The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Open Letter to Pope Francis - His Holiness Pope Francis

Dear Pope Francis - His Holiness Pope Francis - 7th January 2015

I publicly call on you to hold Archbishop Martin and the Congress of Bishops in Ireland responsible for covering up and in many cases partaking in the abduction of women for medical torture - some have been literally dragged from their homes, held down on hospital beds and injected with several psychotropic drugs - their "crime" being to see through what doctors did to them under anaesthetic for minor operations. Women are being mutilated in Irish hospitals, their female organs taken from them. Repeated wrong medications, repeated keyhole surgery, repeated medical harm accounts to Medical Torture..Women again have no legal support, women have their human rights stripped from them - a murderer would have more rights...women abducted like this for the main purpose of medical abuse have no rights...they are merely the "specimen" for pharma. Psychiatrists try to convince women today that they have a mental illness - Psychiatrists then continue to monitor the breakdown of the patient's body from Pharma drugs - the monitor by xray is done secretly under guise of other xrays -

I pray Pope Francis that you will read this - that you will speak out on behalf of the hundreds of women who are being medically tortured and who are lying in psychiatric wards in Ireland for one reason and one reason alone - to be cruelly and sadistically tortured by doctors, their bones injected with acids just to see how long the acid takes to create diseases in the bones. I have presented some of the evidence of the above to Archbishop Martin who is ignoring this. I have had one priest in South West Dublin tell me that the Old Testament is being read in his local church every week - yet Archbishops House informed me that that priest must be wrong as the Church goes by the New Testament.

Pope Francis the two photos here are of some kind of shots that have been fired at my legs each time I go out to shops or just locally, initially I feel a burning - then a compressed lump appears which turns various shades of bruising within two days. This is to force my health and strength down more in order for the pharma sponsored torture to my body to continue. A lot of the jars and tins of food that I buy are tainted with bacteria, which I only realise when I start vomitting. As a human being in Ireland women are being trafficked to pharma, lied to and medically tortured. To know that the Irish army and the Irish police are involved in such torture against women is to know that women are not safe in Catholic Ireland. It is of course Church and State control and abduction of women for profit and gain. I ask you please to bring Archbishop Martin to accountability for these crimes against women. Archbishop Martin apologised again and again to victims whilst he knew that women were still in danger. The coercion into psychiatry for human subjects for torture and profit is governed by the Catholic Church and State.

Pope Francis you know already about the abduction of children to industrial schools, who were raped and abused and used in clinical trials whereby the Religious Organisations were paid by pharma, this was also the case in the Mother and Baby Homes and in the Magdalene Laundries. Also the Symphysiotomy women were used and abused in Medical Trials without their consent. I ask you please to investigate the criminality that is ongoing in Church and State today. How much is the Irish Catholic Church being paid by Pharma for abducting women for their barbaric clinical trials. Women are being asked to sign forms which the doctors state are for operations that do not happen and other procedures are then done on their bodies under anaesthetic.

Pope Francis on behalf of all of the 800 babies who died, of the many Magdalene women who were abducted by Church & State, on behalf of all of those buried in mass graves in Ireland, I ask you please to intervene and help to stop this genocide of women in Ireland. One man spoke out some months ago that when Nuns asked him to move one of the mass graves (as the Nuns had sold the property) this man stated that the skeletons had bandages and plaster of paris still on them - My God what did those so called religious do to those poor helpless souls.

God Bless you Pope Francis...I pray that you will find the right way to deal with the questionable goings on of the Irish Catholic Church...the broken hearted women who were sent to their graves need vindication as does the women being abducted today...

Teri (Teresa)

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