The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Open Letter to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar 1st November 2017

Novartis Bribery & Corruption

An open letter to Prime Minister Varadkar - Taoiseach Leo Varadkar Ireland with copy to Swiss Embassy Dublin

Dear Taoiseach,

Your office has acknowledged to me several times that you have received my letters re Medical wrongdoing done to me and the coverup of Novarts drug Rasilez Aiskiren and the clinical trials done by Novartis doctors to use such adverse reactions of Aliskiren to do covert trials on women who suffered such side effects of Aliskiren as I did.

Your office confrmed that these letters etc., were forwarded to Minister for Health Simon Harris. Despite my letters and phone calls to Mr Harris, Minister, I have not received one reply despite being assured again and again that Minister will reply.

Taoiseach as a doctor I am sure you are aware of exactly what Rasilez Aliskiren does to an at Risk patient. You would know also from the HPRA website that Aliskiren should not be prescribed aliskiren if one had already been given part of that drug family and had suffered Angiodema. You would be aware that I had suffered Angiodema swellings to my legs and throat from Diovan (Valsartan) several weeks before being prescribed Aliskiren by Professor Michael Barry who is the spokesperson for the Department of Health on Drugs. When the IMB heard what I had suffered and the neglect of my symptoms in 2011 they, the IMB who are HPRA now told me to write to the Medical Council. They also told me that they, the IMB, had written to all Medical Professionals on Aliskiren and the dangers of prescribing Aliskiren to someone who had suffered Angiodema - back since 2009 - two years prior to being prescribed to me. Mr Barry is a pharmacologist and knew I had suffered Aliskiren poisoning before prescribing me Aliskiren he had had his Reseach Nurse gather all information medically on me - this I was told by one Consultant is the method used by Consultants who are using a Patient for Clinical Trials.…/novartis-under-investigation…/a-37230558

My letters to the Taoiseach's office have been ignored for six years.

I have been told by Health Minister after Health Minister for 5 years to write to the CEO of the HSE who is responsible for all patients to have safe healthcare. Therefore, after 6 years of no safe healthcare because I suffered Aliskiren poisoning and the breakdown of my thyroid etc., I wrote to Tony O'Brien CEO of HSE. You and all the Ministers above are quite aware (I have detailed this to you before) how Mr O'Brien who is not a Medical Doctor abused and used the Mental Health Act on trying to shut me up - You know of the Medical abuse done to my body again to cover up the crimes of Novartis and Tullamore Hospital doctors who during a foot operation removed my thyroid cartilage bone plus other glands from my body - indeed I sent an xray copy of my abdomen to you all which is evidence but not one member of the FG Government - not one member of HSE has investigated these very clear scars to my body - there are many surgical scars to my throat and to the sides of my neck - Even though since 2013 I asked in Tullamore & Portlaoise Hospitals for a gynae examination - I was REFUSED - Why?

I include this email to the Swiss Embassy whereby I am asking the Swiss Government to please look into the crimes of Novartis who have their Head Office in Basel Switzerland.

Mr Tony O'Brien has done a lot to cover up Medical Cartel & Novartis crimes - HSE only admit liability on the Steps of the High Court as we know. HSE told me to get a solicitor and take them to Court for Justice or Settlement of what has been done to me - that Statement is directly from the Director General's Office.

You will note Taoiseach that I have supplied evidence of harm done to me yet Taoiseach Kenny for almost 6 years did nothing. I ask you to please have Novartis investigated and if not I ask through this email copy to the Swiss Embassy in Dublin to please have their Government investigate or is the following the reason why Novartis can get away with their crimes. Before I add the self-explanatory links I state that this Government, Medical Cartel, HSE & Novartis are in full breach of the Nuremberg Codes of Ethics. Sir Nigel Rodley of Geneva spoke out (I know he is now sadly deceased) to then Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald that Ireland has to hold doctors accountable on the Symphysiotomy women - he said that he had trouble sleeping after he read some of the suffering of those women - Frances Fitzgerald kept nodding her head whilst silent on what she had in her office here in Dublin - details and evidence of the Medical crimes done to me for Novartis covert trials. Sir Nigel wrote back to me and advised me to take my case to the International Courts - where in Ireland can any good decent solicitor be allowed to take such a case where Novartis is involved. I know there are many suffering in Ireland because of different Pharma cover up. Mr Tony O'Brien who bullied and had me further medically assaulted to cover up Novartis trials had also bullied the parents of 450 injured HPV Vaccine children in Ireland calling them "Emotional Terrorists" with our Minister of Health aggressively calling them scaremongerers. When parents are publicly bullied, scorned and labelled when they simply collectively voice their concerns Ireland is indeed a scary place to live.

Tullamore Hospital is one of FOUR centres in the world doing bioactive glass Medical Trials - why are patients not informed and why when HSE use such a patient do Medical Doctors then go and claim further expenses from that patient's private healthcare. The payent going directly to the Consultant who is under employment of HSE and Pharma. A triple salary for one Consultant - this is the evidence that the Minister for Health/Department of Health & HSE CEO Tony O'Brien should be looking into.

I have written already to you and Department of Health about Novartis fines for Criminal Charges in US, Japan, China, Turkey, Poland and now Greece and even South Korea. If Novartis' drugs and clinical trials could stand ALONE has just and reliable there would be no need for corruption and bribery in healthcare.

With respect to Switzerland and the Swiss Embassy in Dublin - it is the weaknesses of the Irish Government not only to allow such corruption in Healthcare which makes them Silently Complicit - one only has to take a glimpse at to note how many times per month Novartis and other Pharma lobby the Minister for Health and Trade Missions instead of running a clean slate for their own very questionable company.

The Prosecutor who exposed Novartis bribery that was coming directly from Novartis Offices in Switzerland was targeted and forced to resign because of blacklisting against her. What chance has an injured Novartis patient got?

Yours in the Hope for Safety in Healthcare,

Teri (Teresa) Byrne

Greek authorities are investigating the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis over allegations of bribery and price inflation. One minister has said these could involve…

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