The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Sally Mulready: Proposed exclusion will hurt the most vulnerable

By Sally Mulready

Saturday April 07 2012

I WELCOME the Bill to set up the statutory fund that will enable former residents of Irish institutions run by the Religious Orders to obtain the emotional, welfare and counselling support they continue to need as a consequence of childhood experiences.

I believe Minister Ruairi Quinn has made a very genuine attempt to secure a way forward that meets the ongoing needs of survivors.

I hope earnestly that he will appoint an independent chairperson, who will have sound knowledge and understanding of the complex needs of survivors and above all else a person who will have compassion. I am very pleased with the proposal to include representatives of survivors on the trust board.

I know the aim of the trust fund is to have a very simple administrative process.

But the needs of survivors are not simple, they are complex and the hurt and pain persists and probably will until they die.

It has, of course, affected families and their suffering has impacted on the lives of their children and their extended families.

It is really important that this is understood.

The utmost care and sensitivity is needed if the new trust fund is to succeed.

We know that a third of all survivors alive today live in the UK. Many continue into old age living out isolated and difficult lives. When they fled Ireland, they went to live some distance from Irish support and welfare organisations.

They will tell you they did not want anything to do with Ireland. As a result, they had no knowledge of their right to apply to the Redress Board, others were too ill to apply and others simply felt unable to open up that period of their lives again.

We are not talking significant numbers of people, very few in fact, nevertheless it is about them that I have real concerns.

I am disappointed about the recommendation not to include survivors who failed to apply to the Redress Board in the new Bill. They will not be entitled to make an application to the new Trust Fund.

Arguments have been put forward that this must be a simplified administrative process with some serious consideration of costs.

I have total sympathy with this view. The principal beneficiaries of the Redress Scheme were lawyers and not survivors. I understand why the minister wants to avoid this happening again.

However, excluding a small number who are so vulnerable is not the solution.

The people who will end up being excluded are amongst the most vulnerable of the survivors population.

Their failure to apply in time to the Redress Board is part of that vulnerability.

They can hardly advocate for themselves and they will continue to need support for the remainder of their lives. Whether they are excluded or not, in the end we will not abandon them.

I hope as the Bill makes its passage through the Dail, the issue of these proposed exclusions is resolved, otherwise it will detract from what is otherwise a very good Bill that offers a sensible and sensitive way forward.

• Dublin-born Sally Mulready, a prominent emigrant rights activist in Britain, was recently appointed to the Council of State by President Michael D Higgins. She spent her early life in a mother and baby home, an orphanage and, later, an industrial school in Dublin. She moved to Britain in the 1970s. She is a Labour councillor in Hackney, London.

- Sally Mulready

Irish Independent

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Comment by Geraldine Jackson on September 20, 2012 at 0:16

They all seem to say they have 15,000, 20,000 , Survivors  names on their books they say they represent ,  WHAT STILL,  Why don't they tell survivors on this Survivors Web Site and explain what they are doing, When, Where, and How. and What, They  have been as SILENT AS A GRAVEYARD SO FAR FOR MANY YEARS. 

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on September 20, 2012 at 0:19

Rauri  Quinn  and Sally Mulready  sure make a fine couple .

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on September 20, 2012 at 22:05

It is the same Dept of Education that played a huge part in the Detention of babies and young children they turned a blind eye to the abuse they knew was going on.  they are still playing with the survivors emotions  by   banging  on about  the survivors needing an education because they know it's not going to happen as The survivors are mostly very Sick, Dead, Elderly, Domiciled in several countries , It's a total SHAM. and a CON.

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on September 20, 2012 at 22:08

and Sally who have you chosen to sit on the board???? we heard you have chosen four  Ex Industrial school inmates to be board members> Now let me guess > not difficult

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on September 20, 2012 at 22:09

which Industrial school were you in ????????

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on October 2, 2012 at 17:15

I am not at all surprised you welcomed the Statuary Trust BILL as you are in some way part of the government.  I will also say it is a bit late in the day proper services should have been there for survivors years ago as soon as they reached 16 years old ,  wherever survivors are exiled not just in the Uk but there are many survivors in many different countries who fled their own country out of total FEAR  , The Dictators  have been trying to herd survivors from different Industrial Schools ,( Industrial Reformatory Schools)  Orphanages, Hospitals, or anyone it seems ,of different years into the same pen under their Dictatorship ,dictating to all that they can all have counselling and a bit of education for which survivors would have to travel from whatever part of this world to either Dublin or Camden Town ( out of their own pocket) for one day a week  I suppose  in their wheelchairs or struggle with walking sticks, parhaps in coffins >will that do,   fFom the start survivors should have all been properly compansated so they can look after themselves and their families and YET it is NOT compansation  survivors worked very hard what was SLAVE LABOUR while detained in those rotten places and made a huge fortune for the Roman Catholic Church who were the SYSTEM at the time . They are all owed that money.

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on October 2, 2012 at 17:32

Parhaps a fleet of Ambulances could be arranged to collect survivors from around the world to go to Dublin or London for counselling and English lessons.     I know that  sounds very stupid but that is how they are dictating to survivors  now that they receive  their Huge Funding from the statuary Trust Fund.  I would love to know which survivors names they all say they have on their lists.  It is all so Corrupt.  I for one DON'T WANT COUNSELLING NOW ITS TO LATE maby when I was 16, It is against my Human Rights that they keep pushing that which I beleive (and have seen the outcome for myself )can cause far more harm than good. If I so choose to go for counselling     There are plenty of places available where it can be got for Free as well as Ones own Doctor who can arrange those things if needed.  Survivors are INDIVIDUALS  NOT SHEEP.

Comment by pauline jackson on October 2, 2012 at 21:40

Thats what is going on. the ones in ireland  seem to get a cup of tea on events organised by the groups. an invitation to visit the camden town center for all others no matter where thay live. this is going on while we are being told that the forgotten survivers need thier attention..Medical costs eat up a big part of expences when illnesses like that are the problem. Paying private insurance here too i know what you mean. some scars are buried so much into the victim that thy re invisable

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on March 18, 2013 at 20:41

I am embarrassed to call myself Irish which I am I love my Country and am well aware of our history that many True old Irish families were forced to change their Surnames to English ones in order to be able to keep their home's or not be transported to some Hell Hole accross the Oceans never to see their children, Wife's ,Parents ,Grandparents ever again ,I am also aware that many English also changed their Surnames to Irish ones indeed many propertys are occupied by those same people after they were vacated by Irish families against their will, Now 2013 to think those on the Education Board who Dictate along with their comrades who call themselves Group Leaders bang on about survivors need an education which should have been provided when we were all children while incarcerated ,when so many survivors have already DIED ,the rest are now elderly ,Sick,Many Living in forced Exile away from their own country , Neglected , Suffering from verious Illness's , Lonley, Ignored, many suffer still the terrible loss of Sibling's ,Family, Root's , Records , all living still in the nightmares of the Abuse suffered as children, , Do any of those Groups Care >NO they haven't shown any of that not even a Christmas Card from any of them >yet they remain still loudly Vocal to the Media as to how they provide services for the Survivors, They refuse to show their lists of survivors Name's they claim to represent so survivors don't know just WHICH GROUP has their name's on the list's SO THAT CAN CONTINUE Claiming their large FUNDING and Posh Offices with many perks no doubt , Shame On You All , now they are all falling over each other claiming they are there and provide services for the Magdalene Women, MY Best Friend from GB Industrial School on reaching 16 years old was then Transported by the Evil nun's straight from the Industrial School to a Magdalene Laundry after grown up in the Industrial School from the time she was a baby having been locked up all her childhood , where was those groups year's ago when the Women really needed help ???? , what help did they really give to those Brave Women , Where was The Education Board when we were children?? ?????I cannot come back to my own country because of the terrible bullying I received the last time I was over ,one of the people from the group screamed in my face >How dare I come back to Ireland with my Protastant name bringing down the Catholic Church I was not allowed a voice even though I do have a good memory of things that happened in GB to most children who were detained there in the 1950's Yet I say the most Vocal ones over these last years did not have it nearly as bad as the rest of us , Survivors didn't choose exile it was forced on us for we were all told we would be brought back (that they The State could further detain us until we reached 21 they still had a right to do that to us all , and Detain us for the rest of our lives if they (The Nun's ) so wished after we reached 16 after being sent out to verious mundane job's could still be sent back to the Industrial schools or Magdalene Laundry's so that created Fear enough to get out of Ireland in case we were brought back That fear was so great many survivors found themselves very Vulnerable alone in different parts of the world with NO HELP whatsoever, No Education, No Knowledge of Sex, No experence of the outside world at all, many didn't even know their real names. how to go shopping, How to rent a home, How to open a bank account, How to hold a conversation, were Frightened of everyone ,and everything, unware we were all suffering fron POST TRAUMATIC STRESS, Unware of our ROOT's , (for our root's were stolen from us along with our childhood's , and those silly people at the Dept of Education and so called group leaders bang on that ,Those same children now adults and elderly the last thing they need is an education ,

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on March 18, 2013 at 21:10

everything that has happened re survivors the State , Groups will all be documented  into Irish History,

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