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The Shame of Ireland

"Orphans of St John's School", Birr, Co Offaly - How many buried in one grave?


 Thank you to Minister Marcella Corcoran Kennedy TD who researched some information for me on St John's Industrial School Birr - I have started following up on the information Marcella has sent to me.
I got a call from a Sister Peggy - (I missed her last name and when I asked her for it she said "Peggy will do". She asked what was my interest etc. I spoke to her respectfully and conveyed to her my interest in Clonoghill Cemetary as it is where I have a brother buried for 50 years - I chatted to her about LSA Sisters - Little Sisters of the Assumption where I had been Secretary for a while - she knew them well and said they were great workers amongst the poor in Limerick and Dublin - then I told her about the information I had received from Marcella and that Offaly County Council have offered to contribute to a New Cross once the Sisters of Mercy give their permission - I told her that I felt it important that the girls have their names and ages written on the new cross. Sr Peggy was ringing from Naas Order??
I had been expecting a call from Tullamore or Birr but it does not matter once I get the information.
I told her I had passed that grave for nearly 50 years and had not noticed it until news was coming out on mass graves throughout Ireland. She seemed to ignore what I was saying but carried on  "we have no records of much about that "plot" I reminded her that SOM had bought 4 plots in 1876 and closed the industrial school in 1963 (information received from Marcella)
Sr Peggy said there were in total 3 deaths from St John's in 1890's - one was buried in a family plot and she is not sure about the other two - "It was the famine era you know, we had very few deaths, children die every day, have you heard about the refugee deaths - children die all the time and all we can do is pray, we pray all the time for children all over the world" - The Ryan Report mentioned St John's Industrial School etc. I have not read the Ryan Report, maybe we all should.  Sr Peggy kept mentioning the Famine era but did give me a Plot Number 417 where she said someone is buried - she is not sure how many and does not have a name. She doesn't have any ages of the children who died. It is strange that in almost 70 years of that Industrial School named St John's in Birr, Co Offaly there were "no deaths".  I told her about the toys around the cross and Sr Peggy said that she had heard of the toys but does not know who left them there.
Now we have two dead girls - one buried in The Family Plot and one in 417.  Sr Peggy went on to state that there were no further deaths in St John's Industrial School since 1890's and that there were only 3-4 in total.  I Thanked her and said my goodbyes.
I have passed this Plot No. 417 on to Offaly County Council worker who has confirmed that he will look it up for me.
The Picture here below is the grave I am talking about - not too far inside the Gates of Clonoghill Cemetary Birr Co Offaly.
Does anyone know of any girls who were injured or who suffered in St John's Industrial School, Birr, Co Offaly.
Thank you again to Minister Marcella Corcoran Kennedy TD who helped me in this search.

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Comment by Teri on July 29, 2015 at 0:12

I know that Jack - God love you all who suffered as children - I and the Marion Women suffer as adults but with pharma's new weaponry there is no where to run - but God is good - I do think there are good priests and they are speaking out - one was on radio 1 two weeks ago - a priest from St Matthews in Ballyfermot and he stated that the Catholic Church cannot move on until they face up to what they have done in the past - But we all know "they" haven't stopped and they are still bounty hunters for pharma - I visited Kildare, Birr and around Tullamore in the last month - Three priests around Tullamore, one in Birr and one in Kildare....all the last week or two..the Catholic/State establishment will do what it always did - kill off the ones who want change....TD Shane McEntee...Veronica Guerin - Mary Raftery - Dr Michael Corry - Dr Áine Tubridy - Kate Fitzgerald - Through Facebook I got a phonecall from a Fiona Walsh who "pretended" to be suffering Garda/Medical harm like me - she warned me later when I refused to meet with her to remember to STOP talking and to remember Dr Michael Corry, Áine Tubridy, Kate Fitzgerald and Mary Raftery and to remember that they are all dead and that the Gardai will get me....but Thank God I have never bowed to their crimes of what is going on at the moment in Blueball, Tullamore, Co Offaly - at times in suffering I prayed for reconciliation back into the life I had - but how could anyone accept reconciliation into this Irish/Pharma/Church abuse, medical torture of human life...I told tha Sr Margaret in Sean Ross Abbey last Saturday (now called St Anne's) to please help stop the torture to the Marion Women - I told her that I do not want to die...I want so much to live....when I say I do not want to die I am saying to that woman so high in the Sisters of Charity - to please help stop the targeting of me to cover up the Pharma/Church/State crimes against me - I know now she is complicit in the further targeting of me since...and even as I walked away from that place - my sister has said to me why on earth did you go to that evil place - why indeed?

Comment by jack colleton on July 29, 2015 at 0:38

Of Course You Do Teri!   So Much Is Invisible Or Might As Well Be!  No Justice  ... No Peace  ..  Everybody Else In Ireland Needs To Know The Meaning!  

Comment by jack colleton on July 29, 2015 at 0:48

I Suggest To Believe More So In One's Own Power Instead Of Any Power Outside Self. In Any Case The Opposition Is Powerful.

Comment by jack colleton on December 8, 2015 at 2:32

As I See It Andrew ....  Church And State Child Abuse (Physical, Sexual, Medical, Mental And Emotional)  And All The Resultant Horror Effects Including No Less The Ongoing Experience Of Injustice ...  No Closure ... No Peace

Comment by jack colleton on December 8, 2015 at 2:36

Really?  News To Me!

Comment by jack colleton on December 8, 2015 at 2:37

Which Changes Andrew?

Comment by jack colleton on December 8, 2015 at 20:33

And How Would That Relate To Changes Here On The Shame Of Ireland Site?

Comment by jack colleton on December 10, 2015 at 0:52

Ah.  Ok .. No Peace Without Justice. 

Comment by jack colleton on December 11, 2015 at 1:12

I See He Agrees With Me. Children Of Soldiers Punished? 

Comment by jack colleton on December 11, 2015 at 12:54

I Can Relate Likewise  ... Anglican / Unionist. 

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