The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Tullamore Co Offaly - the abuse, stalking by Pharma sponsored mafia continues....

Another week of torture on behalf of Novartis Ireland - how corrupt is our country Ireland - we hear the Taoiseach refer to an unsolved murder this week in the Dáil - stating that Fr Niall Molloy is dead and nothing can change that - but what about who killed him - no justice for an innocent priest who it is alleged made a terrible mistake by involving himself with the wrong "friends". Some nice news and how I wish it was all good here in Tullamore, Co Offaly - where there are massive posters with "Lowry Country" all over and indeed it is wonderful that Shane Lowry is doing so well in golf and I wish him all the best and to his wonderful family here in Offaly - if only - I then reflect - I was in Tesco last week and somehow my purse was phone, debit card and some cash - I went to two security people and they immediately rang my number - some time passed and then I saw my purse behind the counter of the Customer Service - the girl said a young man had handed it in - I publiclly thank that young man and I can only think that I had dropped the purse somewhere in the shop - God Bless him and his good deed - and I publiclly thank Tesco's Security Staff in Tullamore - they were very helpful to me....for about 30 minutes I was just an ordinary shopper getting the support I needed - if only the Corporate criminals did not involve all businesses in Ireland in their pharmageddon game but sadly that is not the case - In Tullamore twice this week so far - more bruises coming up now - some Tomato Ketchep seal removed - we cannot use that - a very large thumb imprint inside my bedroom window - it had first been dipped into something sticky to make sure I saw the print -

John Leahy - who has joined Lucinda Creighton's party called in a week ago - Tom talked away about his 1% idea - John is a very nice young man - he seemed touched by "my story" and said what did the Gardai do...he confirmed that there SHOULD be a file somewhere and why was it not followed through - Yes, John that is what SHOULD happen - but I wonder how far John will be able to go on this...he is also involved with Offaly GAA and the local County Council - I wonder how long it will take for Gardai and Pharma to stop John Leahy in investigating how so much can happen to one woman who suffered Novartis's blood pressure drugs, how she was mutilated in Tullamore Hospital, how she was dragged from her home, forced down onto a bed and injected with psychotropic drugs for asking her surgeon why did she have pelvic, bruising and cuts following a foot operation. I wonder what is the GAA's involvement in all of this as they note that Novartis Ireland sponsors many matches in communities - Yesterday I wandered into Deputy Barry Cowen's Constituency Office - was told to go into Elaine's office - I was there for just a few minutes when her phone never stopped ringing - she kept answering the calls - I had managed to leave a leaflet and left - Barry Cowen and all of Fianna Fáil are already aware of all that has happened and are also complicit in the cover up of pharma bribery and corruption in Ireland - Gardai pay street drug informers...whilst they, the Gardai take part in terrible crimes against "the patient" who suffers Novartis dangerous drugs in Ireland - Tullamore Hospital nothing can change the fact that your doctors are sponsored by pharma and are doing dreadful crimes against women under anaesthetic and the Management and Staff of Tullamore Hospital stand shameful before the world in their involvement in such crimes, even if only by their silence - the crimes against the patient are ongoing by doctors who harm in Ireland today 2015....

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