The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Novartis/ArchbishopMartin/TaoiseachKenny/Doctors Who First Admit No HHarm/Irish Genocide of Human Life...2015

My thoughts and prayers this Sunday morning are on the many (and rising) mass graves of children and women throughout Ireland and yet the pomp will go on this morning in Masses/other Church Services throughout Ireland today - the Priest will genuflect as the congregation will gather to listen to the Priests/Preachers/Jehovah Witness Preachers will use Jehovah/s words to put fear into their congregations...all will no doubt send the baskets/bags around - the Archbishop of Dublin may celebrate one of the Masses in the Pro-Cathedral - he will falsify the true meaning of Christianity and he will not give a word, a thought or a prayer for the mass graves around Ireland.  His words, His unholy talk brings shame on the Irish Catholic Church as the mass graves gather - some are silent no more.  The priests will then go on back to their safe homes - where they will wait for instructions from the Archbishop what women to stalk, haunt and get ready for the next sale to Pharma or Medical Scientists who dare to call themselves doctors -

The Archbishop returns after mass to his Palace - Yes Palace whilst many unmarked graves are still waiting to be discovered throughout Ireland - The Catholic Church/The Congress of Bishops/and the Archbishops throughout Ireland have many women waiting on deathrow to be raped/violated/organs filleted from their bodies/then left drugged until that final "push" to death is finished off by Psychiatrists/doctors - once Pharma have filled their Nazi type satanic greed - Just like the mass graves that are gathering where all of those bodies were used and tortured by Pharma mad scientists - and the babies, the children, the women were all under Clergy/Nuns care - The State is of course complicit in this as they are today in the medical torture/violation of The Marion Women.  Tullamore Doctors/Novartis/Amgen as many of you gather this morning in the unholy Mass, how many of you are the killers of the genocide of mass graves in Ireland - how many of you are the torturers of today of the Symphysiotomy Women - of The Marion Women who lay drugged/abused/tortured - How many Gardaí along with the Garda Commissioner are targeting women/poisoning them/drugging them/firing taizers at them? 

The College of Surgeons, the Medical Council, every politician in Leinster House are all complicit - Under the EU writings the Irish Church/State convince themselves that this is all for "Research" - just as Ciba-Geigy/Novartis convinced Hitler that they needed humansubjects for Research - Taoseach Kenny in handing over once healthy women to Novartis for trials of torture, abuse, medical rape and violation of their bodies where gangs of doctors, under anaesthetic flip the drugged woman physically/emotionally and mentally torture the patient - These are crimes of genocide - Four doctors cutting into one woman at one time under guise of foot operation - Dr Eoin Sheehan/Dr Dermot Hehir/Dr Peter Coffey Dr Ali - Tullamore Hospital - criminals protected by the Pharma owned Medical Council and Gardaí and Irish Army's involvement makes it genocide and exposes it is a war against women - obviously ongoing -

As the Taoiseach is with the UN on human rights - how can the UN not charge him with crimes against humanity - or is Ireland the testing ground for the EU/UN as well as for Pharma madness - The reality - the Truth is clear that Archbishop Martin and Taoiseach Enda Kenny are the Hitlers of today where the Mass is a gathering of the congregation to keep gathering innocent souls for the satanic appetite of Novartis and Those Who Admit No Harm - in the last few days I have been assaulted with DEW/Taizers - bruising coming up over my  tortured body by Novartis/Doctors/Gardaí/Mafia criminals - What a cowardly lot of Pharma sponsored criminals against one 61 year old woman - The word Mass for the congregation symbolises the word mass for those already murdered by Church/State/Pharma/Med.cartel of Shame and who lie in mass graves - the evidence of which not one politician nor even MEP will speak about - Dr Agron Hasani - Ms Loretta Callaghan - both of Novartis STOP your Genocide in Ireland.  I can only today in memory of all of those babies, children, mothers murdered by Pharma/Church/State hand those responsible for all murders before God and His Loving Angels who are preparing for the Higher Court of Justice....27th September 2015

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