The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Novartis/Amgen/Govt.Med.cartel Targeting of Patient

Taizered repeatedly - ever since I questioned adverse reactions to Novartis drugs RasilezAliskiren - NHS/HSE doctors/hospitals go to criminal lengths to cover up for Novartis - Novartis have made millions on Rasilez Aliskiren - known in US as Tekturna- They have been charged in 27 States in the US, in China and in Japan on kickbacks to over 200 doctors/hospitals to cover up the data on Diovan (Valsartan) and Rasilez/Tekturna.  In Ireland Novartis have had the evidence of their drug which causes many diseases such as Hyperthyroidism and gland problems literally shredded from my body under guise of foot operation and have had Dr Eoin Sheehan, Dr Dermot Hehir,Dr Ali and Dr Peter Coffey from Tullamore Hospital remove a cartilage bone from my throat - Tullamore Hospital tribe of criminals also used my body in Amgen clinical trials where acid is injected into bones to break down the bone marrow - Amgen then manufacture medicines to heal "the infections" that the acids create -

This is Novartis/Amgen corruption and crime - this is Irish doctors/HSE and NHS cover up and crime - this is the Irish Government/Catholic Church corruption and crime - Novartis are doing clinical trials on replacing part of the Aortic Arch (which their drug Aliskiren unfolds) with industrial made patches - this has also been done to me - and then the mad doctors in Tullamore Hospital also decided to use my body further under anaesthetic for the foot operation by placing bioactive glass into my spine and pelvic bones to make them twist and turn as bones turn and grow around the glass. 

Tullamore Hospital is one of four centres in the World doing such experiments of bioactive glass.  This is beyond medical torture - This is Nazism and I ask anyone and everyone to please either email/or phone Taoiseach Kenny's office and call for this to stop.  Novartis/Amgen now have me taizered/stalked/food poisoned in their attempts to have me collapse or force a stroke so that the medics in Tullamore Hospital can explore the patches, the poisons, the bioactive glass that has twisted my spine - Please speak up - so many women in Ireland are lying in Portlaoise Hospital drugged then put under anaesthetic to have their female organs including their wombs taken from them - many have committed suicide - Irish Society and Corporate businesses/GAA/ESB - all shops/eateries/supermarkets are involved in the cover up and the torture on behalf of such Pharma of corruption - all for the Profit Margins - What about women like me who have been stripped of their dignity, their freedom, their health, their human rights for such Profit Margins -

The Council of Europe and Irish MEPs as are all politicians in Ireland are complicit in such crimes against women - The evidence speaks for itself....This is the reality of my Campaign for The Marion Women - Marion Rooney was only 59 years old - drugged to dementia state then medically violated/mutilated under anaesthetic and had her female organs stolen from her body - 2013 - Irish Psychiatry stand shameful as they are involved in drugging women, labelling them - creating madness - forcing dementia for such women like Marion to be "killed off" from the woman she was for her organs -

UN Geneva July 2014 told Ireland that they have to hold the doctors who tortured the Symphysiotomy Women in equally evil clinical trials that Ireland has to hold such doctors accountable - Irish Government/Catholic Church not only ignored the warnings from Geneva - they continue to medically torture women for Novartis/Amgen and now are targeting such women with Taizers and poison - This is a cowards' war against women - how more vulnerable can women be when they are under anaesthetic and doctors violating their bodies - in every way - this is medical/pharmaceutical Rape - as many women are forced to suicide - it is genocide - Not one investigation on the mass graves all over Ireland - not one person held accountable - not one Pharma Company investigated.

I plead for anyone and everyone to please speak out or do that email or telephone call - Phone within Ireland (01) 6194021 - outside Ireland 00353 1 6194021

Thank you all - Please Share -

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