The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Professor Michael Barry prescribes PAIN INDUCING DRUGS whilst Withdrawing VERSATIS PATCHES - Letter to Med.Council & MH Commission

  • Letter to Medical Council on Professor Michael Barry 16th February 2018
  • Dear Medical Council,
    In 2011, Following advice from the then Irish Medicines Board in 2011, known now as HPRA I submitted a complaint to your offices on Professor Michael Barry of St James's Hospital.
    Could you please advise me if you can re-instate that complaint or I can put in the new details.
    The reason why I submit this complaint to you again is that I have had a domino effect of Doctors doing harm in cover up of the drug Rasilez Aliskiren known also as Tekturna and I still suffer the consequence of the injuries from that drug today.
  • We all have heard over the last two weeks from Dr Barry, Minister Simon Harris and CEO of HSE Mr Tony O'Brien that Dr Barry is "the Expert" and all medicines are down to him.
    However, you may listen back to where Dr Barry contradicts at least 2/3 times as does Mr Tony O'Brien.
    As an "Expert" why would Dr Michael Barry prescribe Rasilez Aliskiren to me - a patient who had suffered Angiodema from Diovan - also known as Valsartan only weeks before hand?
  • IMB confirmed to me that they had written to all Medical Professionals with a Warning Letter regarding Aliskiren which was sent out in 2009 - 2 years before Dr Barry prescribed Aliskiren to me. In that Letter it stated to be aware of Aliskiren side effects and if a patient had suffered Angiodema from Aliskiren before that they should NOT be prescribed Aliskiren again - Note Diovan is a sister drug of Rasilez Aliskiren.
    I suffered for three weeks from Swelling of my face, my legs - I had severe pain in my glands, my thyroid was forcibly broken down, I developed muscoskeletal disease, racing of my blood vessels, acidosis throughout my stomach, a pocket of fluid built up underneath my heart - I had pains throughout and my eyes were literally jumping in my head.  Dr Barry ignored my pleas for help and for me to come in to see him - I was turned away from hospital after hospital. That drug also breaks down the Optic Nerve & the Pituitary Gland.
    It was only when a National Newspaper published concerns about my case that Health Minister James Reilly publicly stated on Television that he will sort it and if necessary he will bring in a Duty of Candour to force doctors to own up.  Minister Reilly did neither.  It was only then that Dr Michael Barry offered me a meeting with his Complaint's team.  By then I had suffered and was three weeks later that same weekend vomiting non stop with blood in my faeces also - My immune system was completely broken down and I could not stop crying.  The CEO of the Eye and Ear told me that the crying is all part of it as my immune system was broken down - This was a Non-Medical CEO who knew instantly that I was suffering what must be commonly know in hospitals about Aliskiren Side Effects. 
  • Ever since then I have doctor after doctor medically abuse me with what I know is cover up for Novartis drugs Aliskiren which Dr Barry is doing right up to today.  I did not go for the meeting on the 11th August but I wrote to him within days asking for another appointment - I never got a reply - It was the Assistant CEO Angela Fitzgerald who offered to meet with me in Novermber 2011 where asked me if I was sure that Dr Barry knew about the Diovan Angiodema - I told her Yes that he had all of my files from Connolly Hospital and I told him at the consultation on the 20th July - Note I went in early July thinking it was my consultation date with Dr Barry but was told that a RESEARCH Nurse was going to assess me first!!  One doctor since told me if you have had a Nurses assess you three weeks before you saw the Consutant that means you have been used in a Clinical Trial.
  • I will add further since 2011 to you - I wanted to ask your advice on you accepting my complaint again.
    It is noted on Novartis website that if a Patient suffers any side effects or POISONING of Aliskiren to go immediately to a Poison Centre or A & E - I did that and was turned away - Even in Connolly Hospital I remember standing there inside the A & E - my blood pressure had gone so high - my face was blood red and the vessels in my throat and head were pulsating - a young doctor said to me that she could see that my body was trying to fight the poisoning but yet I was given no help or antidote for the poisoning - On Novartis site it stated that the patient should be given adrenalin injection.
    Dr Michael Barry on Liveline & Clair Byrne this week came over as a heartless human being let alone an EXPERT - I know exactly how he has made me suffer with Aliskiren knowing I had had a reaction to Diovan - where again in Connolly Hospital I was not given any medical advice or help.
    It is clear from what I have suffered with no safe medical help given that Dr Barry is purposely breaking down people's good health then using the diseases created for Novartis experiments which I have thoroughly researched and found that Novartis are doing clinical trials on post-menopausal women WITHOUT CONSENT despite what doctors have written in charts on me or other patients.
    I will address further consequences of Dr Barry;s prescribing of Aliskiren to me in a following Email.
    I would ask that you re-open my previous complaint which I only withdrew because I was so fearful of what doctors in hospitals and GPs were doing to me in cover up of Dr Michael Barry & Novartis Drug Rasilez Aliskiren. 
  • In the interest of my safety and transparency I will share this with others.
  • Dr Barry is spokesperson for the Department of Health - why is he enforcing diseases by perscribing Rasilez Aliskiren and then lobbying Novartis & Other Pharma for funding to do research on such diseases.  It is no coincidence that within six months of me suffering Muscokeletal Disease that Tallaght Hospital who jointly work with St James's Hospitals were given Research Funding for study of Muscoskeletal Disease.  This confirms that Dr Michael Barry the drugs "Expert" knew very well what he was doing giving me that Drug.  Even the day he prescribed that drug he also booked an appointment for six months from then to have a scan done on my kidneys - There was absolutely no concern for my kidneys at that time.
    As stated I will follow on in the next email which gives details of a litany of doctors and hospitals in Aliskiren Poisoning cover up.
  • I explained to one that Aliskiren is like a ball of Radiation going off inside your body and the burning and breakdown of insides goes on years later.  I believe that Aliskiren should be banned from being prescribed.  It is unbelievabe the extremes that Dr Michael Barry has gone to to prevent chronically pain suffering patients getting Visartis Patches.  I for one Know since 2011 what Dr Barry is capable of in breaking down a woman's health, create diseases for RESEARCH madness.
  • The above link is evidence that Dr Barry had to know of Novartis corruption since back in 2010 - both the drugs are mentioned there - Tekturna is Rasilez Aliskiren and Diovan is Valsartan - Perhaps Dr Michael Barry will speak out publicly to defend his position on prescribing Aliskiren as he does to cut off Versatis from patients suffering pain.
  • Novartis have paid millions out in bribes to Governments Hospitals & Doctors to cover up their side effects of Aliskiren & Diovan
    Notice here FDA warning - but remember Dr Barry ignored IMB warning of 2009 - 2 years before he prescribed Aliskiren to me
  • Investigations into Novartis corruption & bribery with Government Ministers in Greece is ongoing to February 2018 - whilst Dr Barry spokesperson Expert on Pharma drugs is silent since 2011 on dangerous side effects and pain in many way from Novartis drugs - If Novartis drugs can not stand alone as helping patients why do they have to bribe so many to cover up side effects - whilst patients suffer in every way.  The crimes are deemed as Criminal in US - 26 States, Greece, China, Japan, Turkey and even South Korea where Novartis have settled the fines and carry on their crimes.  Dr Barry is complicit 100% in such cover up.
    Please accept this as my Complaint on Dr Michael Barry.
    I share this to other Agencies and would ask for their advice and support.  Anyone can google Novartis Bribery & corruption and see what you find.
    Thank you.
    Yours sincerely,
    Teri (Teresa) Byrne
  • Letter received 21st February from Medical Council stating that their PPC Committee had turned down this complaint back in 2011 - is indeed questionable noting that this complaint was withdrawn at that time but confirms that the Medical Council is involved in cover up of Novartis drug side effects and the litany of doctors who have harmed me since - the common factor being Novartis drug Rasilez Aliskiren/Tekturna side effects that the "Expert" Professor Michael Barry did not report and is still prescribing this dangerous drug to innocent patients today...despite warnings set down by HPRA .whilst at the same time withdrawing #Versatis patches from patients suffering chronic pain.
  • Letter to Mental Health Commission 21st February 2018
  • Dear MH Commission,

    With respect I write to you again.
  • I have heard back on my concerns from Dr Finnerty but I address the following to the Commission rather than involving one of your Inspectors although I am sure you will forward a copy of this to her.  My hope is that the MH Commission in Ireland will somehow ACT UP and MAN/WOMAN up on the very clear corruption that is going on between Government/HSE & the Pharma abuse and control of what were once doctors/psychiatrists.
    The Mental Health Commission, in my opinion has to take ACTION for the Safety of patients under the Mental Health Act - it is this ACT that finds many patients/people sectioned under false claims under the Mental Health Act.  It is, therefore, being abused.
  • Apart from my own case of abuse, assaults etc., under this ACT for the sole purpose of covering up Novartis blood pressure drugs Rasilez Aliskiren/Tekturna and Diovan/Valsartan
    there are hundreds - I would say thousands of cases of homicide/suicide & physical assaults by patients who have been PRESCRIBED psychotropic drugs - with the coverup enforced by Gardai/Police and the Medical
  • Council Ireland which I confirm from my own personal experience.
    Your Commission already have the facts, the details and you do nothing - that is very wrong but confirms the control of Pharma corruption in Ireland and beyond.
    I send you two links here - I would ask you to go through those two blogs and note yourself the many "coincidences" of course they are the reality of Pharma harm which sadly, today the Mental Health Commission is also "Silenced" by Pharma corruption in Ireland and beyond.
  • As a recent tragedy has come to light in Dublin - reports are coming out that the mother in question was suffering from Post Natal Depression - I wonder was she also on anti-depressants?
  • You are the Mental Health Commission - You have a responsibility to Patients - I ask you to please stand up to that Responsiblity by listening to Patients, hurt, abused and assaulted by Psychiatry and GPs who are in reality Pimps for the Pharma industry.
  • Remember that many Magdalene Women were subjected to the abuse of Mental Health Act also recent cases have shown women who wanted/needed abortions were also sectioned - these were also abuses of the Mental Health Act, as were many Industrial Schools and Sexual Abuse victims!
  • One more point if after suffering adverse reactions to Novartis drug Rasilez Aliskiren/Tekturna every doctor since prescribes psychotropic drugs and sleeping tablets if like Lariam Aliskiren/Tekturna creates Mental Illness should that drug not be withdrawn?  Should it not say say on Novvartis Website and should Expert Doctors like Professor Michael Barry of St James's Hospital who prescribes this drug for mild blood pressure explain such side effects.  I can confirm that Professor Michael Barry tells patients that there are little side effects and in my case "nothing to worry about".
  • Note for Transparency this is an Open Letter.
  • Teri Byrne
  • SIC180010

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