The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Press Release sent 19/06/2016 Secret Meeting Reveals that Survivors are Not All Equal

As a Result of a recent freedom of Information request that was successfully appealed against Caranua and a question asked by Clare Daly TD in written Question to the then Minister for Education Jan O'Sullivan on Wednesday, 6 April 2016

667. To ask the Minister for Education and Skills the amounts paid under the Caranua scheme; and the range of awards in terms of the amounts paid to single persons.

A Secret meeting was held between Mary Higgins and 2 Others Representing Caranua and Employed Staff of Right of Place and the Aislinn Centre was also attended by the Secretary and Chairman of wholly Voluntary Alliance Support Group.

At this meeting it was Revealed that Caranua Now Intends to Cap Payment to Survivors of the Barbaric Irish Industrial Schools.

They also are in the process of issuing New Guidelines of what they will help with. When these are published every applicant that has already applied and not been processed will have to reapply on the New Forms.

This of itsself incurs Extra Administration and Delay for an Ageing Disadvantaged Population not to mention the disappoint of being delayed many Survivors a literacy Problems an Form filing is an embarrassing and arduous task.

Survivors were promised a full review of Caranua by his Department after 2 years of Operation Mary Higgins has taken this upon herself usurping the Minister for Education

Many Survivors have felt stigmatised by having to ask for written quotes as Caranua only Pay by Cheque and written quotes must be supplied.

The recent Freedom of Information Request Revealed that one individual had received in excess of 100,000 Euros. Capping Applicant means that sums like this will be no longer available, meaning that life changing Surgery would no longer be available!

The Minister for Education Rauri Quinn ignored his own departments consultation process whilst setting up the Statutory Trust Fund and both Labour and Fine Gael Chip Whip's refused to allow a free vote on the subsequent bill!

The highly controversial Mary Higgins was appointed CEO. From 2010 to 2013 Mary Higgins worked for the Catholic Church under the Guise of the St Stephen Green Trust. In 2013 she was appointed CEO of Caranua. 35 other well qualified candidates were rejected.

St Stephen Green Trust is an Ultra Right Wing Catholic Organisation its one of its funders having historic links with Nazi Germany and Herman Goering.

Whilst there she wrote the highly controversial Report Socio-Economic Profile of Survivors in Irish Religious-run Institutions

Industrial School Survivor's were Shocked and appalled to see themselves being branded Drunken, Drug Using , Promiscuous, Criminals!

In 2014, Mary Higgins entered into a contract with the Catholic Church company, "Towards Healing" on behalf of Caranua as far as I am Aware this Contract Subsidising a Service Funded by the Catholic Church for Survivors of Church Abuse using Survivors Money has NOT been Approved by the Caranua Board! She has already paid out over €100,000 illegally!

This in effect give the Church Funding from Caranua back to the Church, when the Trust has been established with the express remit of not replicating Services!

This isn't the first time Mary Higgins has broken the Law (Statue) that defines Caranua! Survivors are asking for her immediate Removal and a Suspension of the Fund so they may be consulted properly!

By the end of April 2016 Caranua had made payments of €46,853,051 w...110 million” the Church promised” They have made payment to only 3,097 of the 15,000 eligible to access the fund.

Caranua is Haemorrhaging Funds at an alarming rate and will not be able to assist the very people it was set up to!

They are also in the process of recruiting extra staff leaving less for survivors.

Caranua have undertaken no Client Based Feedback instead they introduced Caranua Unacceptable Actions Policy where Survivors can be blacklisted for ringing too many time to ask about their application; amongst other things!

Survivors Website the “Shame of Ireland”has put up their first Survey about Caranua and anyone who has had experience of Caranua can add their feed back at this Anonymous Survey

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Rob Northall

A Member of the Shame Of Ireland



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Comment by Marylou on June 23, 2016 at 17:15

Truth coming out now rob 

Comment by micheal on June 23, 2016 at 17:46

Compete corruption Rob, excellent post

Comment by Elizabeth Dormer on June 23, 2016 at 19:47

Higgins etc should be had up in court for further abuse to survivors.

Comment by Barbie on June 24, 2016 at 14:26

It seems that we are constantly been abused we need Caranua closed down for good.

Comment by Elizabeth Dormer on June 24, 2016 at 17:31

I agree Barbara x

Comment by Lyndsay Rehn on July 2, 2016 at 1:12

Wow. Why has this escaped the National papers.

Comment by Rob Northall on July 2, 2016 at 1:34
I've sent it to most! Ask them? These one journalist digging but whether he'll use all of it, who knows!
Comment by Geraldine Jackson on August 8, 2016 at 12:33

Survivors have not received compensation NONE ,they worked in Enclosed  Slave Labour Camp's called Industrial Schools from 1930's that were Savage Cruel  Brutal  Institutions to make a fortune for their Cruel Slave masters most never saw sunlight  or had a childhood  not even a Birthday they were kept inside working in the factories not even been allowed to talk with each other or make friends , Children who were in the  Goldenbridge Slave Labour Camp from 1950 to when the Rathdrum property was bought worked day and night in the rosary bead Factory , Glued brown paper bag's  for shops, Sow'd blue underwear  worked in the laundry ,Sow'd  embroidery Broaches, Forced to Knit Socks and Jumpers all this labour  made a FORTUNE  for the Church and Government ,Children had to do all the cooking ,Cleaning and cook and clean after  the Cold blooded nun's while the children starved  and suffered many in pain from the hard work and Beatings and the Freezing Cold, ,all  Goods Sold  by the RC Church and Irish Government to buy property One such property was the Large Manor house in RATHDRUM , Wicklow,  This Property belonged to the children who were forced to make 600 Rosary beads a day during the 1950's , each survivor from all Industrial Schools should be given a PENSION and at least 600, 000 , Euros each , That property in Rathdrum was already owned  by the children  None of the survivors on Industrial Hell Holes were PAID for all the work they did much of which was HARD LABOUR ,It was Slavery.  The same goes for all the children who were detained in OTHER  Brutal Industrial Slave Labour Camps . Lawyers, Government Ministers , Those Corrupt individuals who have been getting  Funding with the pretence they Run Services and really care for the Survivors, )NOT) all are Criminals and just  as Guilty as the Sadist who worked in Industrial Slave Labour Camps who  attacked Battered flogged, Raped , the Terrified Helpless Child .

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on August 8, 2016 at 12:44

Many Survivors were to frightened to return to Ireland their own country for fear the Dark Memories of the past would surface in the mind and cause all sorts of sickness Fear still lives with each survivor all have lived as adults trying to keep the memories buried locked up in the back of their minds some never ever mentioned not even to their Wife or Husband ,Children where they were from or anything about their childhoods Never said a word and many died with the dark secret,  

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