The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Hi Friends

Like you I too am a survivor of sexual abuse while in the care of the state. Today I have been left disabled with many medical problems from an abusive childhood back in Ireland. Many of us have been left with nothing but disability benefits from the abuse we suffered in Ireland. I myself have had to go on disability benefit because I had no medical coverage here in America. I live on less than five hundred dollars per month which does not cover my bills. I received no education as a child growing up in Tullamore. We do not deserve this. We have been left disabled because of the Irish governments failure to protect the child's right to safety. Every Irish survivor of these schools should be receiving some form of pension so as at least they can put food on their tables. They are the ones who left us disabled and they should be covering our disability. I think if enough of us contact all TDs in Ireland and tell them that we all deserve pensions if we have been left disabled . Like I said if it was only enough to cover your food shopping every week it would be something. Today when this crossed my mind I decided to start off my emails. I sent my first email to Finian Mc Grath (IND)  . Please follow suit and send him an email and ask him to bring it up on the Dail floor. If enough of us write emails we can get support from a few TDs who have spoken out for survivors in the past. You can email Finian at        Please let us know what kind of response you get back from him.

                                                                                                Thank you      Ken Doyle

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Comment by Ken Doyle on July 28, 2017 at 21:51

Hi Graham just seen your message. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Graham we have been battered to where many of us have been left disabled with PTSD and body injuries which the Redress board failed to look into.  The Redress board was nothing but a cover up. The most a victim could receive is just over three hundred thousand euros. They duped us out of justice because I am about to undergo another spine surgery because of those stupid bastards that allowed me to be abused in the first place. The Midland Health Board. My life has been totally destroyed from 16 years of abuse in Ireland. I am going to be 53 in a few weeks and because of the body damage through malnutrition and beatings my life has been turned upside down. WE were not compensated for our damages. What we received was a token for what they owe us. I am survin=ving on $478 a month no other help just that bit of money. They destroyed my life as a child in Ireland and many others. It made my stomach sick to see that SCUT Kenny walk away with almost a half million Euros while people like you and I look for pennys on the ground to survive. I live in the States and there is no help here. I am diabetic and am suppose to eat at least four times a day. Some days I do not eat because I cannot afford it. I am a lucky man I live in America because if I were to live in Ireland I would be doing a life sentence in revenge for what they done to me in that horrible child abuse country they call Ireland. They should be paying us a pension for their failures to protect us. They are the ones sitting in their ivory towers laughing at us. They treated us as sheep with their so called Redress board. They are dirty rotten parasites the lot of them.

Comment by Ken Doyle on July 28, 2017 at 22:21

Jack I have contacted all the so called CHARITIES in Ireland and I am faced with the old bullshit WE CANNOT help you because you live outside Ireland. Well I did check that out and found that they were right. They cannot help a victim of Irish child abuse if they are outside of Ireland. Guess who dont that the HSE. The same bastards that allowed my mother torture my brother and myself. Yes they allowed it to go on for sixteen long years and even made a catalogue of our abuse but never once stepped in to stop it. Our social workers were fucking nuns. Instead of getting help they use to get my brother and I to say prayers. Thats the help we got even though I was in hospital many times suffering from malnutrition. and broken bones. Even the IDIOT drunk Garda of Tullamore knew of our abuse but done nothing to stop it. Says a lot for the GUARDIANS Of The Peace. I had no peace for the first sixteen years of my life.What I love is the name chages the Irish government do when they get caught for child neglect. They changed from The Health Boards to the HSE. and now that their name is destroyed with failure after failure they then change it to another name . From what I see in Ireland. They entire government needs to be removed from office. I don't mean just retire the lot of them. I think they should be removed by force and kicked through the streets of Ireland both FF/ FG those same bastards were in power when our childrens rights to safety, nutrition,medical services were PISSED UPON.TDs like Charlie Flannigan are Irelands SCUM. His father was the same. You have a police service call the Guardians of the peace yet they cover up chaid abuse case after case to protect the HSE and the Irish government from law suits. Saint Patrick was suppose to run the snakes out. Well he forgot the Dail. They are Irelands parasites.

Comment by pauline jackson on November 5, 2017 at 16:23

I have a very small pension of 300euros because i have worked without papers. I live abroad and have stayed hidden most of my life as i obsconded from goldenbridge.Getting by is differcult.

Comment by jack colleton on November 5, 2017 at 18:32

Hello Ken!  Just Saw Your Message (Reply) To Me Here Now!  I Have No Idea If I Replied To You Elsewhere On This Site As Sometimes Happens?! 

Too Many A "Charity"  Appears To Be In Reality A Cover For Something Else Altogether!  Ad Yes Endless Excuses Are Created Not To Be Of Any Help At All!  But They Manage To Gather Information!  You Tell Them Who You Are (Send Them ID) And Under Duress Tell Them Your Story Only For Them To Like Psychopaths Come Up Some Reason Or Another To Deny You!  Name Changes Is Standard Practice To Cover Up Child Abuse And Protect The Abusers (State And Church).  The Who Funds Who Is A Clue. Reference Church And Political Parties Etc.

Comment by jack colleton on November 5, 2017 at 18:35

It Is We Who Should Be Thriving  Instead Of Just Surviving ...  But We Are Witnesses To A Crime.

Comment by Margaret Treanor Quinn on November 12, 2017 at 9:52
I find this site hard to follow I am useless on computers . Fair play to you all for pushing so hard I would like to help in some way but no good at talking.
Comment by pauline jackson on November 12, 2017 at 17:31

Hello Margaret. Dont worry you will soon get the hang of it. Most of us are beginners.

Comment by jack colleton on November 12, 2017 at 18:36

Hello Margaret!  Just Reading Messages Can Be Something!

Comment by jack colleton on November 12, 2017 at 18:38

I Thought I Would Never Get To Understand How Site Works But Like Everything Else Takes Time! 

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