The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

The Traveller Community in Mourning 10th October 2015 - Beyond Boundaries we will meet again...

A Tribute/Reflection for those who 

Perished in Carrickmines...10th October 2015

They came to fix the kettle and the pan

To sharpen the blades of shears and knives

They sung their tunes in rythm right

And worked into the night

I gave some shillings just a few here and there

They delighted with any payment -

A little perhaps to buy bread and beer

I was at peace in their honesty, their sweat 

and their humour -

They chatted away, with a prayer for God

Upon many a word -

I never felt threatened nor fear

And never saw them shed a tear

One morning back some last years -

I answered my door to a ring of the bell

There was an elderly lady - with a beautiful 

Wool shawl warming her shoulders -

Her worn out face - her saddened eyes

Touched my heart - She did not offer

A ball of Glass to tell me of future things

She had the deepest eyes of strain 

She talked quickly before I said a word

This elderly lady of torment but hope

Asked me if I can give any little thing -

She promised she would never bother 

My door again - Her words touched me deeply

I asked her to please come in for some tea -

She said No - I will not bother you -

I asked would she even take a cup of tea -

Something warm in her hands - Again she

said No - but if you have any little thing -

I will not bother your door again -

I gave something - I do not recall how much -

But something within me wanted to give her

A hug - A Lady drifting along in a lovely

Shawl that warmed her shoulders - beneath

The coldness of some worry she did not share..

I often prayed she would return - and I could 

give her a hug of love - The loveliest lady with the

Deepest Eyes and yet something so worrying

Within her face -

Perhaps I talked that day of when I gave some

cups and plates - only to see them on sale at

The campsite down the way -

Sure so what - I gave them away and if

They got a penny or two - sure isn't it

great that those cups and plates were 

worth a bob or two...

Here I am that older being with heart worn

And torn - And sometimes I wear a Shawl

around my shoulders to keep them warm

I feel so much sadness now

For the families so suffering - so broken 

From the tragic inferno in Carrickmines...

I recall that elderly woman with the lovely

Shawl that warmed her shoulders back then

I cry tears of heartbreak for those perished

In that Inferno in Carrickmines -

The Traveller Communities so beaten down

And marginalised like so many separated 

Women like me -

Throughout the years I felt at one with them

As I did with all communities without discrimination

And now I know why -

Back in childhood days the Travelling Community

Were my neighbours and my friends -

There was no segregation -

Many were my childhood friends - they had houses

And went to Mass - We had one pony - our treasure

and joy - They had Piebald ponies - 

We went to Mass at times in the Pony and Trap -

Their Father would walk out with them down the mile 

Or so to Holy Mass -

They were my childhood friends - their parents 

like our parents we treated with respect -

They were my school friends/my pals and

We all suffered the same beatings of

The Master's side of the Ruler back then -

We played frisby with old tins of paint -

We found buttercups - 

We all went home when we heard our call

And we never did any harm to anyone -

My deepest sympathies, my prayers and my hope

That the deaths of so many will not be 

Forgotten by anyone...

Rest in Peace all of you so lost-so taken

Long before your time...

Hugs Love - Beyond Boundaries 

We will Meet again!

Teri-12th October 2015

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Comment by catherine ryan on October 18, 2015 at 22:51

Thats beautiful teri. 

Comment by Teri on October 19, 2015 at 16:09

Comment by Teri on October 19, 2015 at 16:11

Thank you Catherine - it has been acknowledged by Pavee Point and passed on to the grieving families..There is a Letter on line at Pavee Point - they are writing to the Taoiseach to put safety into place that this will never happen again - It has over 2,000 signatures 

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