The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Senator Frances Black on her Bill - My Response 1st February 2018

My Personal Opinion from Ireland's Hypocrisy & Violation of Human Life

Dear Senator Frances Black,

I feel compelled to write to you on your proposed Bill on Territories.
I know of you as a singer - much loved and appreciated throughout Ireland and your personal/publicised battle with alcoholism which you managed to break free of - which is a wonderful achievement as many do not.
It is as a Senator that I address you today on your Occupied Territories Bill which as far as I can note is that you are seeking Sanctions of Trade against Israel.
Whilst many countries are perhaps through their own history of events are struggling on the Human Rights Factor - I find your Bill completely hypocritical - as you as a Senator and a Woman in the Seanad ignore the plight of Irish Crime within it's own corrupt little Regime.
Women in Ireland - have suffered for generations but let us stick to now 2018 - Women are used and abused in Government controlled rapes to break them down - then trafficked to Novartis/Pharma trials to plunder their bodies of female parts, cartilages for biomedical engineering cover trials- and you are Silent!
My mother used to say that People in Glass Houses should not throw stones so think on that.
I came to study personally the wonderful writings and stories of Eli Wiesel, a Holocaust Survivor who wrote "Be a Witness to a Witness" who also stated 
"There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. "
Therefore, I protest to you today- do you know in Germany it is a crime to deny the Holocaust.  Yes, I agree there is a conflict between Palistine and Israel  there was and still is a conflict between SF & Northern Ireland and many murdered yet a controversial Good Friday Agreement came about mostly in favour of the IRA who now have taken High Office in Government no matter what crime they committed on Irish UK & beyond lands.
We have Ireland's "Neutrality" allowing USA Planes into Shannon for refuel - many with prisoners on board.
We have Shell invading Irish land off the coast of Western Ireland despite the protests of thousands of local residents and not one Politician helping their own citizens Many of those Protestors were Jailed by Irish Courts without any investigations into Shell.
We have Novartis & other Pharma controlling our hospitals, our doctors and our bodies without one politician seeking our safety our justice - That is our Personal Territory.
We have the Irish Government protecting Paedophiles 40 years on - 3 Paedophiles were members of Gardai - that is Personal Territory.
We have women coerced into Psychiatry, drugged to dementia state and then covertly experimented on under anaesthetic - that is Personal Territory.
Ireland today have many Pharma - including 12 Medical Device Companies including Cartilage manufacturing, Mesh, Morcellators and many more all not regulated - That is Citizen Personal Territory as such experiments are done covertly on Human Subjects.
Novartis came to Ireland in 1947 - their name then was Ciba-Geigy who paid millions to Hitler to do their experiments on the poor innocent and so innocent jews in Auschwitz.  They changed their names to Novartis and how many have suffered since.  The Catholic Church in Ireland was a supporter of Hitler and the Nazi regime.  Indeed we had Blueshirts written in detail in a book by Maurice Manning how this party taught children all over Ireland how to be a Nazi and there are many pictures of small children doing the Nazi Salute - this party the Blueshirts went on to become Fine Gael - the party that you Senator Black have submitted your Bill to.
I have visited Shannon Harbour & Shannonbridge and travelled back the road through Bórd Na MOna to Tullamore - there are many signs Yellow signs of "Achtung Achtung - in Irish & English translations follow.
Yet we know in our history that Ireland only allowed in a small number of Jewish orphans.
I would ask you Senator Black to look into your own backyard of Ireland - Ireland of corruption, lies and torture before trying to "chastise" other countries that you know nothing about.
I pray for peace in Israel and Pakistan as I know there is no Peace for Ireland with Senators & Politicians who bow to Pharma bribery and corruption for human life.
I will finish with a list of the many camps for Pharma abuse that Ireland is guilty of - with mass graves throughout our land, our invaded Territory that you Senator should be seeking answers to. Remember Senator alost 800 babies in Tuam were left to die in a Septic Tank - no doubt experiments for Pharm - so Senator I say to you again do your own Research (that is readily available) on Irish crimes of genocide before you attack other countries....
In Truth & Transparity and Look at Ireland's shameful corrupt history - indeed other countries should be seeking a Bill against Ireland for it's ongoing crime against Irish Women and children.
A Government of corruption in Pharma & Paedophilia that you Senator should step down in Protest on.
I copy this to the Israel Embassy and I may post it publicly as Senator Frances Black you are obviously in denial of Irish Governments corruption.
Teri Byrne

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