The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Dr John Crown - is a Senator - he is a cancer specialist in an Irish Hospital - Dr Crown, You spoke up today on Liveline about the dangers of smoking and you are calling for plain packaging of cigarettes - we heard one woman's heartbreak at being diagnosed with lung cancer - she was a smoker and her passionate plea to young people to stop smoking shows of her willingness to help others not develop such an agonising disease -

This lady spoke with compassion, with transparency and with hope for others. Whilst Senator Crown you spoke with frustration and anger at the tobacco companies, I listened, I listened to your conviction for safety and I then researched you, Senator Crown, and big bad pharma and I wonder how can such a Senator, a cancer consultant talk about the suffering of patients from cigarettes and continue to cover up the suffering of patients from bad pharma and illegal barbaric clinical trials in Irish Hospital. Something which Senator Crown has the evidence and xrays of for at least three years now.

Perhaps Dr Crown, Senator Crown will explain to the Irish Nation what is his involvement with Novartis and other bad pharma - and how he can call butchering of women's organs WITHOUT CONSENT - Research - The world knows the dangers from pharma sponsored butchery in clinical trials - Shame on you Senator - I rang your office - your assistant/secretary knows me by name instantly now and I know his name - today I rang him again and he has confirmed to me that Senator Crown cannot help me - the truth at last - I told the assistant that is because of Dr Crown's relationship with Novartis - I told him that on a quick online research that I could go back to 2004 on Dr Crown's relationships with pharma - Selective truth is not acceptable Senator - You have the evidence of Pharma involvement in the violation and medical torture to my body and probably thousands of other women - Shame on you today Senator Crown - please tell the Nation of women and their families in Ireland why are you so involved in such bribery and corruption in the pharma industry - Your silence alone confirms your involvement - Shame on you as you are part of the system that is also covering up the use of morcellators in Ireland despite Johnson and Johnson recall of them since July 2014 -

Oh Doctor, Oh Senator what a web of lies you have weaved when first you started to deceive...This Senator Crown is your legacy to your time in the Senate - just like many before you - a shameful one! Ireland 2015

I wonder what Senator Grassley​ would think of your silence Senator Crown as he is holding Novartis on bribery and corruption charges in many States in the US -

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