The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Pharmageddon..abductions of women for Pharma Trials - 2015 - Sadly Nothing Has Changed..Church and State profiting from human subjects... the pharmageddon trail increases, it is truly frightening what Pharma with Government, Church and Police involvement are capable of doing to patients who suffer their drugs, their surgeries etc. I have written to Senator Grassley in Ohio - outlining to him the patient harm story of what happens when a patient in Ireland suffers because of the adverse reactions of Novartis Drugs and their clinical trials here. How a whole Society follows the patient from morning to night to entrap him/her back to the Pharma Lab for further medical torture...and as many of you know it is is medical torture. Many of us run around like headless chickens crying our woes and praying and hoping that someone in our Government in Patient Safety agencies in Medical Councils will help and stop the medical abuse against us...but as per the book Pharmageddon...Pharma follow the patient to death.

The theme with Pharma and doctors is to use their "cowards who sneak in sheep's clothing" to stalk, harm and in many cases "force" the patient to suicide - I write this as the news came in over the weekend of Marion Power - a woman who was a patient in St Edmundsbery Psychiatric Hospital in Lucan - Lucan was where I lived for 20 years and where I was "picked" for pharma trials without my knowledge or consent...I thought I was just seeing a Consultant in St James's Hospital Dublin for high blood pressure...I know that many post menopausal women are being picked for clinical trials in Ireland - many of those women have been coerced into psychiatry for no other reason but for their female parts to be used and stolen in the most barbaric of abuse that stains the Nuremberg Code with innocent blood.

From reading Dr David Healy's blog and his book pharmageddon I know that this is happening across Nations, Continents etc. and my heart bleeds tonight at the whole tragedy of it all. For my sanity and for thanks to the Angels of Love and Truth my journey into this has been blessed that no matter how profile the Consultant, the Doctor, the Policeman, the HSE Assistant to the Director General are - I see through their lies....In Ireland over the last months there is a new group launched by the Government - PPN Public Participation Network - my partner/companion is part of the groups who have joined under this new Network - PPN is taking over all community groups, residents groups, football etc. in fact any voluntary group in the country is to come under this group which is headed up by a priest and a nun.

I read some of the PPN notes which states that communities and neighbours have to look out for anyone in their neighbourhood who may not be responsive to them, or may be distant, in other words if they, the neighbour, the community fears that a citizen in their community is a bit odd and may need mental help intervention the neighbour, community should report them - this is through the Catholic Church and State. I know what this reminds me of and I trust that some fearless journalist will sometime research this as it may be the same in Europe under the EU new guidelines on Society. Scary stuff indeed...What I am trying to say is that Novartis is doing so many clinical trials on women from 50 to 60+ it is frightening at the number of missing women, abductions in Ireland and no one cares. Around the time I first suffered side effects of Aliskiren when my immune system was broken down...Corporate Crime and Pharma cover up will go to extremes and on every corner there is a Judas waiting to grab the purse of betrayal....Tom my partner and in my suffering my companion changed almost overnight in the last few years..telling me again and again that doctors would never do such a thing etc...and it is all in your head...

I prayed for Jesus and my Angels to show me signs if Tom was involved in the cover up....I drove his car over the last week on my own...we usually drive out together or Tom would go and shop or collect some of my family from the local station. Yesterday I drove a distance of over 100 km with one of my family...when I turned on the water to clear the windscreen - it was full of muddy water and left streaks - it was dark on my home journey and I was on my own...driving on a 120km motorway. 200km roundtrip. Over the last 12 weeksTom had got shutters in behind the front door...I loved to see the sunlight coming in and now A short version...over the last month he cut off the front door completely with a padded duvet, and blanket nailed to the inside of the door - then he nailed the shutters tight, then he put shelves up around a small porch so that no air could get through, then he covered the vents with tape, several tapings...he then shut off the vents in the small room - at the end of that hall was my bedroom. He sat in the sitting room with an electric heater on full blast with fan heating...the fumes of which came back through the wall into the hall near my bedroom...

Last week I felt so weak and could not breathe...I asked him to please open up the shutters on the front door...we now only had access to one door where sometimes they key would go missing...there is a third door but Tom said the key doesn't work - My son came down last Wednesday and I could hardly move around - he came down again Sunday to Monday and said he can't breathe in this house...Yesterday Tom opened the vents and the door back up saying he was only trying out an idea...Today I could breathe easier Thank God...I have now taken steps to try to find myself a small place...What are my chances in a culture of control, collusion and corruption...what chances have I in securing a small apartment for myself with out the interference of Corporate crime...the answer in my heart I now so well - there is none...follow the evidence to death is the Pharma code but still I know I will take on the challenge then be here with someone who has violated my trust, my love and my safety...Thank you all...Teri, Tullamore, Co Offaly

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