The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Novartis Ireland - protected by Government, Gardai - whilst Doctors harm patients for Pharma profit

I have spoken today to my Medical Insurance - they have detailed to me what was written on the Invoice claim form from Dr Eoin Sheehan of Tullamore Hospital - they have told me that the hospital states that I had injuries to both feet - that there was a fracture to one foot whilst the other had only tissue injury - the hospital does not specify which foot had the specified injuries - but as the right foot was clearly and is documented in the medical file as the foot with the fracture and break - then the tissue damage was the left foot - that had no pain, no swelling, no bruise, no mark - why then would an Orthopaedic surgeon Mr Eoin Sheehan insert a screw and a plate into the left foot - why does he not specify which foot was which - why did he not fill in and claim for a laryngotomy - a procedure he wrote up on on the event list as being assisted by Dr Peter Coffey, Dr Ali and a Dr Dermot ---

Remember Tullamore Hospital told me I had two broken feet - yet their medical file details that I had only one foot that is the right foot -who are those surgeons who worked in Tullamore Hospital in September 2013? - why is the Department of Health, Minister Varadkar, James Reilly, Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan, Patient Safety Manager Dr Philip Crowley and Irish Medical Council covering up such criminal torture to one woman - I have been told by Medical Insurance that a Laranygotomy is done to remove a part of the throat such as a cartilage in thyroid - it is not sinister that Novartis Ireland are carrying out such medical trials on post menopausal women - Aliskiren a blood pressure drug breaks down healthy thyroids - and Novartis in their role of pharmageddon follows the patient to document for their hidden data exactly what diseases and harm Aliskiren can do - Novartis drugs are to harm and create diseases for criminal doctors to monitor and their mafia know well how to torture "the patient" by exactly the ways Edward Snowden has tried to tell everyone - the European Medicines Agency and the Irish Government are abusing women in their trafficking of human guinea pigs for Pharma....

sadly this Christmas even as we all try to get through...the doctors, Novartis and Enda Kenny's government are funding their Christmases on the torture and abuse to innocent citizens - and no doubt the Medical Insurance Company will be silenced also in the trivial pursuit of bribery and corruption.  The Medical Insurance Company also stated that I signed the form for private healthcare - and yes, they agreed that this is usually done when a patient is admitted to hospital - therefore the criminal cover up is easily done - Archbishop Martin as you dare to lead the ceremonies of Jesus's Birth this Christmas - perhaps you will take a moment to tell the Irish Nation how you and your Bishops are involved in trafficking Irish women to Pharma for profit - Your silence on medical torture and abuse to Irish women in their lives today Archbishop is criminal - Shame on the lot of you - We wait to see exactly if the Insurance Company will follow through and question Tullamore Hospital who are criminal in their wrongdoing to me...

Are you happy now Dr Michael Barry of St James's Hospital Dublin - you are the one who researched my medical records for three weeks - then prescribed Aliskiren to me - waited three weeks until my thyroid was completely broken down and then dared to ask me for a meeting - you have abused your role as Doctor - Mr Barry - you have abused your role as a spokesperson for the Department of Health - you have abused your role as a Pharmacologist - you used a dangerous drug to assault my body and cause so much harm and breakdown - instead of being arrested and brought to justice for your crime - Enda Kenny has sent in the army, the gardai and community terrorists, rapists and paedophiles to protect you, Dr Sheehan, and your criminal lot - Perhaps you can now sit your family down and tell them the truth of how you and all such criminal doctors fund your Christmases and your holiday...What a shameful Medical Council and criminal Novartis we have in this country Ireland 2014 -

Novartis on bribery and corruption charges in US, China and Japan for giving backhanders to hospitals and doctors - Novartis pushing doctors to push their drugs before clinical trials are done - Novartis found to be covering up the truth on their drugs - Novartis Ireland protected by Irish Attorney General as they fund Government, Doctors,Hospitals and Gardai - in US it is called bribery and corruption - in Ireland Enda Kenny calls it "one of our greatest industries" - the betrayal of Church & State continues in Ireland 2014...

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Comment by jack colleton on December 25, 2014 at 2:07
Comment by Teri on December 25, 2014 at 15:25

Thank you Jack, Happy Christmas to you...World War 1 - all sides in the war - had a truce for Christmas Day...and the soldiers on all sides became friends for a day...each could relax and feel life and be alive in joy in a game of football...I recall Peter Tyrell's words today - remember Peter Tyrell - I did not know him nor ever heard of but it is wonderful the beautiful true people you come to know in books or on line when one becomes a victim of an Irish government so evil who thrive on torture for profit.. Peter wrote in his book that when he was a prisoner of war in a Nazi camp what he suffered in an industrial school in Ireland was worse...Yes...the perps and Enda's army of evil are still at play today, Christmas Day...My love, and good Irish wishes for joy to all members of Shame of Ireland today and always..I have come across truthman before...he comments on Leonie Fennell...and knows the truth of the oppressive and corrupt governments in the pocket of pharma...I will read up on in again later...All members of this site...I hope you are safe, for so many of us are not...God be with all of you this day and every day...Teri

Comment by jack colleton on December 26, 2014 at 1:43
Comment by jack colleton on December 26, 2014 at 1:50
Comment by jack colleton on December 26, 2014 at 1:52

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