The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Open Letter to Minister for Health Simon Harris on corruption in HSE & Dept of Health July 2018

Dear Minister Harris,

I believe you have not received my emails. Taoiseach Varadkar did acknowledge to me several times that as my letters to him related to Health his office had passed them to you. Yet I never heard anything back from you.

I therefore send you this now and I ask you please to look into issues.

Despite DPP advising me to continue writing to Medical Council. It is noted now that Medical Council & DOH are covering up crimes of doctors in Tullamore & Portlaoise Hospitals. Before you state that if it is a crime then go to Gardai...note that was done and Gardai edited two names of Consultants from my Statement.

Please look into this matter for me.

Thank you..
I now copy here below contents of letter already send to your email address on the 5th July 2018.

To Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission

Here are details you requested for up to date information.

To Taoiseach Leo Varadkar,

Taoiseach Whilst I understand that you have acknowledge several times to me that your office have passed all of my details and information on to Minister for Health Simon Harris for over a year now the Department of Health up to today are asking me for information and Matthew in the Department just keep saying for me to write in. Please note that Minister Harris is ignoring this very serious case as we learn of cancer spreading in Emma Mhic Mathúna's case isn't it criminal to know that HSE Tony O'Brien are purposely having women tortured injured & drugged for the sole purpose of their female organs and horrible experiments done on their bodies under anaesthetic.

You will note Taoiseach that I have Minister Harris's name on this also and you will further note that this was sent last year to PAC - I do not know how the Health Department were not alerted then to the crimes going on in the HSE - Perhaps cervical check lives could have been saved if Minister Harris had taken not only mine but others concerns re Tony O'Brien and indeed Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan seriously.

In case Minister Harris again states he did not receive any correspondence from me even via your office I would kindly ask you Taoiseach if you could ask Minister Harris's office to acknowledge direct to you and within a few days give me a full answer to the corruption cover up of criminal crimes in my case and how Gardai are involved with HSE in editing my Statement to DPP - Minister Harris Gardai & HSE are perverting the course of Justice and I believe this to be a criminal offence.

To Deputy Fleming I say that I do not understand how PAC did not fully investigate my case involving corruption and torture both in HSE & Gardai and pereverting the course to Justice.

To Irish Psychiatry I ask that this be passed on the President of College of Psychiatry Ireland, Professor Hillery.
To Dr Hillery I trust you note how the Mental Health Act is used and abused to silent women on organ gland theft in Tullamore & Portlaoise Hospitals and I would mention here the new information which I trust all above will take note of also I have been informed by the Mental Health Commission that only a qualified Psychiatrist can do an assessment on a patient in the registered hospitals of which Portlaoise Hospital is one such unit. In 2013 one evening after spending approximately an hour and a half with my solicitor I went back to bed as I had had my even drugs (which if I did not take I was told would be forcibly given to me again as they had been approximately one week beforehand - all this to cover up what Dr Eoin Sheehan had done to me. I was called from my bed by a nurse to say someone wanted to see me. When I went into the office a Maureen Gaffney introduced herself to me as my Independent Psychiatrist. It was around 10.00 p.m. or later. This had not been mentioned all day or evening and the Nurses did not know she was arriving either well at least I was not told. I asked could we make it another evening or day as I was exhausted following talking with my solicitor & the medication was I me sleepy. She snapped at me and said that she had driven down from Dublin and the meeting was going ahead..I felt very intimidated by her but recognised her from the television and radio and had never heard such a harsh tone from her before. She then accused me of going by different names. I told her that my full name was Teresa but I am also known as Teri & when I came in the ambulance to the hospital with ONE broken foot the hospital asked me to give my full name Teresa - I use my Maiden name at times and as I had just moved back to my own County of Offaly I used Keane but changed it to Keane Byrne in case it caused complications. I do not recall any of the rest of that meeting as I had to try to keep awake.

It was only when I saw what Dr Jim Daly was doing to me I check out only earlier this year with the Medical Council Register & noted that Maureen Gaffney is a Psychologist and I checked with the Mental Health Commission as what to do and they told me to advise the Medical Council which I have done in a letter.

Despite being advised by Sr Nigel Rodley in 2014 that my case needs to go before the International Criminal Courts I have not been able to secure a legal team and I therefore appeal now to Human Rights commission to support me in this.

I thank the DPP who has advised me more than once to write to the Medical Council again and to write to GSOC which I have done as the DPP can only deal with Statements sent to them by Gardai. Now what do I do when Gardai through two previous Commissioners have covered up the foregoing. ent my concerns about Commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan to GSOC two years ago and GSOC found it inadmissible yet her and Commissioner Callinan are before a Tribunal of investigation at this time - which I mentioned this to GSOC they flippantly said Judge Charleton has not made a decision yet??

I copy here for you all my submission to PAC last year which was acknowleddge. Whilst PAC did write to the Department of Health they were fobbed of with a letter without answering directly the questions raised.

2009 I was working as administrator for Court Support Services in Aras Ui Dhalaigh - a victim of crime support group who helped victims of crime through court cases. Following an emergency appendix operation over a weekend I was out f work for 5 weeks. when I returned my manager Noreen Coen (ex HSE) bullied me, lied about me to the exten t that she made it impossible for me to continue my work as administrator - a job I loved. I was liaising with gardai as well as victims of crime and dealing with very sensitive crimes and vulnerable people. I saw how gardai worked hard to bring a case to court and the whole job itself brought me great peace and I was able to let all the hurt with gardai go....I respected them and believe I worked well with them...which was mostly on the phone.

Since that case I realise I was a whistleblower and I know today for a fact that everything that has happened to me since is because of me reporting Noreen Coen. The Dept of Justice who fund that group did investigate to find out how I was the fourth administrator in four years - I had read also of two other administrators who were forced to leave after approx 6 months. The Justice Dept advised me that I had done the right thing and that there was a new Chairman and a lot of other things had come to light. I withdrew my application to the equality authority as I did not want victims of crime to be wary of seeking support from that Victim Support agency. I came to an agreement with the New Chairman and I believe there have been positive changes for all concerned. Another letting go.

However, I know that since that I have been hounded by HSE Gardai and so many things have happened to me since.

2010 - I received a call from Helen Poland counsellor at aoibhneas Coolock - where I had been attending on and off for almost ten years to deal with garda abuse and coverup of the crimes to me...during the last year I had talked about the workplace abuse - Helen asked me to come out for a meeting...I was hardly attending by then but had put my trust in Helen Poland do I agreed to a meeting. Hindsight shows everything. Helen had forms with her and asked me all personal questions...about my mother's maiden name etc. my children....Because I trusted her I gave her all informaation including my PPS number. I did ask her what was this about as she had told me no information was taken but she had also read letters and poems I had written keeping a lot of my writings. She said it is new system. That day there was a tall grey haired man standing in the reception area staring at me. I told Helen and asked who is he. She said he was her boss.

From that day my health started going down and so many things happened to me, vandalism to my house, car etc. I felt uncomfortable after the meeting and drained of so many questions that I rang Aoibhneas and asked what happens if someone wants to go to them...I did not say who I was and was told that no personal information is sought and I can even give a false name if I wanted to...I did a telephone survey of other refuges and they all told me the same - no personal information taken. Aoibhneas is a HSE refuge. I felt betrayed, humiliated and harrassed again. Helen Poland retired shortly after that. Who is she? Why all the questions? Another HSE worker bullying harrassing through unnecessary questioning or what was the plan?

2011 - My GP sent me to Dr Michael Barry of James Hospital for high blood pressure investigation

July 2011 - Dr Barry, who is a Pharmacologist and spokesperson for the Dept of Health prescribed Rasilez Aliskiren - I was told there were very few side effects but in my case nothing to worry about.
After two days my eyes were red and itchy but I thought I was getting hayfever which I suffer from.
Four days and my blood vessels were racing and my eyes swelling. I attended out of hours doctor who told me to stop taking the medicine and not to take it again.
I did not realise that my whole immune system was breaking down when I rang Dr Barry's nurse I was just fobbed off.

I went to emergency Eye and Ear Hospital a few days later and was shouted at by a doctor there. I rang the CEO and he asked me if he could get me an appointment quickly would I be happy to do that and then leave everything. I told him that yes of course - I just wanted my eyes seen to. A nurse from Eye and ear rang me then and told me that no there is no further appointment if I want to make another appointment I could but what the doctor had said to me stands.

I rang the CEO and told him...he was apologetic and as I was emotional by then an I apologised he confirmed to me that not to worry it is all part of it. I know now that Aliskiren is a medicine given to healthy people to forcibly break down their health so that doctors can then look at the diseases as they are forming.

I rang the IMB (Irish Medicine Board) at that time and told them of the reactions...I also confirmed to them that I had recently suffered reaction to Valsartan (Diovan) they told me that I needed urgent medical attention and confirmed to me that in 2009 they had written to all medical professionals to advise them to be careful about prescribing Aliskiren to patients who had already suffered angiodema from similar drugs. They told me to write to Medical Council.

Note Dr Michael Barry knew I had also suffered angiodema from valsartan and then went on to prescribe aliskiren. Eveon on that information alone he should never have prescribed Aliskiren to me. So what was his plan?

For the following three weeks I suffered forced breakdown of my thyroid, acidosis burning through my body, swellings under my heart. Every doctor and hospital I attended ignored me with the exception of the Mater who tried to doctor saw my eyeball jumping up and down and said she had never seen anthing like it before. she said I needed a scan on my eyes...that never happened. Surgeon Dr Paul O'Connell told me I had cataracts starting...I had not had those before aliskiren. He told me that if I was assessed by a Nurse three weeks before I saw the consultant that I was being used in a clinical trial...he asked me what happened when I told James's Hospital about the side effects I told him nothing...he was clearly upset and told me that that they should have been at my door to see what they could do for me...following a call to my GP he was different - he told me to go and when I reminded him that he said he was going to look after everything for me he snapped at me to go back to my GP. The Mater hospital doctors later did injure me further.

That was the pattern since...even after writing to Dr Tony Holohan.

3 weeks after the symptoms Dr Barry did offer a meeting in James's but I felt at that time I needed a consultation by then I was vomitting and very ill.

No matter what doctor I went to, private doctors urged me to go to A & E...A & E doctors prescribed medicines whereby I ended up in Tallaght hospital for five days. There further was the time when HIQA were there doings investigations. The Hiqa Nurse told me she would be meeing with me and my consultant there was Deirdre McNamara - the nurse checked with ward staff around what time would my consultant be around..the next day which was Wednesday. On the Wednesday both my consultant and the HIQA nurse did not come in. I was told that Dr McNamara had gone on holidays.

Such was the pattern whether it was a GP or a hospital team - I was continously given questionable treatment. The medication I was given by Dr McNamara's team when I was leaving the hospital - some I had never heard of - I checked with a pharmacy who told me not to take Dyflam - that it would rip my stomach apart - Dyflam to somebody who was already suffering acidosis in her stomach and by now two cysts had appeared on my liver (which were not confirmed to me by Tallaght until almost a year later. It was proven also that Dr McNamara's team had lied to me saying my liver was perfect - no problems. I was totally confused that I went to the UK to have the medicines checked out. I was told by a Consultant not to take Dyflam and to half other medications for blood pressure.

What I do know now is that Novartis the pharma company are doing clinical trials on post menopausal women and that Dr Michael Barry purposely prescribed that medication to me to break down my thyroid and then use me in such barbaric torture.

As stated every doctor by then was a pharma doctor covering up Aliskiren adverse reactions rather than helping me to have some safety in healthcare. IMB wrote to my GP with a form requesting him to list my adverse reactions. He refused to do this.

Novartis have been fined on criminal charges throughout the world on coverup of Aliskiren & Diovan side effects, data and kickbacks to hundreds of doctors and the UK and Ireland it is at criminal levels by all Agencies - and I believe the Government's Department of Health. Dr Tony Holohan Chief Medical Officer knows about this since 2011 and has stayed silent allowing further harm to come to me through the HSE. Good doctors tried to help and were contacted directly by Novartis. Dr McNamara's team kept saying to me "to see someone" I could not believe they were ignoring the swelling under my heart...acidosis burning my gall bladder and by now obvious breakdown of my thyroid..creating madness was their task now to cover up a pharma companys's dangerous drugs.
There is so much more that happened but to move on...

2013 I had done my best to stay from healthcare...from as far back as 2011 Dr James Reilly Minister for Health had written to me telling me that the CEO of HSE is responsible to ensure safe healthcare to patients.

HSE in 2011 did do an investigation but Mr Gegg Price confirmed to me that doctors in Mater Hospital had denied all harm. He left it at that. I asked for Tallaght hospital to be investigated but that did not happen into lies, wrong test results and dangerous medications.

I suffered a break to my right foot in September 2013 and was taken by ambulance to Tullamore Hospital. I prayed I would be safe and thought perhaps the accident was meant to happen and I culd trust healthcare again.

I was told that I had 2 broken feet - I knew this was not true and before the operation the next day I pleaded to have further exrays....I was a private patient. A Dr Peter Coffey asked me to sign two forms one for each foot...this has now been proven to be false so what was the other form he got me to sign. He could not stop laughing...he was like a child. He told me that under the operation he would do further xrays.

The operation went on for over 4 hours. one foot operation. I found out over a year later there had been four doctors doing my operation - two consultants and two others. I was never asked to have a local anaesthetic for a foot operation. When I came round it was a nightmare. I can give further information but will move on the main facts.

I had written to Tullamore Hospital management team who initially were very good. I asked how did I have so many other marks etc to my abdomen. 7 weeks later I asked the consultant why did I have bruising cuts etc., to my throat and pelvic area.

Dr Eoin Sheehan snapped at me was I accusing him and his team of sexual assault under anaesthetic. I told him of course not and could I have another doctor examine me as I was in a lot of pain. he refused and shouted at me that he will look after my feet but when they are done better I was never to attend his hospital again.

That day they removed the casts from my legs even though a doctor two weeks prior had told me my right leg was not healed and that it will take some right foot has never healed...the doctors had placed a pin and screw in my left foot - the foot that had no bruising no blood no swelling and no pain...I was in a wheelchair since the operation.

Xrays were taken that day - I asked for a copy...reluctantly and very arrogantly the nurse gave me a disc. Physio Department tried to get me to stand...I could not. I saw Dr Sheehan leaving that day and I asked him what is going that I don't want to be questioning anything...he told me not to worry.

When I placed the disc in my computer the next day and saw this xray I rang the hospital to ask what was the xray of and why. I got only arrogance and no one would explain. The bullying and denial again.

I wrote to the Medical Council to please find out what happened to me and what was the xray. When the surgeon Eoin Sheehan got my letter from the Medical Council he rang Gardai and told them that I had accused him of sexual assault under anaesthetic. Gardai and two doctors came to this house and asked me to see someone...I knew I had no choice...I agreed. the Sergeant Ollie Baker (I had also written November 2013 to Commissioner Callinan based on the Criminal Health Act 2012) told me that he had received also a copy of the xray and report from Commissioner's office and he was doing an investigation. Dr Haverty here told me that I should see a Dr Daly in Tullamore on Monday next. he told me he would ring me the next day which was a Friday with a time for appointment. Friday afternoon I got a call from Dr Haverty and was told things have moved on and that a car is on its way to take me to Portlaise Hospital for assessment. The minibus was already outside - I was forcibly dragged out of here in a wheelchair...then in portlaoise forced down onto a bed and injected with psychotic drugs without any assessment.

This photo of the xray has since been denied as ever taken in Tullamore Hospital.

I was kept in Portlaoise for five weeks to cover up Eoin Sheehan's lies and experiments on my body. I never heard from Sgt Baker again...he was promoted and moved from Tullamore. Why did Dr Daly psychiatrist insist I go back to Sheehan after sheehan's allegations to Gardai. Why was there no investigation and why was my name not cleared.

Why would the Medical Council not investigate these doctors even with the evidence before them

It was October to December 2014 that I received my medical files - there was a lot missing but there was evidence of a Laryngotomy. I rang Laya Healthcare who confirmed to me that a Laryngotomy is the removal of a cartilage bone from the throat. I already had the scars so this made sense. but even with the evidence no one will help.

re operation in Tullamore hospital September 2013 - continued

Even though I was treated as a public patient in every way - Dr Eoin Sheehan submitted a bill to my private healthcare company fr €796 which was made payable direcly to him...should this have been paid directly to the hospital. There were xray reports only on my right foot, leg.

From the file I received from Portlaoise Hospital there was evidence of xrays done to my throat...why? I always was told that I was only having foot xrays and always made lie down...I was never told I was having throat xrays.

I wrote to the HSE but was told again that doctors deny...which is the pattern.

In 2015 I went away for a few weeks but when I came back I decided to make another try for safety and justice through the Gardai. I wrote to the commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan. I was advised by her office that the file is being directed to Tullamore station. I was not happy with this as they had refused to look into the first file started by Sgt Ollie Baker.Councillor John Leahey had made two representations with Supt John Maloney of Tullamore Station who refused to look into the old file and why was it closed or stopped.

The Commissioner passed it back to Supt Maloney and I was informed that it was also under the supervision of Chief Suptd's office at Portlaoise.

I accepted matters at this stage and in October 2015 a Detective John Doran and another garda took a statement from me here. They told me they were doing a file for the DPP.

April 2016 Det. Doran arrived here and handed me a letter from Supt John Maloney stating that the DPP had turned down the case. I was advised that I could write to DPP for reasons. I did so only to find out the DPP stated that no decision had yet been made. When I checked back for copy statement I noted that two doctors names had been removed and that my statement had been edited. Dr Eoin Sheehan and Dr Dermot Hehir.

I tried to contact Detective John Doran but was told he was moved from Tullamore and had been promoted...the same pattern as the 2013 file. I wrote to commissioner. I would mention that all last summer I had several threats to my life...told to hang myself, that everyone wanted me dead.

I now copy here an email to DPP Police Authority which should explain what happened following that.

I also would mention that I have at all times tried to reconcile matters for safety and a solution but all I got was further lies, and wrongdoing.

The forced mental health allegations - the sexual assault accusations allegations by Sheehan - none of these have been investigated only further gaslighting and labelling of me - all to cover up Tullamore Hospital crimes and Garda editing of a file to the DPP. Note in the following information - I had also mentioned in my letter about two further assaults by two sisters...these had actually tried to force me to drink and drive...both had pretended to be helping me with Gardai etc., as they were my sisters I trusted them...both after assaulting me told me that they are being paid a lot of money to bring me down...I do not know if that is true I am only stating what they told me...I reported both of those assaults to gardai with one garda hearing the threats and another hearing one admitting she was being paid a lot of money to bring me down....both of those pulse reported instances have not been looked into. even from the following email you will note that Tony 'O'Brien CEO of HSE who is not a medical doctor had me sectioned last September 2016 where again I suffered at the hands of doctors and my health broken down more. One of these sister's husband even rang Portlaoise Hospital pretending to be my brother from America inquiring about me and asked Nurses for information on was only when the nurse told me that Paul was inquiring about me I asked could I speak to him...when I took the phone it was Brian Kelly and my sister..I dropped the phone telling the Nurse it is a hoax call. Both those sisters then tormented my daughter, her partner's mother with threats etc. The older sister was trying to convince me to stay away from my own daughter - that her and her partner are trying to kill me....yet she is the one who had me assaulted in her own home....

This is all connected...and seems to be the usual practice of Church & State to break down a woman...

Attention of Chairperson, Ms Feehily &
Attention of DPP &
Judge Mary Ellen Ring GSOC

Dear Chairperson,

I heard some of your conversation on Radio 1 this morning. Your comments regarding everyone is entitled to their good name touches me. I have written before about what happened to me with regard Gardai and Doctors in Tullamore hospital. The Surgeon Dr Eoin Sheehan alleged to Gardai that I had accused him of sexual assault under anaesthetic and I was subsequently in 2013 sectioned for that reason. In November 2013 Sergeant Baker assured me that he was going to investigate everything. He was promoted and I never heard from him. Why am I not entitled to my good name been cleared. I did not state any such thing to Dr Sheehan. Why would a psychiatrist insist that I go back to Sheehan?

You are both aware that Gardai were again looking into the doctors who harmed me and the evidence of a larnygotomy being done on me during a foot operation. I had four doctors doing just 1 foot operation?? Their names are Dr Eoin Sheehan, Dr Peter Coffey, Dr Dermot Hehir and Dr Ali (from Iraq).

I found out last summer that two doctors names had been removed from my Statement...Detective Doran was promoted and moved from Tullamore. It was HSE who told me that the file was gone to DPP - the detective told me a week later.

I was in touch with CEO Mr Tony O'Brien of HSE's Assistant during this time. I asked Mr Paul Hoey what was Mr O'Brien's role...he told me that as CEO he is held accountable. It was on this basis that I wrote to Mr O'Brien and asked him how could two doctors names be removed from my Statement and how come I have had a litany of medical harm done to me ever since I first suffered adverse reactions to Novartis blood pressure drug Rasilez Aliskiren. I spoke to Mr Hoey about a week after I emailed the CEO. I asked was my letter first he said he had not seen it..then he confirmed that he was pleased that my letter was not in any way abusive to Mr. O'Brien and that it was a good letter setting out everything clearly. I at all times tried to bring the whole matter to a conclusion but it is well known that HSE only apologise when they are publicly outed.

A week later on the 7th September 2016 I had a doctor and a nurse call here to my home. The nurse Geraldine Goode who is a mental health nurse attached to Portlaoise Hospital told me that she wanted me to go into Portlaoise hospital voluntarily. I asked her why. She said it was a letter I had written to Mr O'Brien and my perception of things. I told her that my perception are facts that two doctors' names had been removed from my Statement to Gardai. It was obvious to me to cover up the whole matter I was to be sectioned again - mostly to discredit me to the Gardai. I asked the doctor - who was a previous HSE doctor to me but I had not been to for over a year and he had not followed up on general medical care for me - and the nurse to please not to do this to me again. I asked for community support and I pleaded that I would go to see doctor at outpatients and to please..not do this to me. .Nurse Goode was very arrogant and denied any suggestion I made. (She has since stated that I refused all community support and help - more lies).

I was sectioned again - I was kept in Portlaoise Hospital and denied access to private healthcare that I had - even though the Nurses and other doctors in Portlaoise Hospital told me that I could get a transfer to St Patrick's in Dublin under my private healthcare..the psychiatrist I was under refused to give me a letter for St Patrick's and denied me access to my private healthcare. When my physical health suffered after one of his injections I again had no access to have my health treated privately. I had two doctors from the General Hospital attend me trying to get my blood pressure under control. Immediately following that injection which I did not agree to my blood pressure went higher than could be monitored with a BP monitor. I was given 300 mg of aspirin and kept on oxygen all night in a public open ward. It has not been explained to me what happened to me. I did have a Tribunal who confirmed to me that I have a right to question medication etc. It was a very distressing time for me and to know that Gardai never cleared my name on Sexual Assault allegations or investigated fully the removal of cartilage bones from my body under anaesthetic. It is beyond belief that a CEO who is not a medical doctor can pass on a letter to Mental Health services to have someone sectioned.

We all know just what the HSE and senior Gardai are capable of - here we have the HSE alleging sexual assault and no one is interested in clearing my name or seeking justice from the crimes done to me.

Before the 7th September 2016, a garda in Tullamore station heard threats to me on my voicemail - she told me that she was going to take a statement from me - she rang me a few days later and made a date and time for me to attend at Tullamore Station. I did attend and was told that she was not there. I left the station and a short time later I got a call from a sergeant Tullamore - his voice was raised and he was shouting at me that if I ever attend at Tullamore station again or even phone or email them other than just have something like passport papers signed that he will do a file on me to the DPP to have me prosecuted. I tried to tell him that I only called for a prearranged appointment with Garda Emer.

The dynamics of abuse do not change. I have been denied access to Justice since 2000 - there is a Statement signed in Harcourt Terrace on a convicted paedophile rapist named Gerry Deehan of Dundrum which was never sent to the DPP in 2004/5. Now the doctors - it would seem that the HSE and Gardai do smear campaigns to try and break people. With the evidence on my file from Tullamore Hospital it should have been enough for me to get the support I needed from Gardai. It is obvious to me that the HSE are covering up the crimes of Novartis and the Medical Cartel.

The Superintendent in Tullamore station fought for justice for one of his gardai and had a mother and father jailed for abuse allegations against that would seem that I have no rights to any justice - or to clear my name. This xray was never explained to me by Tullamore Hospital - The hospital at one stage even denied it was ever done there..Geraldine Goode threw a copy of it across my table here mocking me saying no name - where did they think I got such an xray from...Note Dr Eoin Sheehan was doing BioActive Glass trials in Tullamore Hospital from 2012

I ask that you all please help to bring about justice

This xray is of the curvature of my spine...Bioactive glass as per Dr Sheehan's explanation in National Newspapers is embedded into the bone, the bone, grows around the spine is visibly indented and has twisted..yet no medic can sit down and tell the truth of what was done to me and make a way forward for everyone.

Note Diovan is (Valsartan) & Tekturna mentioned in above link is Rasilez Aliskiren - bot side effects of those drugs are covered up in Ireland by Chief Medical Officer & Medical Cartel.

Thank you for your time..

The following is what I witnessed in Portlaoise Hospital in 2013..

Marion Rooney was 59 years old when she was asked to go into Portlaoise Hospital for a rest. She was drugged, ECT'd to dementia state over several weeks - She was then put under anaesthetic where here female organs were taken from her body and she was used in bio-engineering trials without Consent or Knowledge - she was in agony but Irish Psychiatry kept forcing her brain down - Marion Rooney and many other women are traffiked to Pharmaceutical trials of Nazism - Ireland 2013 - ongoing....Catholic Church/Irish State torture to women ongoing....T

Dear Marion,

I wonder how you are and where you are. I would like to think that you
are back at home, enjoying your lovely garden that you spoke to me
I write here Marion about the abduction of our lives...On this page I
mostly write what has happened to me as Pharma's mafia continue to
torture my body - in their attempts to force me back to Lab 101 for
Novartis monitoring of their barbaric trials which they sponsor in
Tullamore Hospital and that hospital we were both enslaved in.

I may come across as a bit of a rebel but what can I do other than speak out as long as I can against such medical and community torture sanctioned by a corrupt Government deptartment which is sponsored and run by
Novartis and their sponsored keyhole vilians.
Either way we are both abducted women in Ireland
as the world is silent on what are pharma and medical torture in
Ireland 2015. When I met you Marion in that hospital I did not tell
you that I had been dragged out of my home for asking that doctor in
Tullamore Hospital why did I have pelvic bruising and cuts to my
pelvic area - but that does not matter now. We met in that hospital
and there amongst other women we settled into compliance and
acceptance that we must have done something wrong. After all Marion we
were enslaved in a prison that has no rights. We were locked in and we
ate when we were told and queued in line to take our several times a
day drugs of silence and control.

We had no choices in our older years Marion - all our rights taken
from us - I could have gone along with the corruption that is Mental
Health - I could have taken their drugs where they confirmed to me can
cause Parkinsons Disease - they tried to convince me because I knew
what the surgeon in Tullamore Hospital had done to me that I had a
chemical imbalance - you would laugh really today Marion if you knew
that on Fair City a mother actor is telling her son actor that he has
to see a psychiatrist because he has a chemical imbalance...yes Marion
Fair City is pharmatised. You in your far away eyes and myself we know
that there is no such thing as the chemical imbalance. Marion you and
I did no wrong - our crime was to trust doctors in our own country and
they have lied to us and betrayed our lives and our bodies. You
admired my red Rosary Beads - you probably still have them around your
fingers - I pray with all my heart that you are safe but knowing what
I know now about the medical and pharma cartel of corruption and
torture to human life I write this letter to you and for you.

You were there just a few weeks before me. You told me that you drove
yourself there and hoped to get home soon. Both our birthdays had just
come and gone...We were the same age and the same month. I think now
that the list for abductions must go by our dates of birth yet we both
lived in opposite ends of the country. Imagine that Marion - we were
getting on with our post-menopausal lives and believed ourselves to be
free and blessed in life. Little did we know that we were products of
human life and sold into medical torture by Church and State...Yes
Marion we are the new Magdalenes, the new symphysiotomy women the new
female slaves of Church and State.

I have no doubt Marion that in someway you were coerced into
psychiatry - did the medical mafia ask you to "go in for a rest". You
and I did not speak about that in that place. You spoke about your
lovely husband - how he died - some years later Marion you met another
man who sadly got cancer and also spoke that you were a
lucky woman to have met two wonderful men who had loved you and
treated you so well. You told me how your husband died in the UK in
the 1980's, how he was knocked down and died. You told me about how he
had said to you, if anything were to happen to him do not leave him in
the UK but to bring him home to Ireland for burial. You kept his
wishes did all of that and moved back too so that you
could visit his grave. If only your dear husband could see what
Ireland has done to his lovely wife. You told me that you both had had
a lovely life in the UK and were very happy there. We both said almost
every day that we just want to go home.

Marion, I saw them take you down two or three times a week for ECT
that they gave you - you never questioned anything - you went along
with what they did...I wonder did the doctor ever sit down and explain
everything to you. You were such a nice gentle soul. When the nurses
called you again for the timed drugs - sometimes you told them that
you had already been down to the nurses station and had been given
that timed drug...but they would give it to you anyway and God love
you - you took that drug too. After several weeks of several ECTs you
were becoming confused...another lovely woman there would look out for
you and the three of us were friends for that time.

One night you were told to fast as you were going down early the next
morning. When you came back later that day - you got out of the bed to
go to the bathroom. As you walked past me you said you were in
terrible pain and that the pain was going right up through you. I knew
then Marion what probably happened to you...but what could I say there
were ears everywhere. It was not safe to talk. A while after that you
were even more confused and you would chat away about us all being in
a hotel and that we were your neighbours...Wouldn't it be wonderful
Marion if that was true and that we could all meet up again soon -
this time in a hotel by the sea.

God love you Marion, you became more confused and was unsure which was
your wardrobe...I opened your wardrobe door and showed you all of your
lovely clothes - your birthday presents from September were still
there and you asked me "Are they all mine". I told you yes and I
suggested some change of clothes for you to put on after your shower.
You were so childlike by then but I will never forget your eyes...the
hurt was there and I knew that you knew there was something bad
happening but you did not know how to voice it. Your body too is more
than likely full of keyhole surgery marks. How would you understand
what has happened to you. Have they forced down your brain and your
memories so bad now that they can do what they like to you. Have they
stated to your family that you suffer now from Dementia...Have they
the medical cartel of corruption placed you in a nursing home....Have
they started the process to sell your lovely home you spoke so
lovingly pay for your care. By the tme I was "released" you
had been moved to the 24 hour watch ward - at mealtimes you had almost
stopped eating completely - I could see the weight falling off
you...As I stood at the ward door that last day you turned around your
head in your bed - we waved to each other - Oh God Marion what is this
corrupt Church and State doing to women like us. 2015 Marion and a
whole Irish Society once again silent on the abduction of human life
for Pharma barbaric trials.

The pain going up through you Marion my dear enslaved friend - Have
they, the medical mafia, mutilated you too and taken your female
organs as they have done to me. Sure what can we say Marion - even now
with evidence of other procedures done to me other than that foot
operation family and friends do not understand as they believe in the
"good" doctor but just like the Magdalene women and the Symphysiotomy
women Marion we know what the medical cartel of criminals are capable
of...even with the evidence no Patient Group, no Department of Health,
no solicitor...we have been abducted from our lives Marion by the same
Church and State that grabbed women and children from their homes and
from the streets.

Reading back through this Marion I pray with all my heart that you are
sitting in your lovely home in front of a warm fire. If I had gone
along with the medical mafia Marion I could be probably be there with
you in that facility of cover up that I fear you are in. I am still
here outside but not free.I am certainly Novartis's
most hunted - The sadness of it all Marion. I know Marion that up to
June 2013 you have placed a memorial in the papers for your husband -
I could not find one for 2014 - and yet I found many up to
2013...within two months of that you were enslaved in that place.

Marion in memory of you where ever you are I now call us abducted
women for pharma mafia and Church and State abuse and torture "The
Marion Women" and in some future day, future time we will be
vindicated but my dear friend so many of us will have suffered torture
and death by then. God Bless you and we will walk through moonbeams in
time with Angels of Love and care all around us.

Your enslaved pal,

Teri - written on behalf of
"The Marion Women" who have been abducted and enslaved in Ireland for
Pharma abuse and torture in clinical trials by Irish Church and State
2013 -

How many Marion Rooneys have there been?

Yours sincerely

The Department of Health despite telling me many times to contact the CEO of the HSE are complicit in coverup of Novartis trials and Medical Cartel crimes.......

This is the end of my submission for now 14th March 2017 @ 18.00 time.

Note the above submission to the PAC has been turned down despite this highlighting the abuse and medical torture and coverup of Novartis drugs and clinical trials just as symphysiotomy trials were covered up.

This is 5th July 2018 @18.01 time

Teri (Teresa) Byrne nee Keane

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