The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Some of the Missing Women in Ireland

Thank you to the Glasgow Police for stepping up such an intensive search to find Rachel Buckley - A tragic discovery - her family will have her home and be able to lay her to rest back in the community she loved. In Ireland there are far too many missing young women - without a trace - Why in such a small country does no one know - why can the Irish Gardai not find even a trace of any of them - Our Justice Minister and Garda Commissioner, both women, need to start answering some questions.

Deirdre Jacob - vanished near her home in Newbridge - Deirdre is missing now almost 17 years.

JoJo Dollard - Irish Independent 13/05/2013.."I received an anonymous letter from his ex-girlfriend afterwards who told me he was capable of doing anything. I left the letter into the garda station." Ms Phelan added that she believed he was still living in Ireland.
She said the garda investigation was "a complete mess".
"They never checked out anything. They know who it is, but they're not going to do anything about it now," she added.
Jo Jo Dollard was last seen in Moone, Co Kildare, on November 9, 1995.
Ms Phelan said gardai told her at the time that they had "specific information" about the chief suspect.

Annie McCarrick - a young American woman - Independent Newspapers - 13/01/2015 - "New Yorker Annie McCarrick (26) was last seen leaving famed nightspot Johnnie Fox's on March 23 almost 22 years ago.
Her remains have never been found since she left her house in Sandymount earlier that day to go walking in Enniskerry.
However, in the new book Missing, Presumed by Detective Sergeant Alan Bailey, it is revealed that an IRA killer and child abuser was established as a "credible suspect". 
Read more: IRA man a 'person of interest' in disappearance of Annie McCarrick
In a rare public statement about the investigation into her daughter's disappearance, Nancy McCarrick said she was "astonished".
"I can't believe that no one ever mentioned this to me, especially as this all happened a long time ago... I am astonished to hear of this now," she told The Star.
Bailey's book reveals how gardai received information that Annie was murdered by the IRA man after they met in Glencullen bar Johnnie Fox's.
A witness to this fateful meeting apparently corroborates this information, which came from a "credible intelligence source".
This source outlined the murder and subsequent burial and re-burial at a different location in a "very detailed and specific" way.
Read more: Rapist Larry Murphy 'to return to Ireland' - report
According to Bailey, this IRA man was moved out of Belfast after allegedly raping the daughter of another IRA man.
Later, after the disappearance of Annie McCarrick, the man moved to France before being helped to move on to the US.
He was never tracked down, arrested or questioned about Annie's disappearance.
Gardai now believe he was shielded by the IRA.
Yesterday Nancy declined to appeal to those in the IRA who knew where her daughter's body was buried. "

I wonder if the above is a "spin story" by the Gardai - I do not know but the fact that the Gardai believed that such a theory was possible - why did they not contact the American Authorities - Annie McCarrick was a US citizen and if the Gardai thought that her murderer was in the US should they not have alerted the police there. What is real and true is that the Gardai received a statement in early 2003 of a woman who was drugged by a friend of a paedophile - namely Deehan - Frank was Deehan's friend and he worked as a waiter in Johnny Foxes - Note that this in no way suggests or incriminates the owner or other staff of Johnny Foxes pub - who know of this case and offered their help to the Gardai and to the victim - the Gardai refused to investigate - Deehan drugs women for the South Dublin paedophile ring - Why was Deehan and Frank not interviewed by Gardai on the abduction and murder of Annie McCarrick - Deehan is already a convicted paedophile. The victim in turn after signing her statement for Gardai was bullied and victimised by the Gardai and called a liar.

There is so much cover up on the above three young Irish missing women - by the Gardai, the Justice Department and the Taoiseach - Why - who are the real predators of women in Ireland.

I think too of Fiona Pender - a young woman 8 months pregnant who also vanished - from the town of Tullamore, Co Offaly, 18 years ago. From my own victimisation by Gardai and their questionable cover up of paedophiles, drug informers and the medical/pharma cartel - I wonder who the Gardai are working for - because it is certainly not the victims of crime whether it be inside or outside hospitals - even with the evidence before them.

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