The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Open Letter to Novartis Ireland...

Dr Agron Hasani,
Medical Director
Novartis Ireland.

Dear Dr Hasani,

I have written to you before.  With all that was going on ever since I suffered the breakdown of Aliskiren I at that time never thought for one moment that a Pharmaceutical company would go to such lengths against a patient who suffered side effects of their drugs, a woman and a citizen of Ireland to cover up the dangerous adverse reactions of your drug Rasilez Aliskiren, wasn't I a fool!  
I am now fully aware, however, that Novartis Ireland not only want to cover up the data of Aliskiren - they have proceeded to study parts of my body without my knowledge or consent under the guise of a foot operation in Tullamore Hospital via their sponsored doctors and sponsored trials.  I ask you again Dr Hasani have you reported the adverse reactions of your drug Rasilez Aiskiren known as Tekturna in the US to the IMB and the European Medicines Agency, or even to the FDA?
Your company is obviously only interested to find out how much damage Aliskiren can do to human life than the care, thought and safety of human life.
Your company is known to pay out millions in fines of bribery and corruption and as your company is now awaiting to hear how many millions you will have to pay out in over 20 States in the US, China and Japan perhaps you can declare how many millions your are paying out in Ireland to keep the data on Aliskiren hidden - how much has your company paid out to ensure my life and my body have only days, weeks and every moment of terror and torture.  Shame on you Dr Hasani - Shame on your Company of violation of human rights and the Nuremberg Code of Ethics - 
Now that you have been advised of the unfolding of Aortic Arch and so much more, why Dr Hasani have you not alerted the Irish Medicines Board or the EMA.
What surgery has been done to the base of my throat via a laryngotomy in Tullamore Hospital.
Whilst Novartis are under investigations in several other countries and many States in the US - why are you not stating publicly your treatment of an Irish woman who suffered adverse reactions to your drugs.
You stated to me before that I have not been used in a clinical trial for Aliskiren - Can you now please state if I have been used in more than one of your clinical trials in Tullamore hospital which I note that you are sponsoring.  What clinical trials are Novartis running in Ireland that include patches (industrial patches) for the Aortic Arch?  Are you also running acid type tests in Tullamore Hospital?
I do note that your company has been found to be paying kickbacks to doctors in over 200 hospitals in Japan and there are public reports that your company has covered up data on clinical trials of Aliskiren and Diovan (Valsartan) which you are aware were two of Novartis drugs that I suffered adverse reactions to.  Mr David Epstein flew to Japan to apologise to the Japanese Government for the paying of funds to over 200 hospitals and doctors...what did Mr Epstein do when he heard of the adverse reactions of Novartis Drug Aliskiren.  I think we both know the answer to that. Why is there one rule for wrongdoing by Novartis in the US, China and Japan and in Ireland what your company is willing to do to cover up the data and the evidence is at a price and suffering of human life.
I have suffered a lot because of your drugs and every doctor and hospital which I attended have not only covered up the adverse reactions of your drug but have injured me further to cover up Rasilez Aliskiren side effects or to escalate the adverse symptoms.
Novartis Ireland does seem to have so much control in Ireland with the funding of IMB, and many hospitals and doctors in Ireland - In the US, China and Japan this type of control is questionable.  You even fund patient safety groups who join in the covering up of your drugs instead of being a voice and a support for patients who suffer your drugs.  Shame on Patient Focus and shame on Irish Patients Association.
What about the patients Dr Hasani.  You told me in 2012 that you would do everything ethically and morally to help me - how come within weeks I had Dr Hays, one of your doctors, asking me to go to A & E...why did I have a garda riot van outside my home with an ambulance going up and down.  You will recall before that I had European cars around my home.  One chap from one of those cars threw cardboard at my window.  When we picked up that piece of cardboard - it had the words Le Mans - I note that Novartis have a Lab in Le Mans in France doing clinical trials on menopausal women.  Yet Dr Hays stated that he never knew that Novartis had a Lab in France - and he a Medical Director of Novartis Ireland.  Novartis literally hunts down the patient to force her back to A & E for further experiments.  This is Medical Torture.
Whilst I know that Novartis Ireland has caused me great suffering to my body and my life - I note that Novartis Ireland has no heart, has no remorse for it's actions to patients and sadly no mercy.  Novartis intend to cover up the TRUE data of their drugs and then use the patient for further investigations - with every doctor in Ireland willing to ensure that process - sure what can one woman, one patient, do against your organised gang of bounty hunters - against your millions as you sit back and note that the breakdown of a patient's life is not enough as the bounty hunters took part to destroy her home also.
I pray that Novartis Ireland will be investigated by others outside this country for it is indeed shameful, wrong and questionable why the Irish Medical Council and the Irish Department of Health are jointly covering up such involvement by a Pharma company in our hospitals and in patients' lives and healthcare.
I did plead with you many times to please bring about safety in healthcare for me as every doctor was a pharma sponsored doctor who only had Novartis's interest in covering up the data on Aliskiren in his/her mind - Instead of helping to bring about a safe and peaceful and all that is right in human rights Novartis has worked to ensure everything opposite happens to me and my life.  May God forgive the lot of you - human life is human life and the abuse of human life can only rest in God's hands and in God's Love.  The manmade gods of Novartis have to stop and unless Directors like Dr Hasani take steps for the safety of human life then it is sad to note that many women, men and children are in danger when prescribed your drugs.  If you only put the millions you are being fined throughout the world for bribery and corruption and the millions you are paying out to cover up the data of your drugs in Ireland and the UK into a policy of safety for the patient first and foremost and concentrated on producing safe safe safe drugs - then perhaps Novartis might gain a heart!
I pray to God of Love and Truth that Novartis will one day be the company it writes about in theory - however, I am aware that some International good doctors are highlighting that in the pharmageddon procedures that pharma follow the patient to death to cover up the "hidden data".  What can one woman, one patient or anyone do against such torture and such crime?  Isn't it interesting that ever since I spoke out about your drugs that anytime I go out or anywhere really I suffer stings to my legs that result in bruising like the attached...Remember Dr Hasani that medical torture is going on in Irish Hospitals today because of your drugs and your sponsored clinical trials.
In the interest of transparency I trust that Novartis Ireland understands that this correspondence will be posted publicly.

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