The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

"Orphans of St John's School", Birr, Co Offaly - How many buried in one grave?


 Thank you to Minister Marcella Corcoran Kennedy TD who researched some information for me on St John's Industrial School Birr - I have started following up on the information Marcella has sent to me.
I got a call from a Sister Peggy - (I missed her last name and when I asked her for it she said "Peggy will do". She asked what was my interest etc. I spoke to her respectfully and conveyed to her my interest in Clonoghill Cemetary as it is where I have a brother buried for 50 years - I chatted to her about LSA Sisters - Little Sisters of the Assumption where I had been Secretary for a while - she knew them well and said they were great workers amongst the poor in Limerick and Dublin - then I told her about the information I had received from Marcella and that Offaly County Council have offered to contribute to a New Cross once the Sisters of Mercy give their permission - I told her that I felt it important that the girls have their names and ages written on the new cross. Sr Peggy was ringing from Naas Order??
I had been expecting a call from Tullamore or Birr but it does not matter once I get the information.
I told her I had passed that grave for nearly 50 years and had not noticed it until news was coming out on mass graves throughout Ireland. She seemed to ignore what I was saying but carried on  "we have no records of much about that "plot" I reminded her that SOM had bought 4 plots in 1876 and closed the industrial school in 1963 (information received from Marcella)
Sr Peggy said there were in total 3 deaths from St John's in 1890's - one was buried in a family plot and she is not sure about the other two - "It was the famine era you know, we had very few deaths, children die every day, have you heard about the refugee deaths - children die all the time and all we can do is pray, we pray all the time for children all over the world" - The Ryan Report mentioned St John's Industrial School etc. I have not read the Ryan Report, maybe we all should.  Sr Peggy kept mentioning the Famine era but did give me a Plot Number 417 where she said someone is buried - she is not sure how many and does not have a name. She doesn't have any ages of the children who died. It is strange that in almost 70 years of that Industrial School named St John's in Birr, Co Offaly there were "no deaths".  I told her about the toys around the cross and Sr Peggy said that she had heard of the toys but does not know who left them there.
Now we have two dead girls - one buried in The Family Plot and one in 417.  Sr Peggy went on to state that there were no further deaths in St John's Industrial School since 1890's and that there were only 3-4 in total.  I Thanked her and said my goodbyes.
I have passed this Plot No. 417 on to Offaly County Council worker who has confirmed that he will look it up for me.
The Picture here below is the grave I am talking about - not too far inside the Gates of Clonoghill Cemetary Birr Co Offaly.
Does anyone know of any girls who were injured or who suffered in St John's Industrial School, Birr, Co Offaly.
Thank you again to Minister Marcella Corcoran Kennedy TD who helped me in this search.

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Comment by Doctor Rosaleen Rogers on July 25, 2015 at 16:19

Hi Teri

I too was used as a guinea pig in trials.  Some have been given medicines that could easily have killed us  - perhaps that was the idea...If you wish to get in touch for more details blog...or request my email if interested.

I know of teenagers who died while I was locked away...never knew where they are "disposed of" to use the Irish description" Thanks Teri I can`t ever forget these young girls...Rosaleen

Comment by Teri on July 28, 2015 at 9:34

Rosaleen - I can see from my email inbox that you have emailed me - and yet I cannot access it "loading" keeps coming up and is stuck at that for days - Ireland is not free - Ireland Gerrry Adams and all of Leinster House are still enslaving women one by one or in Mental Insitutions like the case of Marion Rooney from Durrow Co Laois - try my facebook page - Teri B Keane - it is the only access I have at the moment to the outside world - my last email and response was to Eoin O'Murchu of Caomhin O'Caolain deputy for Sinn Féin on Health - am blocked since on gmail - for all of your information Sean Ross Abbey now know as St Anne's a care facility for the intellectually challenged people is from April 2015 under investigation from HIQA...and Sr Margaret had a lovely welcome in Rackett Hall recently with a presentation of a cheuqe from Roscrea Golf Club for a new Hall...Shame on Ireland and on Roscrea - where was there "cheque" to investigate the hundreds of nameless graves in the grounds of Sean Ross Abbey...

Comment by jack colleton on July 28, 2015 at 14:25

I too was used as a guinea pig in trials

Comment by Teri on July 28, 2015 at 14:48

I have had a further letter from the Medical Council and I tried to open it when email went down and cannot get back - the crimes of Ireland are ongoing - there is a new organisation set up by Church and State from ealrier this year - It has taken over from the Forums that were running throughout the County Council areas - it is connected to all County Councils, volunatry organisations and communities - It is headed up by a Fr Sean Healy (who has a brother working in the HSE) and a Sister Reynolds - their role is to encourage parishes and communities to seek out anyone who may be a loner and who keeps to themselves - to report them as they the citizen keeping to him/herself may need medication and may have a mental illness - I have learnt from my own personal experience, suffering and research that the Pharma Industry in Ireland is on the basis of supply and demand - for decades the Industrial schools, mother and baby homes, and launderies were the source of that supply and demand as so many of you know and suffered.  With the end and exposure of all of that the Catholic Church changed many facilities such as Sean Ross Abbey in Roscrea into a European funded care facility for the mentally challenged - In April 2015 St Anne's (was Sean Ross Abbey) has been found by HIQA (Health Investigation Quality Authority) to have breached all health, safety and have been cruel to the residents - vulnerable people again - the supply and demand Ireland/Pharma Industry has not changed - and Fr Sean Healy who is ordering priests and communities to track and stalk and snoop on individuals - shame on him - this is what Hitler did - but he did it openly the crimes today by the Nazi Catholic Church is well hidden behind the Cloak of Silence - I believe that many priests have refused to be involved in this - just like the holistic doctors in California "suddenly" dying - in the last week so many priests have died - what can any one of us do....if you are out of Ireland stay out for your safety - I have made some attempts to leave and so much has happened to me since - Thank you to this wonderful site set up by Rob Northall to allow many of us tell our stories...Thank you Rob - just like Anthony Lee/Michael Hess who has the words "A man of two Nations" written on his headstone - I do believe that Rob Northall is a man with a Heart for Two Nations...please read my FB page - Teri B Keane - 

Comment by jack colleton on July 28, 2015 at 15:30

The Established Irish Political Partys Are Guilty As Charged And Need To Disappear (Break Up) Forever Now,.

Comment by jack colleton on July 28, 2015 at 15:32

Much Disability In Ireland Is Drug Damage Which The Established Irish Political Partys Administered.

Comment by jack colleton on July 28, 2015 at 15:35

Excellent Post Teri!

Comment by Teri on July 28, 2015 at 21:49

It is as it is and we mush never stop reminding "the Establishment" - I showed Sr Margaret bruising on my side and my knee - she confirmed the bruising to my knee and said she could see no bruising on my side - I looked when I got home in the mirrior and there were two definite bruises on my side and one purple would like a needle mark - the weapons of modern day electronic warfare to torture - Thank you Jack for doing so much to "remind" us all - Eli Weisel - a survivor from Auschwitz states "Be a Witness to a Witness" The bruising on my knee has 5 purple spots together - like the five dots on a dice except purple - the corwards' army/mafia against women - what a disgrace for Ireland again - the supply and demand for Pharma is ongoing in Ireland...

Comment by jack colleton on July 28, 2015 at 23:07

The "Establishment"  Appear To Be A Cult Of Crooks Allowed To  thrive  By Sleepers. Like The Church Politics Is Another Place To Sin And Attempt To Hide From Justice. I Have Long Looked Around Me In Ireland And Observed The Shocking Amount Of People Who Are Disabled In One Way Or Another And In No Doubt Drug Related ( Reference To Pharma). 

Comment by jack colleton on July 28, 2015 at 23:10

Hey Teri. Invisible Bruising Can Be Harder To Explain!

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