The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

The Irish White Collared Criminal Cartel....

IW involved in Corporate Crime - we all know that - but also involved in Pharma crime - as pharma mafia pursue the evidence, to conceal the data - and as many of my FB friends know the evidence of Pharma crime and dangerous drugs is my body - they all take part in the torture to one woman - what cowards they are - White van up behind house from before 8.00 am today- near Water House but parked outside - why? plenty of space to park inside the gates...but the cowards try to conceal their van behind bushes and trees - the perps of pharma. We were out away in Dublin yesterday, visiting family and doing what we do - Last night on arriving home we had many many intruders - small flies covering the kitchen table - the intruders in my home - fingerprints inside my bedroom window - bed moved - and still my perp companion states "leave it so, it is alright" - Yes we have heard of the pharma mafia - and how Govenments pick citizens for torture - the Irish blood sport that you won't read about in the papers - neighbours play the happy inviting neighbour with smiles and waves - and then they the neighbourhood watch team is exposed - they join in the torture - as they smile and wave good morning - or hello - they allow the perps of pharma into their homes to send electric waves so powerful that they cause blisters and burning that is visible on your body - sure the Irish government/gardai mentality depend on the old cliché - "Sure who would believe such a story" and follow with the usual Irish rant "She is a bit mental - who is your doctor, would you go and talk to someone, we can arrange that for you, Oh the bruises Madam - sure don't mind them, what does your doctor say?" and so it goes on - what they are not saying is "Your Electric box vandalised, sure Madam that is what the mafia cowards have to do when they get the ESB perps to increase the voltage into your home, and as for the lumps coming up on your body and your skin are electric currents we direct at you whilst we get some other perp in the community to engage with you and keep you talking - sure we would never confirm that in reality, we just will label you paranoid, sure all we need to do Madam is to get our Gestapo comrades in Psychiatry to label you or anyone we, the Garda Síochána direct - don't take it personal Madam sure it is what goes on, it is the legal crime and we get away with it all the time"

Yes I have mentioned many times that my companion (whom I had known from a distance for over 15 years) and who "came" into my life within weeks of me suffering adverse reactions from Novartis blood pressure drug "Rasilez Aliskiren" and he eventually convinced me that no one could be true or honest to me like he could. I like to think at times that he was genuine and that someway along the pharma/gardai/ mafia got to him as he is involved in local groups for years that lobby the government. But in this case of garda brutality, violation to my body, intrusion in our home he rants away "Sure what about it", this my companion of four years says after he has seen so many bruises, swellings, burnings, keyhole surgery marks other marks to my body following an operation - "Sure what can I do, what can I say" and he tries the usual "here let me give you a hug, you know I love you" I am today sickened at those very words that do not touch me any more - they disgust me and they confirm to me how the perp companion has manipulated every fact I have known about the community and government harm to me - my life has suffered so much more because of many intrusions and harm to me that this my companion convinces me to leave alone. He does rant out now and again that "We will beat the lot of them". This morning I told him as I have tried to do over the last years - that because he cannot support me emotionally and because I have found out through many instances that he, Tom, whom I so wanted to believe was my dearest loving pal - He is not - just like the mafia he is part of - I have told him as gentle as I could this time - sometimes I had ranted at him that he is involved - but from many things I have found out, from items I have seen, from papers I have read - I know without any doubts that Tom is involved - I have read about "handlers and minders" being sent in in cases of government/garda/pharma crimes but I honestly wanted to doubt myself in this - it is a lonely road as it is - but this morning I Thank God that I have stressed to Tom that I know what he is involved in, and that we need to find some way to move on together and be civil to each other - he tries to stop me saying you are wrong - and that he knows I am lying about everything when I state that he is involved -

Over the last weeks also there has been a lot of noise in the attic of this house - Tom kept telling me to ignore it - that it is birds starting their nests - there are two parts of the house where the birds nest - one is the corner eave of my bedroom and the other is just over the porch - the birds at the corner of my bedroom have returned and had started to build their nests - I had them last year and knew so well their pattern. Over the last weeks I heard the birds squealing and chirping as if in pain - last year in the morning I would wake up to their singing but now several mornings I heard the birds squealing as if crying in pain - I asked Tom to investigate and to check outside to see what is happening, I told him something is attacking the birds - in the meantime there were many other scratching sounds in the attic - The attic door to the ceiling in the hall was also slightly open many times - Tom, of course had another excuse for this - he would say it was the wind - There was no wind - even when there was noise that he confirmed also that he could hear - he would not investigate. As for the birds squealing at the corner eave - Tom's explanation was that there are other birds trying to make a nest also there and the usual birds are trying to push them out - The scratching and noise from the ceiling over my head continues nightly - into the night and early morning and many times throughout the day - There are no more screeching from the birds, no early morning singing or bird sounds at all just scratching sounds almost 24/7 - and my heart hurts for the birds that are no more - I continued to ask Tom to check if the birds were OK - then one morning in the last week - he went outside - I saw him going just to the bin outside the door - he came back in and said he had seen a starling go down a middle chimney that had no guard on top - and that the starling must be making a nest down there - I don't know if this was Tom's excuse for the noises coming from the centre of the ceiling in almost every room, including the kitchen, I said nothing as I clearly saw Tom only going to the bin, turning and come back in. To see the top of the chimney he would have had to go back several yards into the grounds.

Yes the controllers will revert back "it is you, you etc". I thankfully stand my ground. Peace and freedom - not fully - but within myself and for now that is all I need....22/04/2015 - Tullamore Ireland.

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