The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Pharmageddon in Ireland - Bribery and Corruption by Governement

In February 2013 Marie Fleming took a High Court action to allow her to end her life - as she was in the very painful stages of MS - she was refused - Marie has died since - May she Rest in Peace -

From July 2011 I have pleaded with the HSE and the Government for safety in healthcare - ever since I suffered adverse reactions to Aliskiren a Novartis drug for blood pressure - Dr Michael Barry prescribed that drug and gave me no medical care for the suffering from that drug of poison. Here we have one woman looking to die because she is suffering so much pain and has no quality of life - then we have the healthy woman given dangerous drugs to break down her health and create other diseases in her body for research - I had heard of Government doing deals with pharma and supplying Magdalene women and children from the industrial schools but in 2011 this is exactly what they started with me and so many others.

The doctors in Ireland need to be held accountable - Novartis needs to be held responsible like they are in the US and other countries in their bribery and corruption -

January 2009 I had an emergency appendictomy - the Surgeon Professor Tom Walsh asked me who do I live with and if I had anyone in my life - he was obviously picking women for research but little did I know then - Dr Walsh has many trophies gathering dust - presents and awards from Novartis Ireland - this is not allowed in the US - I wonder how many graves are there from his human subjects...I had been told after the operation that I had a lot of infection and that the appendix was leaking out - At the 6 week check up a doctor told me that the appendix was perfect no leak in it and he had a photograph of it which I looked at -

2010 - prescribe clonamox for sinus infection - very bad reaction called scalding of the chest - I was then allergic to penicillen.

Early 2011 - a dentist forcibly broke one of my teeth - he was starting a space to do a root canal and without any injection for numbness he attempted to kill off the nerve in my tooth by stabbing into it - the pain was really bad - he continued stapping at the nerve but then gave me an injection to numb it - I do believe he must have given me penicillen which I was now allergic to and I had told him - I almost past out in the chair and was very weak - I started to choke and spat out which was the whole back of the tooth - all that was left was the front panel...

June 2011 - There was some kind of chemical sprayed around my property- over the weeks I got very ill, weak and chest pains with blood pressure going very high - I was rushed to A & E twice where Connolly Hospital were very good to me then and actually wrote a letter to my then GP to take care of my blood pressure as I was on the wrong blood pressure drug and had very low sodium...

June 2011 given Diovan - Valsartan - where I had to go to A & E with swollen face and throat - called angiodema...

July 2011 - prescribed the Aliskiren

Suffered swelling of face tongue, eyes, and acidosis burning through my body - I rang St James Hospital very upset after hearing from the IMB that they had issued warnings to all doctors re Aliskiren in 2009 - with reactions if one had already got angiodema from Diovan/aliskiren - over the next weeks - I was advised first to go to A & E at the Eye and Ear Hospital - a doctor there shouted at me that this is not aliskiren (my GP had written reaction to Aliskiren on a letter) the doctor continued to shout telling me I only had dust and dirt on my eye lashes...

and so it went on

I eventually went back to St James Hospital - where the female doctor was very good - by this stage I had a pocket of fluid under my heart and my thyroid was breaking down - the doctor said to me That she was sorry that she could not keep me there but that there is a lot going on inside of me...

I recalled then Dr Barry had a nurse with Research on her badge

Dr Paul McKernon - Connolly hospital shouted at me that there is nothing wrong with me - I was leaving when he called me back in - he made a phone call to the Department of Health - then gave me an injection said it was difine - then a glass of water said it was solpadene desolved - then a large tablet - when I swallowed the tablet my face went rigid - he then went to give me another large glass filled liquid injection - I asked him did he not think that was a lot of medication in such a short time - he walk back away from me - Next morning my legs were swollen - I called a private doctor to my house - he told me that he would ring an ambulance immediately - I told him No that if an ambulance came it would only take me back to Connolly and I got taxi to Tallaght Hospital - by this stage my face was going stiff - the triage nurse said she would have to ring Connoly to see what they had given me - she asked me for a urine sample - when I gave her the sample she told me that she was waiting to talk to Connolly hospital and that I will be going in next to see the doctor - Next I saw her put on her coat and leave the hospital - the security man went to the Triage office and locked it - I could see the sample still sitting on the desk - I waited over six hours - no one had touched the sample and I was not called - I just went home I felt then they were not going to see me - after that I went home and did emails to Dr Barry asking what has been done to me since I suffered the reactions to Aliskiren -

By the end of the week I was back at Tallaght where a doctor said that he had to keep me in to check my heart - something had shown up on the xray Dr Deirdre McNamara only prescribe so much acid like difine etc into me and her team kept asking me to see someone - I asked how was everything after xrays, ct scans and was told by Dr Grainne Holohan that everything was perfect and that I should really speak to someone - this of course is the coercion into psychiatry. I asked how my liver was as it had been burning away since the poisoning - she said perfect perfect. I was sent for another scan - the radiographer asked me did I know why I was having the scan - I told her No - she said it is because you have a cyst on your liver - I told her the doctor had confirmed that nothing was wrong and the liver was perfect - a few months later at a consultation back there the doctor told me that there two cysts on the liver - my thyroid readings also had gone very high yet week or so before the aliskiren my blood tests were perfect - every gland in my body was breaking down, my eyes were very sore and cataracts started -

Dr Colm Byrne did further tests on me and Dr Brendan Kinsley told me that he would get me onto thyroid medication straight away - that never happened

So much more - the research team and Novartis only wanted to see how much breakdown of my body the poison could do - as cataracts and ton corneas came these were also left untreated - so many attempts were done to me to force me back to A & E with any doctor and every doctor doing further harm - GP in Leixlip lied about my blood tests saying they were perfect - then told me a week later they were very low and to go to A E - I got my results and they were not low - so many attacks and then down here in Tullamore - Tom Newton's house too many accidents both inside and outside the house - I know now that Tom is part of the pharma mafia - any bruise that came up he said it is nothing -

September 2013 broke my foot here and I have written already about the doctors in Tullamore Hospital and what they have done - all the parts that were broken with poison they have cut away, during a foot operation they have cut into the optic nerves, removed lymph nobes, removed cartilage from throat, from knee, ovaries and mutilated me - this is criminal and the Medical Council, Novartis and all doctors are covering this up - My left foot was operated on where a screw and plate was put in and the broken foot was jammed with some kind of plate that leaves it difficult to bend - I have Aortic Arch unfolded - Tallaght hospital had done xrays two years ago whereby I noted it said aortic arch starting to unfold - I was told that that was nothing - all of those mentioned here are adverse reactions to Rasilez Aliskiren and Novartis Ireland are doing everything to cover this up - it is called "hiding the evidence"...Dr Eoin Sheehan also injected acid into my bones and used my body to see how he can make the spine twist and move with bioactive glass - he is one of four doctors in the world carrying out such experiments - the only word for the above is Nazism and this is Ireland 2015 - how do they sleep at night - how can they do so much harm to a patient and no one will speak up - Tom has caused a lot of harm to me in forcing me back to A & E as the manic doctors and Novartis need to keep checking on their trials - How would anyone call this research - how would anyone call this science - it is criminal -Take care in hospitals and please do your own research - check out everything - and do not go to a hospital on your own if you can help it -

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