The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

South Dublin Co Co persecution of OAP ignored by Minister for Housing The Breaking down of OAP

Dear Management at South Dublin County Council,

I believe Mr Colm Ward is doing an investigation on the way I have been treated/mistreated by Fiona Campbell of your Homeless Housing Dept and indeed by Neil Hanly.  I was told that it would take 15 days but to date I have heard nothing.
I am sure Rachel Fleming has reported my ongoing hurts following a meeting with your Social Worker Caitriona McKeown and your Site Manager Olga at the property which I have signed a Lease in good faith and trust on at 16 Sarsfield Close Lucan yesterday.
Caitriona McKeown feels 'Let us move on' as if I can.
Olga says She will look into why Mark at the site has NOT given me my mortice Key for the property.  Olga admits she knows about the drug dealing business that goes on at that site - on the dealing of drugs where the SDCC are giving to OAPs tenancies.
The broken light on the stairway is an ongoing issue with one tenant saying he has informed the Council twice last week alone and it is still not fixed.
I have asked Caitriona McKeown to please post me out a Transfer Form which she answered by saying the Transfer List is too long.  She says to the Electrician to take a look at the broken lights and fobs off his concerns to the wire not looking right and is installed wrongly at the roof of No. 16 - she says The Council had that passed - So the Council does know of that cable which I have raised and was told it was nothing to do with the Council.
'Everything done in secret is always EXPOSED!
Why lie to me constantly about the Cable - In No. 15 two weeks after that Cable was put there by KN Networks Circet the 90 years old man in No. 15 directly under No. 16 collapsed and was not found until 12 hours later by the door being kicked in.  I had raised issues with the Council on the dizziness and headaches that such cables cause.
I believe the Site Manager know of the Drug dealing and issues on the safety of OAPs but has done nothing on this nor have the Gardai in Lucan.  I know that they do the odd check up but Garda Drug Informers paid by Gardai have always been in Liucan over the last 20 years.
Cement Flooring is to be covered by the tenant  smells & dust coming from that cement flooring is a health risk ongoing..  I have tried to get fitters but one was too expensive and Ms McKeown asked me for their name and I told her - she had told my sister this week that the Council want to help me in anyway they can.
Well Mr McLaughline I am at the end of my tether with the Council's way of not doing the right thing.  I am today passing my concerns on to the Equality Authority.  I have had to deal with drug informers and drug dealing over 20 years ago at my own suffering and I do not intend to put myself nor my family at risk of drug dealing.  1 mins walk from the Garda Station explains all to me.  Mortice key withheld from me.  I have 2 grandchildren now at risk of drug dealers to all my family and friends. This is already known to your County Council.
My sister also coming of age to OAP statues has suffered non stop coughing since inhaling the cement dust and is now on an antibiotic to try and clear what is an infection!
Shame on all of you involved in such cover up.
Update 19th November 2021
South Dublin County Council has not even bothered to reply to my concerns and the backtracking of manipulating the Truth continues.  Now I am told that Mark the site foreman has no key - after weeks and even the Estate Manager Olga telling me that she will tell Mark to give me the Mortice Key.  After Caitriona McKeown Social Worker at the Council telling me several times that there is a Mortice Key (there is a keyhole already on the door) Now she tells me there was no Mortice Key - back to gaslighting -
They keys are now to be changed as one missing - indeed the 'Mortice' Key is m issing - They want to change the locks/keys on Monday in front of me - My sister has asked if it is OK for us to change the locks ourselves.  Ms McKeown agreed.  Virgin Media are investigating but again tell me that the Landlord who is South Dublin County Council have authorised this Cable by KN Networks - it is a Virgin Media Cable going through trees and fitted wrongly to my Leased Flat.  South Dublin County Council is in breach of their own Tenancy Agreement and Nuremberg Code of Ethics.  First do no harm.  SDCC know that such cables give off waves of dizziness and Headaches but they continue to shout out at the Estate:  The Cable is staying so SDCC knowling are taking a risk at my health and others in that area. Why?
I will continue to highlight all of this back to Virgin Media later this morning.  Note the Bullyboys of SDCC have no empathy No Care to their own property or to OAPs at Sarsfield Close Lucan OAP Complex of 1960's flats - some are gone into disarray at the Management's dliberate neglect.
Re The drug dealing - Of Course the news now is that is/was only a one off and Sarsfield Close is very safe and a Sergeant said at a Meeting of Residents Association everyone is happy there.  I am not surprised! When I mentioned dangerous wrongs done from that station he just mutters 'Oh they are all retired now'.  This is a message directly to Gardai in Lucan and to Senior Gardai - Retired or not criminal Gardai need to be still prosecuted and held accountable for their 'hidden' that Justice can be seen to be done!
The truth is indeed a bitter pill to swallow Sergeant!
 (Terri) B

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Comment by Geraldine Jackson on March 24, 2022 at 11:50

I have had the results of my DNA  I am   indigenous to Eire Members of my family fought for Irelands independence  , when Ireland finally broke away from Britain everyone celebrated the sacrifice so many made ,but the tide turned quickly  with the arrival of the  greedy Lunatic who boosted their Ego by setting up Irelands Industrial Schools for children many of those dark  were former Work Houses Enter the employees of the Vatican  who who saw the use and Money  they would make of those Buildings the start was locking up Irish Citizens and used them for Slave labour ten they got greedy  and started locking up Irish Children  even New Born and Babies the Roman Catholic proceeded to Brainwash the nation with total Fear children were sentenced by Courts to serve time in those Industrial Schools even babies , the Barbarity Sadistic inhuman  suffering Irish children were made to suffer  many were murdered , Raped ,Abused ,starved, denied every human right even their own Names, or Ages, and Denied any contact with their Siblings who were usually separated  into different Industrial schools  with no contact  allowed little Children were Brutalised the Mentally Deranged unintelligent Staff manly Backward uneducated Sexually Frustrated  Nun's and Christian Brothers who saw children as Fray to do as they wish . No Child who was subjected to such Evil Treatment could forget the images imprinted on their Brain through their life, The Damage will have bad effects on further generations if the children if they by a Miracle manage to grow up On my return I was shocked to see the Bullies and Greed of the State and many employees some given Funding and offices from  the state who  knew that would cause Division and infighting for the chosen few thought they were part of the State and important so how dare any survivor return to upset the Corrupt Balance ,so many survivors were denied full Justice , the Lawyers were only rubbing their greedy hands running to deposit their Fat Cheques,   Survivors who were forced to flee Ireland were in fact >Asylum Seekers, but they got no help at all,    Shame on the Irish Government . Ireland Cry's for her lost children,

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on March 24, 2022 at 12:05

I am not surprised  the wicked cruelty  the Homeless and also badly Housed Survivors are still been  Bullied mistreated  by the State I saw at first hand that cruelty and neglect of Homeless Irish Citizens are subjected to , one Homeless  filthy Hostel I saw I would not leave my Dog there,    

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