The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Open Letter to Minister Paul Kehoe Ministry of Defence

Dear Minister Kehoe,
I believe you are setting up an Expert Group to investigate Lariam given to Irish Soldiers
I have come across the following article on Lariam and the fact that a Motion was passed in the Dáil as far back as 2010.
My concerns are about the cover up of medications and pharma abuse and control of Gardai, Hospitals and Government.
50 years of coverup on medications within the army and Government.  Why was there no investigations before this.  The Defence Forces and Health Department would be aware of many young soldiers coming home from the Congo in the 1960's having various cancers with many of them dying within a year or two.  In a small village in Co Louth there were three soldiers who died of cancer on their return home.  My own brother was on two journeys to the Congo.  On return home after his second trip whilst still working in the army suffered headaches, it was discovered he had a tumour on the brain.  He died a month short of 23 years of age.  He was the eldest in our family.  I always refer to him as "The Forgotten Soldier". 
It is sad to note that many soldiers are still suffering from adverse reactions and diseases 50 years later.  My brother had been told that there was a hospital in London who could help him but the hospital stated he was too weak to travel, yet a year or so later when he was very frail he was sent to Lourdes on a stretcher.
I hope that now there will be some positive action by Government despite the coverup of HSE & Pharma as to medications.  Please do not let any other soldiers die because of coverup of dangereous medications.  The department of health is covering up, in my case the drug Rasilez Aliskiren - a Novartis drug that is used by the HSE to  purposely break down a healthy body for the sole purpose of experiment and doing trials on the diseases that drug creates.  Dr Tony Houlihan in that Department is well aware of this.
I also spoke to you Clerk about Mr Tony O'Brien's words last week in a National Paper that the parents of the children who suffered adverse reactions to HPV Vaccines as "Emotional Terrorists".  Shame on that non medical person.  It seems to suit all to let rip such accusations yet when a patient or parent questions medications/vaccines we are told "leave it to the doctors" or as Min. Harris stated "get a medical degree first before commenting on meds.
I confirm to you that as a patient who suffered medical crime & Novartis criminal actions - knowing what a drug or doctor has purposely done to you is not a Mental Illness, it is fact with proven injuries, injecttion marks and abuse by what I can only describe as a Medical/Pharma Mafia. Covert removal of glands, carilages and organs under anaesthetic - 
women trafficked by Govt for pharma profit margins.  How more corrupt can the HSE be?
I told Clerk about Doctor David Healy who writes about medications and advises Doctors "to listen to the patients" he also advises that no one knows adverse reactions more than the patient.  Therefore Minister I would ask you to listen to those soldiers, they have the facts.  As for experts, why is an International known and respected doctor/psychiatrist barred from attending inquests where psychotic prescribed drugs are questioned by the HSE.  I also recall Dr Michael Corry now deceased who left the HSE because of its relationship with Pharmaceutical companies and he was told to "push" drugs on patients.  Dr Michael Corry refused.  There was a Junior Minister Moloney some years ago who had a meeting with Dr Corry and family members of some people who died by suicide after suffering adverse reactions from psychotropic drugs.  Minister Moloney did raise the issue in the Dáil and was told by Irish Psychiatry "to consider his position".  Such is the corruption in Psychiatry to cover up the dangerous drugs of Pharma.  I personally know how the Mental Health Act is being abused by Doctors, HSE & Gardai.  Conquer and divide and isolate.
I hope for the sake of all who have died that you will raise issues and I ask you if you could please call for Mr Tony O'Brien to retract his calling families who tell their stories of their children suffering as "Emotional Terrorists".
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
 copy letter to Taiseach follows
Dear Taoiseach Varadkar,
For 6 years Taoiseach Enda Kenny ignored corruption and harm to me by Novartis & doctors in cover up of Novartis drug Rasilez Aliskiren adverse reactions.
I remind you Taoiseach Varadkar that as Health Minister you also ignored these very worrying adverse reactions.
There is a list of doctors in Ireland in almost every hospital who cover up for Novartis.
In Greece and many other countries including the US this is known as bribery and corruption with Novartis. In Greece it has been shown to have high Gov people covering up bribery & corruption that comes all the way from Novartis Ireland and Novartis Switzerland.  It s clear that the Justice Department, Frances Fitzgerald have been complicit in this corruption and coverup.
You are all guilty of crimes against humanity even if by your silence.
I would remind you Taoiseach Varadkar that India stood up against Novartis with Novartis threatening for years to take them to Court.  India are also standing up to them for their right to buy Generic drugs. Ireland covers up Novartis & Medical cartel crimes - 
Take note of this quote it is very relevant in Ireland for women today.  It reminds me of Mr Anand Grover's words when he stated in Ireland in 2012 that he, Anand Grover, an Indian Lawyer with the UN is concerned for all women in Ireland. This was following him seeking what happened with Savita. Mr Grover in October 2012 from his Urgent-Action Team asked to know what was going on in my case, i.e. cover up by doctors and Medical Cartel including Dr Tony Holohan & Dr Michael Barry's refusal to give medical care to me whilst I suffered breakdown of my Thyroid and other injuries from Aliskiren. Dr Tony Holohan & HSE ensured then that I was a subject for Novartis to do further trials on my body. As a qualified doctor, I have no doubt that you know the exact nature of HSE & Novartis crimes in Ireland for the Pharma Industry.  Yet as a Medical Student you were concerned about Pharma vaccines given to babies and children in Mother & Baby Homes. The Irish Government refused to co-operate with Urgent-Action UN.
"We were treated like animals without minds or personality" Fenner Brockway's experience in trenches of First World War
They are the only words to the treatment of women in Portlaoise & Tullamore Hospitals and indeed for all women in Ireland seeking independence of mind and body from Government & HSE control.
I copy here for you my submission to PAC who feel they are not able to deal with it. However PAC did send a query letter to the Department of Health...who gave the usual spin of coverup.
HSE Mr Tony O'Brien further tries to cover up his lies by stating "He was mislead".  The shameful man seemingly is also mislead by abuse of the Mental Health Act.
As for the Gardai, what Garda college would have off-shore accounts, where are such funds coming from?
How many months, years will women in Ireland have to suffer further Novartis & Pharma abuse and torture for Profit & silence of "powerful men and women".
Another quote Mahatma Gandhi "Liberty & Democracy become unHoly when their hands are dyed red with innocent blood"
You will find many other correspondence in the Taoiseach's office or have they been "deleted". 
Gardai edited my Statement to the DPP to ensure no Prosecution of Dr Eoin Sheehan, Dr Ali, Dr Peter Coffey and Dr Dermot Hehir.  The DPP is aware that Statement was edited by Gardai/HSE .  Why is nothing in place for DPP to receive accurate Statements from victims of crime.  With decades of abuse ongoing from Gardai why is there not some outside monitoring of Statements to DPP.  The Gardai and DPP moved to prosecute one female doctor who gave her very ill daughter medication.  That female doctor was cleared by a Jury.  Yet that same station is covering up for four male doctors in Tullamore Hospital even with evidence that the Gardai also "hid" from the DPP.
Should your office be unable to locate a copy of my PAC submission I attach it here for you again.
I ask you to please follow Greece and India's stance against Novartis bribery & corruption and torture to patients.
At present everything the Government does is a lie as it hides the fact that the Government is not only covering up for Bankers it also covers up Pharma crime.
Yours in Hope,

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