The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Sally Mulready: Proposed exclusion will hurt the most vulnerable

By Sally Mulready

Saturday April 07 2012

I WELCOME the Bill to set up the statutory fund that will enable former residents of Irish institutions run by the Religious Orders to obtain the emotional, welfare and counselling support they continue to need as a consequence of childhood experiences.

I believe Minister Ruairi Quinn has made a very genuine attempt to secure a way forward that meets the ongoing needs of survivors.

I hope earnestly that he will appoint an independent chairperson, who will have sound knowledge and understanding of the complex needs of survivors and above all else a person who will have compassion. I am very pleased with the proposal to include representatives of survivors on the trust board.

I know the aim of the trust fund is to have a very simple administrative process.

But the needs of survivors are not simple, they are complex and the hurt and pain persists and probably will until they die.

It has, of course, affected families and their suffering has impacted on the lives of their children and their extended families.

It is really important that this is understood.

The utmost care and sensitivity is needed if the new trust fund is to succeed.

We know that a third of all survivors alive today live in the UK. Many continue into old age living out isolated and difficult lives. When they fled Ireland, they went to live some distance from Irish support and welfare organisations.

They will tell you they did not want anything to do with Ireland. As a result, they had no knowledge of their right to apply to the Redress Board, others were too ill to apply and others simply felt unable to open up that period of their lives again.

We are not talking significant numbers of people, very few in fact, nevertheless it is about them that I have real concerns.

I am disappointed about the recommendation not to include survivors who failed to apply to the Redress Board in the new Bill. They will not be entitled to make an application to the new Trust Fund.

Arguments have been put forward that this must be a simplified administrative process with some serious consideration of costs.

I have total sympathy with this view. The principal beneficiaries of the Redress Scheme were lawyers and not survivors. I understand why the minister wants to avoid this happening again.

However, excluding a small number who are so vulnerable is not the solution.

The people who will end up being excluded are amongst the most vulnerable of the survivors population.

Their failure to apply in time to the Redress Board is part of that vulnerability.

They can hardly advocate for themselves and they will continue to need support for the remainder of their lives. Whether they are excluded or not, in the end we will not abandon them.

I hope as the Bill makes its passage through the Dail, the issue of these proposed exclusions is resolved, otherwise it will detract from what is otherwise a very good Bill that offers a sensible and sensitive way forward.

• Dublin-born Sally Mulready, a prominent emigrant rights activist in Britain, was recently appointed to the Council of State by President Michael D Higgins. She spent her early life in a mother and baby home, an orphanage and, later, an industrial school in Dublin. She moved to Britain in the 1970s. She is a Labour councillor in Hackney, London.

- Sally Mulready

Irish Independent

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Comment by pauline jackson on April 10, 2012 at 18:21

Hello well i agree that the staturary fund is of no use at all to overseas survivers. i read what Sally wrote and well it shouldnt be us deciding who gets help. the staturary fund was set up for certain people. Of course there are people in need but perhaps it shouldnt be the fund for survivers who were in industriel schools financing it.We have our own personal needs but thay are ignored because nothing was organised for us by these services. I come from a family in which there were 4 of us in institutions but we barely know each other. i dont have enough space to invite anyone. so my bed sitter life goes on. this isint a desperete situation so the fund is of no help at all. i would settle for two rooms but it is impossable. do you see what i mean sally. we arent getting any share of help and understanding because we have learnt to look out for ourselves. But we are all ageing and many are alone in different places.

Comment by pauline jackson on April 13, 2012 at 18:17

Thay dont know our needs mainly because thay have never askes any other survivers than those who can go to thier offices. as for the staturary fund well its been hyjacked. if the ones in charge decide who thay think needs help well that means that the majority are left to take care of thier own problems. I thought it was for those who worked during thier childhood but we get told that some people are worse off than others so the group leaders talk of the most vunrable of us . But what has that to do with the staturary fund. If its for the survivers of industriel schools well it should be adapted to the real needs of survivers i find it insulting that at the age of 65 i am being offered a chance to become something else. its years too late as i am retired. some things make people seem nice but are thay being fair well i dont think so

Comment by pauline jackson on April 13, 2012 at 19:25

I sent him an e mail some days ago . i got a bit lost as to finding things out on the site but i hope it gets to someone who wont be afraid to say that good intentions are only a personal attribute. But in caring for others fairness is the only way.

Comment by pauline jackson on April 14, 2012 at 22:40

Its against the Irish culture to say that we want whats ours. And by saying so we have to say that our own needs matter. IN the comments of Michael walsh it was the same thing  guilt inspiring. thats very Irish because of the moral element Trying to get us to put the needs of others before our own . This might be the only chance we get to speak out honestly about ourselves . and in all these years the staturary fund has been used for self satisfation.

Comment by Rob Northall on April 22, 2012 at 16:46

Approved Services as defined by the


Approved services.     8.—(1)    In this Act “approved service” means a service belonging
                     to  one  of  the  following  classes  of  service,  in  relation  to  which  the
                     Board makes a determination under subsection (2):

                            (a)  a mental health service relating to care and treatment of a
                                  person  suffering  from  a  mental  illness  or  a  mental  dis-    
                                  order,  a  counselling  service  or  a  psychological  support

                            (b)  a health and personal social service, including—

                                  (i) a general practitioner, medical or surgical service pro-
                                       vided by a registered medical practitioner (within the        
                                       meaning  of  section  2  of  the  Medical  Practitioners
                                       Act 2007) in relation to all medical conditions,

                                 (ii) a hospital treatment service,

                                (iii) a  pharmacy     service   including   provision    of  drugs,
                                       medicines, medical or surgical appliances,                     

                                (iv)  a  nursing    service   provided    otherwise    than    in  a

                                 (v)  a  service  to  assist  in  the  maintenance  at  home  of  a
                                       former  resident  who  is  sick  or  infirm  and  who,  but
                                       for the provision of the service, would require to be         
                                       maintained otherwise than at home,

                                (vi)  a  dental,   ophthalmic     or  aural   treatment     service,
                                       including provision of a dental, ophthalmic or aural

                                (vii) a  service  of  an  ancillary  nature  such   as  chiropody,    
                                       chiropractic,   occupational     therapy,   physiotherapy,
                                       podiatry or speech therapy;

                            (c)  an educational service;

                            (d)  a  housing     support    service,   including    adaptation     or
                                  improvement of real property but not including financial           
                                  aid for the purchase, mortgage or charge of real property;

                            (e)  a service prescribed under subsection (3).

                       (2)  The  Board  may  determine  whether  a  service  belonging  to  a
                     class  of  service  referred  to  in subsection  (1)  is  an  approved  service
                     and in making such a determination the Board shall have regard to:              

                            (a)  the likely effect of the provision of the service on the—

                                  (i) health and general well-being,

                                 (ii) personal and social development,

                                (iii) educational development, or

                                (iv)  living conditions,                                             

                                  of a former resident;

                            (b)  the need for minimum standards to be met by a provider
                                  of an approved service;

           (c)  any other matter that the Board considers, having regard
                  to  the  functions  of  the  Board,  is  a  proper  matter  to  be
                  taken into account.

        (3) The Minister, on receipt of a recommendation from the Board
     or  following  consultation  by  him  or  her  with  the  Board,  may  pre-
     scribe a  class of service,  other than  a class of  service referred to  in
     paragraph (a) , (b), (c) or (d) of subsection (1), to be a class of service
     in  relation  to  which  the  Board  may  make  a  determination  under
     subsection (2) and—

           (a)  in so recommending or during such consultation with the
                  Minister   the  Board    shall  have   regard   to  the  matters
                  referred to in paragraphs (a)  to (c) of subsection (2), and

            (b)  in so prescribing, the Minister shall have regard to—

                  (i) the  matters  referred  to  in paragraphs  (a)    and  (b) of
                      subsection  (2)  and  any  matter  that  the  Board  con-
                       siders is a proper matter under paragraph (c)  of that
                       subsection, and

                 (ii) any   other  matter    that  the  Minister   considers   is  a
                       proper matter to be taken into account.

        (4) An  approved  service  may  be  determined  under  this  section
     by reference to a particular class of approved service, and different
     approved services or classes of approved service may be determined
     by  reference    to  different  former    residents   or  classes  of  former

        (5) The Board may amend or revoke a determination under this
     section, including an amendment thereto under this subsection, that
     a service is an approved service and that amendment or revocation
     may provide for incidental, consequential or transitional matters.

        (6) Information relating to approved services shall be made avail-
     able in writing free of charge by the Board to any person on request
     therefor and shall be published by the Board in such manner, includ-
     ing by electronic means, as it sees fit.

        (7) For the purposes of this Act, a service that—

            (a)  is available outside of the State, and

            (b)  corresponds  to  a  service  in  relation  to  which  a  determi-
                  nation under subsection (2) is made,

     shall be taken to be an approved service.

Comment by Rob Northall on April 22, 2012 at 17:16

Who can benefit from the Statutory Trust Fund and Why you might not get it (Plenty of Wiffle/Waffle here?)

       9.—(1)    The Board shall determine criteria by reference to which             Determination of
     the  Board  shall make  a  decision  in  respect  of an  application  under      criteria by Board.
     section 20.

        (2) The  Board  in  determining  criteria  under subsection  (1)  shall
     have regard to the need to—

            (a)  take  account    of the  individual   circumstances,    including
                  personal and financial circumstances, of former residents,

            (b)  assess  the  likely  effect  of  the  provision  of  a  service  on

 (i) health and general well-being,

                                 (ii) personal and social development,

                                (iii) educational development, or

                                 (iv) living conditions,

                                  of former residents,                                                    

                            (c)  apply limits to the moneys that may be made available for
                                  an arrangement or grant,

                            (d)  specify minimum standards to be met by a provider of an
                                  approved service,

                            (e)  specify  any  supporting  evidence  that  may  be  required  to        
                                  be furnished by former residents, and

                            (f ) take  into  account  any  other  matter  that  the  Board  con-
                                  siders,  having  regard  to  the  functions  of  the  Board,  is  a
                                  proper matter to be taken into account.

                        (3)  Different  criteria  may  be  determined       under  this  section  as    

                            (a)  different circumstances or classes of circumstance relating
                                  to former residents,

                            (b)  different   approved      services   or   classes   of   approved
                                  service, and                                                          

                            (c)  different former residents or classes of former resident.

                        (4)  Criteria  determined  under  this  section  may  include  criteria,
                     consistent  with  this  Act,  for  the  purpose  of  the  relief  of  hardship
                     where it is shown to the satisfaction of the Board on an application
                     under   section   20  that  exceptional    circumstances     exist,  such  that    
                     criteria (other than criteria determined under this subsection) deter-
                     mined under this section may be disregarded by the Board in making
                     its decision on the application.

                        (5)  The   Board   may    amend    or  revoke   any   criteria  determined
                     under  this  section  including  an  amendment  thereto  under  this  sub-         
                     section and that amendment or revocation may provide for inciden-
                     tal, consequential or transitional matters.

                        (6)  Criteria determined by the Board  under this section shall be
                     made available in writing free of charge by the Board to any person
                     on  request  therefor  and  shall  be  published  by  the  Board  in  such         
                     manner, including by electronic means, as it sees fit.

Directions of           10.—(1)    The Minister may, in relation to the performance by the
Minister.            Board of its functions, give a direction in writing to the Board requir-
                     ing it to comply with such policies of the Government as are specified
                     in the direction.                                                                  

                        (2)  The Minister may, by direction in writing amend or revoke a
                     direction   under    this   section,  including    a   direction   under    this

                        (3)  The Board shall comply with a direction under this section.

Comment by pauline jackson on April 22, 2012 at 21:20

Well i see that 4 of us get to take part in this. and the education fund will be named after one or two or four of the very tops. all all the rest will carry on as before.its a terrable way of using us in this part of our lives.It makes it very hard to put it behind us knowing whats going on over there. What gives these men the impression that we dont know how to contact services. the problem is that when we try to find them we never find whats needed.and these groups dont organise anything together thay dont get on with each other so how can thay be effective.

Comment by Patrick Rice on April 23, 2012 at 10:04

There must be thousands like me who couldn't get away fast enough from Ireland many years ago. In my case in the late 1940's. I haven't a clue what all the fuss is about. If they have money to help those who suffered the injustice of being illegally detained in Industrial Schools etc., the Authorities have in their possession all the addresses and information required to help them. It's simple, share the proceeds directly among them and avoid paying the 'middle folk'. Some of us will not survive long enough to benefit and many of my generation have passed on in silence. They were the ones who suffered 'In Plain Sight' of a society too scared of the Church State.  

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on July 20, 2012 at 16:05

So Sally Mulready is a Labour Councillor for Hackney a Member of the Labour Party  in London ,UK, I don't understand why she seems also involved with the Irish Government by way of the Statuary Trust Fund. Two different countries. I'm confused is she part of the aislinn centre as well. >      JUST ASKING        ps what happened to Phillis Morgan.

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on July 20, 2012 at 16:14

Remember the Education Fund set up years ago ,I't was impossible to get any help from that never mind being able to talk to a person on the other end of the phone , What happened to that money.  Education Board ????? what an Insult to survivors.  I HAVEN'T SEEN ANY SERVICES AT ALL.  just hear again through the grapevine about those so called services for survivors and group leaders ??? banning on about how they offer services , It's more like to secure their huge Funding  and perks + wages in our names. 

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