there to pray, to buy the brown Rosary Beads the monks made and she would buy the huge brown soda breads - I took the positive thought that here I am walking the steps into the Monastery in Roscrea which my mother had frequented often -

St Joseph's Abbey Monastery in Roscrea is now a Guest House - where anyone can book and stay for some time - from the dog I heard barking up the stairs - they obviously welcome pets. In through the doors and there was whom I thought was a monk but he was a priest in cream robe with a brown over/like a long apron - he was resting his arms on the reception desk and a Sr Mary was behind the desk - so here I was - little me - the patient, the victim of Medical and Pharma corruption and power and sure here was a priest and a nun - sure could I be any safer? I spoke for a while of the harm done to me and I stated to them both that sadly many of us believed the Church's apology on all the suffering of the abducted children and women but that I know different - I told them that I know that there are very good priests and nuns and I asked for their support in the Healing Hope Honor programme for and to join me in support for the Irish Chapter - I saw a scuttle of men on the stairs in front of me - there were sounds of switches/bangs but what the hell - They took the leaflets and said they will do what they can...I told them of my mother's trips and as they scratched their faces, their chests and their hair - I faced them and told them about the Pharma/Church/State abuse of women today and told them that I know of who is involed as there are signs that they all do - the same ritual of acts are the same and I said goodbye to them reminding them of the theme First Do No Harm....

When I got to my car my brown eyes had turned green - and I knew that I had had radiation attacks again - I do not blame the Abbey Priest or Sr Mary...the words "I cannot do anything about it"...but I always say "if you cannot do anything about it, then please do not facilitate or take part in the pharma crime of torture to silence those who suffered Novartis drugs and their barbaric clinical trials" but as I had met good nuns and priests (except the two who Archbishop Martin is covering up for their crimes) over the years - and it is not the Abbey - whether it be Dunnes Stores, the boutique, Aldi or even the solicitor's office, the doctor's surgery, the post office, the walk around the house here I am still targeted with electronic weapons....This is Part I - I need to take a break - and I pray that someone or many will copy and share this and document this awful suffering story of truth and one good doctor states - that what is going on in medicine today is similar to what went on in the cover up on the clergy abuse and what will they all say in 30 years time - so please document, share and archive...for The Marion Women so abducted and tortured to death...26th July 2015....Blueball, Tullamore, Co Offaly...

Part II - of my post earlier of yesterday's trip on promoting Patient Safety - and the Irish Chapter...Please read my earlier Post I - to follow on - Before leaving St Joseph's Abbey Roscrea, I did mention to that priest and Sr Mary about the grave in Clonoghill Cemetary in Birr and of the words "Orphans of St John's School" I put it to them in my humble role of love for the lost and the quest for truth...what happened to them, why is no one asking questions on how many, what did they die from...they were only children" - I was answered by the Hmmm...Huh...and the odd scratch to the chest and head...and now I know what the term "clerical whispers" means - they just did not care...the bold me at this stage, even thouIgh I got the signs of "danger" I put it to that "priest" and Sr Mary in St Joseph's Abbey Roscrea - that I would love to feel that there is safety against the Pharma Industry - I would love to feel that I can come here and crawl into one of your rooms and be safe...I told them there there is not safety anywhere from Pharma abuse...neither of them denied that - remember my fb friends there was always safe houses for the IRA - there were safe house for many during World War II but in World War III - the silent war against the individual for pharma bait there are no safe houses...I put it to that priest and sister that you all speak now in a prayer about the Holy Catholic Church - I questioned them on that - they hummed and nodded - I told them that in my country school I was taught in Religion classes to remember that the Church is the people - the church is a building but it is the people who make the church - the same about the schools - it is the pupils who make the schools - the school is a building for the pupils - I put it to them then that God is the one who is Holy not the buildings and I told them that I do believe in the Holy Loving God and to please be part of the speak up and First Do No Harm...

I was not told where Sean Ross Abbey was. I head back into Roscrea town - I took the Road out of Roscrea to where I knew Rackett Hall was - I had spent time there over the years and had wonderful meals....but now the pharmageddon game in Ireland gives safety to no one who has suffered Pharma crime....I knew that there was a gathering of prayer for today the 26 July but that some were travelling down last night - so I thought they may tell me the correct directions...because Roscrea people had lead me this is where the story of Pharmageddon takes life....As I parked in Rackett Hall - I noted there was already a horse truck there with a girl ready to oben the horse trailer - a man from a Jeep walked over to her - I merely noticed the scene but went on my way into Rackett Hall - I knew so well. There was no one at recepton so I went on into the lounge/food hall - I got some refresments with caution and sat down at a table for one. I looked around me to think who to approach who will direct me to Sean Ross Abbey - I had already been misdirected (I know now it was on purpose as anyone else I had approached since in Roscrea Town told me "I don't know")....

Rackett Hall is a lovely Country House Hotel...but just like any shop, store, solicitor's office, doctor's surgery they all fall victim to the cover up of Corporate/Pharma harm in Ireland...I won't mention what happened there - one lady on her own also at a table in front of me....she was obviously waiting for some friends - I approached her and asked would she mind taking a Leaflet - she did...I then asked her did she know the directions to Sean Ross Abbey...and she did - she told me that it is a development facility now named St Anne's and that it was very near...I told her that there is a gathering of prayer there this weekend in memory of the Mothers and Children - The nice lady said to me that she had heard and that Philomena Lee was behind me sitting at a table with her family...that a lot of people had approached Philomena already....I told this lady that I had written a short story on Philomena and her son Anthony/Michael - the lady then encouraged me to go and say hello to her - and let her know what I had written.

I looked around and I saw the courageous lovely lady Philomena Lee - how gracious and welcoming she was - I look on her now as the Mother of Love and Forgiveness - Philomena the Mother of all Magdalenes...a fellow Irish woman who had been violated hurt and enslaved in a brutal Irish Catholic System of oppression and control. I then spoke to her daughter who took - I told her briefly that the crimes against women have not stopped - that it was not about controlling women - the Church are bounty hunters for the Pharma industry and that it is still going on....I told them about my campaign and about in their mission of Hope, Healing and Honour - and for patients who are suffering and to remember those who have died and to "First Do No Harm"....I can tell you who care to read this that Philomena Lee and many other women the Catholic Church dared to brand as The Magdalene Women are wonderful Souls out there in the world spreading their love, hope and healing to all who suffer....I am grateful for that wonderful surprise encounter....but God has given us all a wonderful path and sometimes when we fall in pain at our country's oppression there are Angels who lift us up and gently nudge us on our way - Last Saturday 25th July 2015 - Philomena Lee was that Angel for me....Teri - 26th/27th July 2015....Part III to follow - please share, copy and archive...for the truth of the Abduction of the present day of The Marion Women for Pharma bio engineering trials in Ireland Without Consent....this true story is for everyone to share - promote and help in any way you can and I stated at the top of The Marion Leaflet if you cannot help please do not facilitate or harm in any way....if only....

Part III - of my travels on Saturday 25th July 2015...As it was almost 7.00p.m. I thought to return "home" but here I was just minutes now from Sean Ross Abbey and something was drawing me there - It was only four mins drive from Rackett Hall - St Annes's - (Sean Ross Abbey) - what would I find - the first building where the bar was done across the entrance - was gloomy with the air of death and brokenness all around - where I heard no birds sing, fly or flutter - it is indeed an Irish Auschwitz where instead of gas chambers - mothers and children were enslaved - thousands of children sold on the US Markets - but all used for the Pharma industry in Ireland - those who did not survive - God love them - were beaten to death and thrown into mass graves - by women who took the vow of obedience and love for a Pharma God whilst Jesus shed Tears that became Rivers of Hope - I drove a little further to turn - but still something was edging me on - there was a long silver electric gate and a walkway in if gate locked - I parked as closs to the gate as I could and I note a grand new modern house opposite - I thought how could anyone live so close to such a holocaust of suffering - In behind the silver gates was a white pebble dashed long bungalow - I was told that St Anne's (Sean Ross Abbey) is now a care home and a development facility, for people with intellectual difficulties -

Was it into the Lion's Den I walked? The place was spotless - tarmacadum driveway and spotless door - I rang the bell - the door was opened by a woman dressed in grey/blue clothing - I asked if she was a Nun - she nodded - she asked would you like to come in and talk to someone - she had the kindest voice and face - tears came to my eyes - she touched my arm and said "child don't cry - you can talk to someone here" - I asked if Sr Margaret was there - this lovely woman said yes and closed the door - I was standing there in the hall and within seconds Sr Margaret came in and direct me into the sitting room - she pointed for me where to sit - she sat opposite - the atmosphere was so different that I had an inclination just to run out of there - but I was on a Mission of Hope, Healing and Honor for everyone who has been harmed in one way or another by Medical Malpractice - and I had the Irish Chapter of Mission in my being - I regret that I did not have a red ribbon tied around my body, arm or head - but that wil come..Please God.

I cannot fully describe in writing that meeting with Sr Margaret in that room in St Anne's (Sean Ross Abbey) - I went in faith to find the holy grace of healing for the nameless graves that were somewhere within the grounds I was on, for the murdered children and women who did not survive or escape from Sean Ross Abbey - I had written that short story of "There is no Love in Sean Ross Abbey" and I wanted to prove myself wrong - with the ceremony the next day Sunday 26th July 2015 of prayers, hope and healing as many were to gather - I needed to prove myself wrong - I spoke for a while to this non-emotive - woman - whose hair was styled and neat - on reflection I thought of the woman who answered the door to me with so much kindness, and love shining out from her face - her hair was chopped - not styled - her clothing was limp - I looked out the window and saw that same woman running along the tarmacadum driveway with the most frigtening eyes...and somewhere within my being I sense that that "Nun" who answered the door to me was a Magdalene woman - still enslaved in 2015 - whoever she is - she is a kind loving motherly woman - one you do not meet too often - although I reflect further back on a lovely retired Nun and even another back through some further years - and they too had that compassion but were filled with fear when certain people were near - it brings to mind the threats, the coercion, the criminality of one retired Garda to me in Lucan, Southwest Dublin a few years ago when he questioned me "what do you know about Nuns being raped" - I did not answer him - I had heard nothing like that - but his cruel face and voice told another part of Ireland that needs to be exposed...

I told Sr Margaret that I had read online about the gathering at Sean Ross Abbey for that weekend - she instantly asked "what have "they" written about me, what are "they" saying - I glanced out the window to my left again - and there were two silver cars/vans coming in and past the window - I thought nothing of it thinking some clients were being returned - however for the next almost hour I did not see those cars/vans leave, nor were they outside when I did eventually leave. I told Sr Margaret that the only thing I had read was good about her that a Mary Lawlor from Tullamore had stated that she had received a lovely letter from her about facilitating the gathering that weekend - I told her that I know that the women and children in ireland are products for the Pharma Industry and I am calling on her to please speak up on behalf of us all - I told her that Archbishop Martin is ignoring my letters for support and safety - I called on her to please listen and support the - Hope Healing and Honor and First do no Harm -

I told her that I would like to tie a Red Ribbon around a tree in the cemetary where so many nameless children are buried - I told her then that I would not do it that weekend as the children, mothers so abducted who are re-visiting for a ceremony need to be left to carry out their own healing in their journey to peace. I told her of the suffering I have endured at the hands of priests and doctors - I showed her scars on my foot - as I slipped off the white pop socks I had on - I had chosen them especially to wear that evening to Sean Ross Abey - I had picked up a packet of pop socks earlier in the week in Dunnes Stores and I noted one pair was white with small hearts all over them - I chose them for the spirituality of the whiteness for the murdered children in unmarked graves near me -

Then reality hit in - I felt the almost kick to my head but I sat there looking at the coldness of this Nun - well dressed and I focused on her silver cross and how she stated as she took the Marion Leaflets from me "we will pray for you - we have a light lit under the Sacred Heart and we pray for anyone and everyone who asks for our prayers" - about my foot - so marked with scars and swelling - almost two years from the operation - Sr Margaret stated "I can see nothing - and then "I don't believe that" "That's not true" - I showed her photographs - and her voice was soft then - so there is a heart in her somewhere - Please God draw it out and stop the pain - I left and had to walk down that long driveway to my car - I felt burning at my back - and I knew again I had been targeted...and set up in the Lion's Den...but so what I am just one - there are hundreds buried on those grounds that never had a voice -

Two days now I am taking chlorella - the burning away at my bones from the radiation attacks - back in the Sean Ross Abbey days it was beatings, Pharma experiments and for so many death - it was enslavement for the Pharma industry and I suffered it all in one hour visit to Sean Ross Abbey last Saturday evening....someone asked me why did I go there when they have done so much harm and I am tracked and traced everywhere - it is not just Sean Ross Abbey or St Josephs Abbey - it has been Dunnes Stores, the soliciotr's office, the doctor's surgery - it is all about Corporate Crime and Corruption and Cover up of Novartis and Amgen and Johnson and Johnson criminality in Ireland by a puppett government of shame - and indeed Enda Kenny and Co are shameful - but so are all the Nuns, Priests, Doctors and Universities in Ireland who are the Judases of the People and the bounty hunters for Pharma - bribery and I research St Anne's (previously know as Sean Ross Abbey) I hear that in April 2015 HIQA are investigating their Centre for so many wrongs to vulnerable adults in their care - and as I now write this I would say to Sr Margaret of Sean Ross Abbey that I went in good faith, openness and honesty with all my heart - I had hoped to prove myself wrong on what I wrote about "there is no love in Sean Ross Abbey" - Even though I am suffering for the last few days I have proved myself right - "There is NO LOVE in Sean Ross Abbey" there is only fear, bribery and corruption for the pharma industril still today - May God forgive you all because I cannot! FB friends, Trolls and whoever - please copy and share, archive because what I write is the explanation for the future and against the crims of the Irish Government of today and the Pharma corrupt industry...28th July 2015


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Comment by jack colleton on August 9, 2015 at 22:09

development facility?

Comment by jack colleton on August 9, 2015 at 22:11

my guess being something to do with "special needs" and drug induced of course.

Comment by jack colleton on August 9, 2015 at 22:17

so many brains smashed and bodies broken.

Comment by Teri on August 10, 2015 at 1:03

Yes Jack - so sad - so criminal and Sr Margaret dared to answer when I mentioned Mary Raftery - "never heard of her" 

Comment by jack colleton on August 10, 2015 at 1:46

Denial Is No Refuge!

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