The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Taoiseach Enda Kenny covers up Novartis clinical trials and Patient Harm - Ireland 2014

How can Tullamore Hospital function as a general hospital for elective surgeries and for patients when it has so many clinical trials listed as ongoing - Acid exactly do the medical staff do their acid clinical trials - I recall one nurse injecting some burning acid into my bones and the bone area turned yellow - what diseases have they now placed inside of me - Novartis Ireland and Novartis Switzerland truly believe that they "own" my body to examine exactly how much breakdown their blood pressure drug Rasilez Aliskiren can do - Tullamore Hospital staff - call themselves "Healthcare Professionals" - when they are the gestapo for Pharma in medical torture - shame on this Government in Ireland who are using the Irish army, Gardai and community trolls to continue the torture - shame on Novartis who are under investigation in US, China and Japan for kickbacks to doctors and hospitals - Most if not all of the pharma companies linked to hospitals in Ireland are under investigation in the US for bribery and corruption - Taoiseach Kenny "allows" Pharma to run amok in our hospitals and supplies them with patients WITHOUT CONSENT for clinical trials - Now Mr Tony O'Brien of the HSE please tell the patients of Ireland and the US Government exactly what yours and the Health Department's relationship is with Novartis and other Pharma including Amgen -

Taoiseach whilst I was suffering so much burning in my home from the high volts of electricity burning out televisions and computers - exploding - lightbulbs - I was laughed at by Gardai who told me to see a doctor - even though the evidence was there for the pharma Gardai -whose laughing now Taoiseach - For I know now that you are totally involved in the cover up of Novartis dangerous drugs and clinical trials and yet you still sanction the use of human subjects for the most barbaric of trials and suffering -

You, Taoiseach are guilty - guilty of human rights breaches and violation of women's bodies and the thieving of their organs - Whilst I thought that my suffering was to cover up Novartis drugs - there were many times I truly believed that no Irish Government or Church would stoop so evil and so corrupt to harm patients but now I know that it is the same pattern and violation against women - the Church speaks out about morals Taoiseach and yet Church and State are involved in doctors in hospitals mutilating and medically raping patients under disguise of minor operations - Remember Taoiseach - you have the evidence for over a year -

The Surgeon in Tullamore hospital has written in letters that I accused him of sexually assaulting me - I DID NOT - I simply asked that Surgeon as I did the Management of Tullamore Hospital why did I have bruising and cuts to my private part of MY body and why did I have surgical scars all over my body, my throat and internal injuries - now why would a Surgeon who is running many clinical trials in Tullamore Hospital talk about sexual assault and why are you Taoiseach, the Medical Council, The Gardai and the Archbishop of Dublin covering up such torture and mutilation to human life - Those keyhole criminals had no right to touch my body and yet they are protected - Whilst I was forced to sell my lovely home Taoiseach..was that not enough for your trolls...What a Leader you are Taoiseach - you have all the trappings of wealth and privilige and yet you are dealing in human torture for profit. Yes I still suffer the wounds of the keyhole criminals in hospitals and the breakdown of my health from Novartis medications but it is you Taoiseach who has been exposed as involved in bribery and corruption and the trafficking of women to pharma trials - It is you and every member of your Government and the Catholic Church's involvement mirrors that of Archbishop McQuaid in Dr Noel Browne's time...

Perhaps you will explain to women in this country exactly what Michelle Mulherrin means when she wrote to me about me being trapped in confusion whilst I am burning away like cinders...what kind of woman is she who can giggle and boast about human torture being done for the sole purpose of covering up Novartis dangerous prescription drugs..Yes World out there Ireland is still torturing women, taking their property, covering up rapes and medical torture - Yes World - another Church & State cover up of torture and abductions of lives is unfolding before you all - God be with us in our suffering and torture - Why is the EU and the European Medicines Agency ignoring this - are they also party to Pharma bribery and corruption and the medical torture of patients?

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