The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland


Dear Deputy Howlin,

I did write to you before but heard nothing back.
I note that you were the Minister who initiated the start and call for The Morris Tribunal based on an anonymous letter.
I ask you now to highlight the corruption in Gardai and Government on protecting Doctors who do crime in hospital.  How more vulnerable can a woman be but lying on an operating theatre bed under anaesthetic.
Four doctors violated me in Tullamore Hospital.
Eventually Gardai looked into the crimes. I have learnt recently that those gardai have edited my statement and sent the file to the DPP with no evidence or medical file enclosed, thereby ensuring the could only state "No Prosecution".
For your information I send here some correspondence which details some of my story of medical and garda crimes.
The DPP in turn sent their response to an old address.  A Ms Elizabeth Howlin has advised me that I can go to GSOC on the gardai involved and the roundabout of corruption intimidation etc., goes on.
It would appear that I am also a victim of the Morris Tribunal.  With respect to Judge Morris I know that he was lied to and mislead by Gardai.
For transparency I am making this application and request to you PUBLIC.
Thanking you in anticipation of you starting an investigation into the crimes against me by Gardai and the Medical Cartel on behalf of Novartis Amgen Pharma.
I confirm to you that both Simon Harris Health Minister, the HSE and Leo Varadkar as Health Minister are also covering up Novartis crimes in Ireland just as the Labour and Fine Fáil parties including all other political members in Leinster House.
Yours in Patient Safety
Teresa (Teri) Byrne
Copies of previous correspondence relating to the above.
Dear Taoiseach & all above,
Some of you above are aware of who I am and what I have suffered since 2011 at the hands of the HSE and doctors in cover up of Novartis drug Rasilez Aliskiren known as Tekturna in US. 
Many of you are aware that Novartis are doing experiments and trials on post menopausal women in Ireland and the UK.  You already have details of a thyroid bone, cartilages and glands removed from my body in Tullamore Hospital during a foot operation.  The subsequent abuse.
In 2013 Commissioner Callinan sent details to Tullamore Gardai - a sergeant there assured me that a file had been opened and there would be a full investigation. Instead I was shut up by drugged and further abused.  That sergeant was promoted and moved to a different station.
In 2015 Commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan's office assured me that a full investigation would be done. I naievely went along with the detectives who took a statement and assured me that a file was being sent to the DPP.
In 2016 the HSE stepped in again to cover up on 4 doctors in Tullamore Hospital where two names were removed from my statement and it was completely edited. This was to ensure no prosecution. The Detective from Tullamore Station was promoted and  moved. Lies and coverup continue where even with the evidence the Department of Justice and Department of Health are more loyal to Pharma vested interests than human life.
Today I write on a Medical Device known as Morcellators. I copy here below a link to a Petition that was set up by two doctors in the US who only heard and found out about the dangers of Morcellators through one of them, Dr Amy Reed suffering the harm done by Morcellators.  They brought this to the FDA and Congress. Despite her own suffering Dr Amy Reed was concerned for women in America and throughout the world.  The Morcellators progress any "hidden" cancers to Stage 4. Women have no chance of survival. Sadly, Dr Amy Reed died last Wednesday 24th May 2017. She was 44 years old. She leaves behind her devoted husband, Dr Hooman Noorchasm and their 6 children, the youngest being only 4 years old.  This Petition was not only about them it was done by them on behalf of women everywhere. Through US Representative Mike Fitzpatrick they were successful in having the FDA look into Morcellators and the results was enough to have the FDA do changes and warnings. I ask you all to please take the time to read their journey despite their own suffering.
In 2015 I learnt of the dangers and I know that these are used in hospitals throughout Ireland. I know these are being used on women in Ireland without informed consent.
In 2014 Johnson & Johnson did a worldwide recall of Morcellators. There are many other companies that do Morcellators.
In 2015 I contacted the HPRA who told me that they were told that Irish ones are safe. HPRA advised me that they follow the FDA guidelines. I reminded them of the FDA changes and warnings on Morcellators.
In 2015 I recall reading that a Cancer Surgeon in Letterkenny had several Meetings with the HSE on his frustrations at not able to keep patients safe because of vested interests in that hospital.  The HSE ignored his concerns and he resigned.  HSE released a statement around that time stating that he had retired. The Surgeon resigned because of vested interests in that hospital and lack of beds.
In 2015 IBEC made representation to a Senior Official in the Department of Health on behalf of MDI, Medical Devices Ireland.
I ask you all to please inform women of their choices in the use of Morcellators.
The rest is very detailed in Dr Noorchasm's Petition. Both he and Amy state that as doctors they had never heard of Morcellators only when one was used on Amy and if they did not know what chance has any woman. I wonder how many have died needlessly in Ireland just to keep vested interests happy?
Yours in Patient Safety,
Dear Director of Public Prosecutions,
I am upset to note that your office have sent out answers to reasons why not to prosecute to a wrong address.  The wrong address, I was told was taken off your files over a year ago.  I have since had letters in July 2016, April 2017 and 2 May 2017 from your office to my present address.
I was asked to put my address on the form your office sent to me in April 2017 and it is this address in Tullamore.  I do not accept your hurried apology that it was an error.  Your Lawyer whom I believe is the head of the Communications Section for Victims of Crime would have had that form I filled in in April 2017 which clearly had my Tullamore address which is my only address to date.  How the wrong address came to resurface after a year is questionable.  Sure if two addresses were coming up on your computer it would have only taken a phone call to check which was the right one, but your office also failed to do this.
I have been told today that a member of staff has now sent me the letter which will take a few days because of the weekend.  I asked could your office not have couriered the letter to me which I had been waiting for.  I have been told this morning that if I had said that yesterday that it could have been couriered to me today.  I have stated that I am worn out having to not only point out mistakes in unfair treatment and to have to advise your office on how to rectify same.
Your letters to victims are marked "Strictly Private and Confidential" yet your office does not ensure that such letters are sent to the named person, no address verification etc.
You are aware that Gardai edited my Statement before sending it to your office.  You know that evidence was also left out of that file.  Why is there no way for a victim of crime to access justice when Gardai coverup and when the DPP's Office further sets out to spread confidential information. All it takes is for your office to make a quick phone call to verify the address of victims.
Your office is making decisions to "Not Prosecute" even when you areinformed that evidence has been removed from files by Gardai and your office is also aware of Novartis bribery and corruption in Ireland.  Surely it should be up to your office to raise such concerns on wrongdoing by Gardai.
I confirm I do not accept your apology for such failures of not verifying addresses before you send out Confidential information to victims of crime.
For transparency and perhaps to make other victims of crime aware of the incompetence in your office on their personal private information I make this statement public. 
In such circumstances what chance do I have of your Office doing an Appeal on "No Prosecution"?
Yours faithfully,

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