The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Rasilez Aliskiren - Lariam - Chemical Poisoning - HPV Vaccine - Ireland Pharma Haven

The Good Friday Agreement is not about safety of citizens it is about all in Leinster House Church & Corporate Pharma cartel coming together to cover up the bribery & corruption in all of Ireland. There is no justice as many soldiers, civilians suffer the crimes of Pharma for Profit Margins remember that f  or Profit Margins.Many of us have been slotted into the human industry for Pharma's satanic appetite of experimenting with Human life.
The Church sex abuse crimes were well hidden by Govt & Archbishops house for well over a century. It is the same as the Pharma/Medical cartel crimes. Yes, they are indeed crimes but Government & Psychiatry ensure there is no justice. We are in a vacuum of Psychiatric labelling caused by their drugs or in many cases labelled by psychiatry in coverup of Novartis Amgen experiments covertly done on our bodies.   Dr Eoin Sheehan in Tullamore Hospital did such experiments on my body during a foot operation. When I asked why I had keyhole surgery marks all over my body he rang Gardi to say I had accused him and his team of sexual assault under anaesthetic.. I had not even hinted at such a thing. I had erely asked could I have an examination with another doctor to check out bruising and cuts to my body, throat and pelvic area. He refused. When he received my letter from the medical council he had me dragged fromm the house in a wheelchair. He had operated on both feet even with the xray evidence of only one broken foot. I was held down and drugged. I wont repeat the whole story here - many know this already - check out @MarionWomen for many Open Letters to Govt.
This is an example of what HSE Govt & Gardai do in a smear campaign to cover up Pharma and Medical Cartel crimes just like in Maurice McCabe Story in the Disclosures Tribunal. Whilst another exposure on Garda Whistleblower is going on in the High Court.
Tony O'Brien accuses the parents of children suffering from adverse reactions of HPV Vaccines as Emotional Terrorists - shame on him. When I asked the Pharma aide why the HSE & Gardai edited my statement to the DPP O'Brien sent his corrupt HSE after me further where I suffered further medical crimes to the extent my blood pressure went higher than could be read and I had to be kept on oxygen all night. How many times before Public Accounts Committee has Tony O'Brien covered up his lies by stating he was mislead.
Novartis is exposed as one of the most corrupt Pharma in the world with covert clinical trials done on many women in Tullamore & Portlaoise Hospitals.  The drug Rasilez Aliskiren is prescribed to unsuspecting women by a Pharmacholigist & Spokesperson for the Department of Health Dr Michael Barry.  He knows that the drug breaks down healthy thyroid and many other diseases.  The patients are then tracked stalked & forced into hospital so that further experiments can be carried out on them.  Many have told me that they are paid a lot of money by Government to bring me down, such is the Minister for Health's corruption with the HSE & Pharma.  Out of 6 sisters two of them told me that they are paid to to bring me down and both physically and verbally assaulted me.  This is Ireland 2017. I have also been told to commit suicide or continue to be tortured.  Dr Healy in UK writes about Pharma creates a drug to break down and cause many illnesses in one patient.  He calls it Pharmageddon and has written a book on of the same name.  Rasilez Aliskiren (Tekturna) is one such drug and I am that one patient to suffer all the side effects and illnesses. Therefore, Novartis Amgen mafia believe they own my body and Doctors in Tullamore and Portlaoise hospitals treat me as a human subject not as a 62 year old woman speaking out against their corruption and crime.  I have the notes from my Medical file that states a Larygotomy was done on me during the foot operation in 2013.  My GP at that time was very supportive to me but when I got the evidence of the thyroid bone was removed covertly from my throat - that GP stated "I think it is a wrinkle" with others saying "I see you have had a laryngotomy".  Lie and coverup that is the Omerta code of the HSE & Medical Cartel.  One Mental Health Nurse wrote about me when I raised concerns of her lying to me...she wrote that it was bazaar what I was saying about doctors and that it should be referred to Gardai...yet she knows Gardai did take a Statement and then Gardai & HSE edited the Statement.  She also wrote on her statement that I was not to be given a copy of what she wrote...yet I was thankfully and saw that she had also divulged sensitive information that was on my medical file.  A breach of Data Protection but who cares it was HSE do.
Dr David Healy Psychiatrist UK compares the cover up of Pharma by doctors and healthcare is the same as was the cover up of child sex abuse by the Church.
The Catholic Church are Pharma's biggest customers with parish communities stalking and breaking down women's health for the pharma industry.  Read my blog on "Marion Rooney was 59 years old..."
How long are pharma experimenting. My oldest brother Francis was in the Congo twice in the 1960's.  Many of the young soldiers suffered cancers on their return to Ireland.  Many of them died.  My own brother Francis also in 1967.  50 years of coverup by the Defence Forces & Govt.  In 2008 I wrote to the army stating that I had recently heard of many soldiers, three in one village, dying of cancers when they came home from the Congo.  50 years on we hear of soldier suicides from Lariam & chemical poisoning.  In hindsight I know now that that was when I was targeted in every way.  My health continuously broken down and even now I am still covertly assaulted because Novartis Amgen do not let their specimen go.  I wrote under Clarissa's Imagination on another blog here two years ago, sadly it is too true yet too outrageous to understand.
Lariam suffering soldiers are dismissed because the Irish Govt are under Novartis's control.  Novartis are presently trying to bring in an alternative drug for Malaria.  Vera Twomey mother of little Ava Barry had to leave Ireland with her family to get Cannabis Oil because Govt would not pass the introduction of Cannabis Oil for 7 year old Ava, yet it has been approved by the NHS in Northern Ireland.
Just as the soldiers suffering tumours and cancers now from Baldonnell - how many soldiers suffered such tumours - Baldonnel Airfield is where the UN Peacekeeping soldiers passed through - several suffered cancer tumours.  My brother suffered a tumour on the brain.  He died one month short of 23 years 50 years ago.  Francis was all about family - he was the eldest son of 17 children.  There were 7 girls and the rest boys.  He was all about family and loved our mother completely - it was a beautiful story of Francis - when he came down to our country home we all ran around that morris minor like bees around a honey comb with Mammy running out the back door wiping her hands in her apron. My First Holy Communion Day was a trip to Thurles to visit a soldier friend of his and the family.  I recall one sister telling me that when one other brother was remanded in Mountjoy for taking a JCB Digger - Francis was very ill in a Dublin Hospital and he struggled out of bed and told her to help him get ready.  He wanted to go to that brother "Family is Family".  I wonder what he would say today if he know that that sister and another one are taking blood money to as they said in their own words "we are paid a lot of money to set you up and bring you down".
HSE & this Traitor of a Govt do not care about soldiers suffering nor of children of the HPV /vaccine adverse reactions nor do the care about women used covertly and trafficked which it is endemic of coverup by doctors, medical cartel, all politicians and a corrupt church.  Fr Paul Churchill of Archbishop's House wrote about the Tuam Babies story not beng true.  I spoke to him about two years ago on the abuse and crimes in Govt and Medical Cartel and that Novartis controls everyone in bribery and corruption.  Fr Churchill told me to pray to Our Lady.  So much suffering and crime
Enda Kenny's Legacy to Ireland is torture and harm to many.  The destruction of lives and families.
His crocodile tears have exposed his corruption again and again.  Another post in y Blog is "God chats with Enda" - more truth than fiction.  Enda Kenny was Europe's Puppet and a Horrific Nightmare and Traitor to the People in Ireland.
Greece now in 2017 have exposed thousands of doctors, politicians involved in bribery directly from Novartis Switzerland...Novartis in Athens had their offices raided.  In April the Corruption Prosecutor was forced to resign as she became targeted and a smear campaign against her.
The Dynamics of Abuse do not change.
16th July 2017

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